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Mail hosting is widely used from small businesses to large businesses! It is becoming a general-purpose service that is used not only by web service providers but also by general communities and nowadays laundry and discount marts.
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What is Email Hosting?



What is Email Hosting?


Mail hosting is widely used from small businesses to large businesses!


It is becoming a general-purpose service that is used not only by web service providers but also by general communities and nowadays laundry and discount marts. 


'What kind of mail do you use so often?' It may be considered as, but mail hosting is showing more uses in a variety of environments than expected. Let's take a closer look at why mail hosting is so popular. 


Many things that were done using paper letters in the past are often done through e-mail these days. In terms of resource savings and high cost-effectiveness, mail is rapidly responding to paper documents and growing its influence. With one click of the <Send> button, the desired content arrives to the other party in just a few minutes, so it is not possible to compare it with the letter in speed.


Mail sent over the Internet can save money on postage. These days, the general postage is for up to 100g, but if you send 100 copies of it, would you be able to save a lot of money? 


This is the secret of the popularity of mail hosting. Multiple reasons are adding power to the use of mail hosting.


Mail hosting is particularly popular with businesses. Let me give you an example. 


For business purposes, we frequently send news to customers by email. 


Previously, emails were sent through the portal. One would like to have a service optimized for the company. Is there a good way to send mail service for promotional or corporate use?  The mail service required by the company should be different from the mail service of general users.


Transmission stability that is well sent to the destination is basic, and a function that should be able to check the processing history after sending is also required. If your email address is made up of a portal, it will not be easy to instill trust in your customers.


In particular, free mail services such as portals can be used by anyone, but data necessary for corporate activities such as statistical functions are not provided. In this case, you can check the data by using a separate service called 'mail hosting'.


In the above environment, you can increase work efficiency and reduce worries through mail hosting.


Don't worry about spam! 


It has features such as being able to receive only necessary emails with intelligent spam filter


Web Hosting or Email Hosting: Which to Choose?


The choice of hosting service largely determines the performance of an online business!


Web hosting and email hosting are two services that every start-up online business owner faces! And more precisely - is there a need for both services or is it better to stop at only one?


And here comes the time for each business to judge for itself how important its emails are and what priority they are for the company. If you mainly carry out your activity through e-mail communication, then the choice is easy and we need to look for a professional email service that will guarantee us the necessary security and functionality.


If emails are not such a significant part of your work process, then it is good to understand the differences between the two services, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.


Only then will you be able to make the right decision for your business!




The option to purchase one hosting plan, instead of two separate ones, combining the ability to host your website and your emails, tipped the scales towards purchasing shared hosting. But is this the right solution?


Before we move on to the differences between the two types of services - web hosting and email hosting, let's take a look at what exactly they are!




Web hosting is a service that allows people, businesses and organizations to have an online site. In other words, you rent a server space on which to upload your site and all its files, from where they can be loaded when requested by online users.


The job of hosting companies is to provide server space as well as to solve the problems that a site may face. This includes providing a secure and fast internet connection, securing the infrastructure, purchasing and setting up expensive machines/servers.


One of the most affordable and popular web hosting services is Shared Hosting. It involves several different users and their websites sharing resources on a single server. All sites, files and very often - email communication of users are stored on one disk and use shared resources. This is what makes this service more attractive than others.


It is important to mention that with this type of hosting there is a risk that your site and email communication may be affected by a hacker attack due to a vulnerability in the software of any of the other sites with which you share the server space.


For example, your site and emails share shared server resources. If at some point you forget to update the theme or one of the plugins on your WordPress site, it automatically becomes a weak link. This, in turn, is a great vulnerability that hackers can take advantage of and so your site and emails can be affected.


Also, in connection with email communication, all users and their sites share an IP address. If a site decides to send spam emails, for example, this can lead to the IP address being blocked and blacklisted. And for you, this means that you will have difficulty using your email. Again, everything may be fine with you, but you will suffer from the actions of users with whom you share the space.


And despite the above risks, shared hosting remains the most common hosting service.




Email hosting or professional email services are specialized hosting solutions that focus mainly on your email correspondence!


With this type of service, your email communication will be hosted on a dedicated server that is optimized for the smooth operation of your email accounts. Also, these servers do not store sites and applications , only email correspondence!


As a standalone service, you are not dependent on other users. This automatically eliminates the possibility of spamming due to erroneous actions of other users, such as shared hosting or regular email services.


All email services, as such, are aimed at solving even the biggest problems of e-mail users. In most cases, these are - inodes, overcrowded mail, due to insufficient disk space, too much spam, inability to create specific settings that help the user in working with email.



Now that you know exactly what the two types of services are, let's look at the main advantages and disadvantages of each.




Lower costs - By choosing to trust a hosting service for your site and emails, you will be able to reduce your costs (cost per month between $ 0.50 and $ 5 per mail account for various email services). This will allow you to redirect the remaining funds to another aspect of your business.


Easy to manage - Relying on a hosting provider for your site and email communication will surely make it easier for you to manage them.


Unlimited number of email accounts - Often hosting companies offer an unlimited number of email accounts in one web hosting plan, limited only by the disk space you share with the files on your site.


You have the main benefits of an email service - Although your emails will be hosted on a shared server, you will still be able to take advantage of benefits such as using your domain and accessing your email from anywhere.


Using a shared IP address - We have already mentioned this problem. When using web hosting, you also share a common IP address with other users on the server. This puts your emails at risk.


Insufficient disk space - Because you will be using shared disk space for your site and email correspondence, it may be insufficient. All incoming and outgoing emails, as well as attachments, are saved in your account. This may lead to the need to migrate to a higher hosting plan to offer you more resources.


All eggs in one basket - In other words - hosting your site and emails on one server hides its risks. If the server crashes, although unlikely, you run the risk of being left without a site and email until the problem is resolved.


Long migration - If you use shared hosting for your email and site, you may encounter problems when migrating to another provider. Transferring your site will not be a problem, but all email communication will complicate and prolong the process.




Autonomous service - With email hosting, your emails are available on a dedicated server, which does not store sites and applications.


Secure communication - Unlike shared hosting, with the professional email solution the chance of getting on spam lists is many times less. Also, the professional e-mail service provides complete encryption of your correspondence.


Enough disk space - This is one of the big problems of ordinary email services. Using a professional solution you will have enough disk space and your email communication will not be hindered.


Sending and receiving large files - Thanks to the previous advantage, this will not be a problem. As already mentioned, these large files would fill your disk space if you use shared hosting. This will not be a problem with professional email solutions.


Two-factor protection - By storing your email communication on a dedicated server, you have already taken the first step towards providing a high level of protection for your correspondence. However, professional email services also provide additional options such as two-factor protection.


Flexibility - Many business email services also include a wide range of features to make managing your communication even easier and more convenient.


Pay for another service - Instead of paying for just one service, you will have to pay for two. This is often a difficulty for start-ups, but again we prioritize how much of your business is dependent on email communication.




Despite the obvious advantages of using web hosting for website storage and email hosting for mail, a large percentage of businesses still choose to trust only one of the services.


Many businesses, especially small and recent ones, do not have the financial means to afford two services. Therefore, they prefer to trust the universal option - web hosting, and to allocate the rest of the budget in other directions of development.


Other businesses do not have a technical person on their team and fail to take advantage of the specialized email service due to ignorance, although each professional email service has offered them the support you need.


Fortunately, today every hosting company offers 24/7 technical support to provide the necessary assistance to each user, to set up his mail and make sure they work smoothly.




Choosing a hosting provider will largely determine the online performance of your business.


The company you choose will become your partner, which you should be able to rely on.


The truth is that there is no 100% correct decision whether to store your website and mail in one place or not. It all depends on the needs of your business, how big your mail is, how intensive your e-mail communication is, how many mailboxes you want to create.


Frequently Asked Questions?


What is email hosting?


Email hosting is an exclusive solution focused on email servers. This service works independently from website hosting, so your business will continue to function normally while you are still performing other settings.


What are the advantages of an email with its own domain?


Nowadays, building your brand credibility and recognition is extremely important. But it is not that simple to do. However, it is very simple when you have an email with your own domain! Each message you send will display your domain name to potential customers while you encourage them to visit your website. Research shows that users are likely to choose companies that present themselves with a professional email address.


Can I transfer my content from another platform?


Certainly yes! All plans have an email integration tool added to help you transfer everything you need to our platform. 


Can I set up my email account on Apple / Android devices?


Sure! Every email plan is compatible with any mobile device or email client. Set it up on multiple devices and sync all content. Be responsive no matter where you are!