MSSQL is a database management system created and developed by Microsoft. Available for the Windows operating system, it is compatible with both virtual and cloud servers. With MSSQL hosting you can work in client-server mode and enjoy maximum scalability and security.
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What is MSSQL?



What is MSSQL?


MSSQL is a database management system created and developed by Microsoft. Available for the Windows operating system, it is compatible with both virtual and cloud servers.

With MSSQL hosting you can work in client-server mode and enjoy maximum scalability and security.


A database product released by Microsoft. That is Microsoft SQL Server. Often abbreviated as MSSQL or SQL Server.


It is a database that is compatible with the Windows OS and is often used in the Windows environment, but what is a database in the first place and what kind of products are there?


And what makes SQL Server different from those other products?


What is a SQL database?


Today there are so many languages ​​and databases on the network that they would not be able to communicate with each other if there were no standards that made it possible to carry out basic operations in a universal way. And this is where SQL comes in, which is nothing more than a standard language for communicating with databases.


SQL databases receive their name from the acronym in English, Structured Query Language, which can be translated as a structured query language. SQL is a type of language linked to the management of relational databases that enables the specification of various types of operations on them. Through the use of algebra and relational calculus, you can perform queries in order to easily retrieve information from or make changes to databases. Although relational database managers are not the most efficient, they have become the most popular thanks to their ease of use and simplicity. Data is generally stored in tables and data from different tables can be related.


SQL is a language that allows access to databases, exploiting the flexibility and power of relational systems, thanks to which a great variety of operations is achieved.


There are different types of the database server, but the most famous is MySQL, a free and powerful option, designed to work with the PHP programming language.


What is MSSQL Server


"MSSQL Server" is a database product developed and released by Microsoft, and is one of the current mainstream relational database management systems ( RDBMS ).


It is compatible with Windows OS and has high operability such as being able to work with a mouse, so it has been used in many companies.


The current usage share of the database market also occupies one of the top three along with Oracle and MySQL.


What are the features of the latest version of SQL Server 2019?


The latest version of SQL Server 2019, released in the fall of 2019, includes a variety of features not found in previous versions.

  • Strengthening the data analysis platform for AI and big data analysis

  • Database engine enhancement (UTF-8 compatible)

  • Diversification of platforms (Enhancement of Linux version. Reduction of difference from Windows version)


In addition, the integration with SQL Database on Azure, which is Microsoft's cloud service, has become smoother, and environment migration can be performed easily, with an eye on the cloud era.


What is the difference between MSSQL, MySQL, and MariaDB database systems?


The MySQL data server is the first choice for free or open-source databases. From the outset, its goal was to become the fastest free database manager on the market, even though it had to sacrifice highly valued features, such as being ACID compliant.


MS SQL is a database server that was conceived, from the outset, to be sold and made money off of it. And this is the main difference with MySQL whose use is free. In reality, regardless of the price, this paid version does not offer many advantages or disadvantages compared to MySQL.


MariaDB hosting is a fork of MySQL. A fork is nothing more than a copy of a software project that is created to continue developing that project in another direction. After the purchase of MySQL by Oracle, the free software community decided to create a completely open and compatible alternative that would allow them to continue using the MySQL engine. It is for this reason that the pros and cons of MariaDB and MySQL are the same since they have practically identical technology.


Therefore, due to the similarities between MySQL hosting, MSSQL hosting, and MariaDB hosting, the choice of one or the other will depend on the operating system used by the user, as well as their particular preferences and requirements.


Who needs a SQL database management system?


Today, SQL database management systems are essential for the creation and management of company data. Understanding by the company a single person, with a small database or a consortium, with a large shared database. These systems allow efficient management of the information that is available: enabling the storage of information in an organized manner and agile access to said information.


An SQL server hosting can be the key that provides you with a differentiating element from other companies since it will provide you with a guarantee of safe storage of information; safe from system crashes or unauthorized access attempts.


About each edition of SQL Server 2019


SQL Server is available in four main editions:




An edition that can handle mission-critical tasks with no restrictions such as CPU memory




An edition with limited CPU (up to 24 cores) and memory (up to 128GB). Demonstrates high performance in data analysis of big data.




Free version for entry-level databases




A free version that allows you to develop and test applications using the environment of the Enterprise edition.


There is also a Web edition for businesses that provide hosting services.


There are various editions of SQL Server, so it is important to clarify the purpose of use, the scale of the database, the characteristics of the data to be handled, the required processing power, etc., and select the edition to use based on that.




SQL Server, a database product developed and released by Microsoft, is a relational database (RDB) that is the mainstream in the industry like MySQL and Oracle.


RDB manages data in a tabular format and combines each table to express various results, which is controlled by an RDBMS such as SQL Server or Oracle.


The latest version of SQL Server is ready to handle the latest industry trends such as big data analytics and AI.


However, there are four editions of SQL Server, Enterprise, Standard, Express, and Developer, each of which has its own suitability, so it is important to choose the one that best suits your purpose