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Who is Host Me Host

Host Me Host is the biggest web-hosting information center, We covering many hosting companies and services worldwide.
Every person who writes on Host Me Host is either a web hosting expert or an experienced customer.
The Host Me Host community will help you find quality hosting services, companies you can trust, better deals, discount coupons and more.
Use our vast, easy-to-use and frequently updated database to find the right hosting service to fit your needs and budget. You can sort by Hosting Type (Shared/VPS/Dedicated/Cloud/SSL/VPN), Operating System, Payment Methods, Global Server Location and CMS compatibility.
Results are clear and easy - comparing prices, money-back policy, support options and overall scores.
Whether you're an experienced customer or just getting started with website hosting - start with Host Me Host.

What's special about the brand 'Host Me Host'

Choosing the right web hosting provider can be tough. With over 14,000 hosting companies services, how can you begin to find the perfect provider for your business? It’s a huge challenge, but it’s one that we have the technical expertise, research, and insight to answer. There's a team of 19 experts behind this project, with the main goal to make web hosting company selection easier and completely transparent for anybody out there. Ever since 2015, we strive to become the most trusted source delivering all customer's reviews, both positive and negative, resulting in truly unbiased hosting companies ratings.

Host Me Host combines data processing, objective information, and user reviews to recommend web hosting companies that can meet your needs. Our smart, intuitive website gives deep insight into every website hosting provider out there. When it comes to choosing the best host, you need research and information to make the right decision. As one of the most comprehensive web hosting research databases, Host Me Host is ideally positioned to help.

We are an independently owned research and review service, funded by people like you. In the spirit of full disclosure, we may get paid a referral commission when you buy digital goods following some of our affiliate links. Such affiliate relationships allow us to bring unique discounts that you can't get anywhere else. If you purchase hosting product through the affiliate link, we may get paid commission that allows us to keep this project alive and free to millions who found our service helpful and worth mentioning to their friends and family.

Host Me Host Research Database

The heart of Host Me Host is our vast database. We collect and analyze enormous amounts of information from across the internet. Our servers process about 53,447 records per second, resulting in the unique quality metrics. Our proprietary state of the art technologies enable us to analyze all the hosting companies in the world and output the quality trends.

Filtering by Hosting Type

One of the biggest advantages of Host Me Host is the ability to filter the database by hosting type. Some website hosting providers are optimized for a specific type of website and its underlying functions.