Counter Strike

Counter-Strike is the first popular online shooter game hosting. With the rental of a quality Counter-Strike: Global Offensive server, you can take part in online battles as an administrator, spin up your own server.
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What is Counter-Strike?



What is Counter-Strike?


Counter-Strike is a true legend in the world of computer shooters, which has enjoyed constant popularity for many years and attracts the attention of players around the world.


This shooter based on the game Half-Life has been released in several versions during its release. The most popular of them is CS 1.6 and Counter-Strike Source (CSS), created on a more modern engine. Initially, games such as KS and KSS gained immense popularity due to the possibility of multiplayer play over a local network. Over time, thanks to the development of the Internet, gamers switched to the online version of the game, for which it is necessary to use a game server. Connecting to it makes it possible to play different versions of the CS without leaving your home. This causes a great demand for such a service as hosting CS 1.6 servers, and other servers that allow you to play not only CS 1.6 but also CSS, as well as other versions of the game.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the first popular online shooter game hosting. With the rental of a quality Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game server, you can take part in online battles as an administrator, spin up your own server and invite friends. Low ping and easy server management will allow you to get the most out of CSGO hosting. 

CS: GO game hosting can be rented both with payment for slots and with payment for resources (professional rates for gaming VDS/VPS) with the installed server "KS Source" and the server control panel.


Counter-Strike 1.6 Hosting


Counter-Strike 1.6 is perhaps one of the very first online action games in the world, which marked the beginning of the successful Counter-Strike series. The game was released in 2000, but it still brings together thousands of players every day. It's easy to become a part of this community and create your own Counter-Strike 1.6 server on hosting.


Features of hosting Counter-Strike


Game hosting of servers of most companies provides the server of these popular shooters for rent on favorable terms for different categories of clients. Firstly, the advantages include the fact that some servers will offer you really cheap hosting. Rates for the use of slots compare favorably with the offers of competitors, and flexible discounts are provided also for customers who ordered a large number of slots.


To ensure high quality and reliability of services, good providers use the latest high-performance server hardware and the most modern software. For rented game servers, high-quality and cheap technical service and maintenance by qualified specialists are provided. One of the indisputable advantages of some technical equipment providers is the fast operation of the service, which eliminates unnecessary load on the resources of users' computers, ensures the convenience of the gameplay without interruptions in communication and braking. In case of unexpected problems, it is possible to restart and continue the current game.


Convenient control panel


The modern game server control panel gives you real control over your server. It has everything you need to manage: a console, managing settings, and files, firewall rules, quick installation of mods and plugins.




Good Hosting providers will conduct daily data backups to a separate data center. No matter what happens, random circumstances or crackers will have no chance to damage or destroy your files.


Monitoring writes SMS / Telegram


The monitoring system takes care of the uninterrupted and stable operation of your server. In case of problems, the server will be restarted automatically.


Ready mods and plugins


A set of ready-made mods and plugins contains everything you need to create a successful Counter-Strike: Global Offensive server and is available in the control panel.


CS hosting interface


Hosting CS 1.6 servers, as well as hosting CSS game servers, makes it possible to use a simple and intuitive interface and many useful features. The service has a convenient control panel, supports, and allows you to edit various maps, mods, plugins for KS and KSS games. We provide reliable protection for your game server from unauthorized access by intruders.


Possible parameters and characteristics of the created server


Game server version CS 1.6 - there is a large list of server versions, but at the moment the most common is version 5787, which is suitable for almost all existing mods and plugins, as well as the latest at the moment 6132. These assemblies are used on hosting as a priority,


FPS is the number of frames processed by the server per second. The higher the value, the smoother and clearer the picture of what is happening on the server, which increases the speed of registration of hits on the server. High FPS is most often used on ClanWar servers.


A little history CS: GO


Counter-Strike: Worldwide Offensive - A new look at the Ventil company. In the “Team First-Person-Shooter” category it should look like an eSports discipline. It is important to understand, that CS: GO - this is not a "sequel" to the everlasting CS 1.6 and not a "killer" Counter-Strike: Quelle. Counterstrike: Worldwide offensive - a rethink in the many years of experience in development, we dare say it, best team shooter in the world. This development of the eSports Counter-Strike discipline.


IN CS: GO there are 5 game modes: ordinary, emulative, arms race, object destruction, and fight to the death! This simple game modes, but there are special ones!


How to create a server in cs go


Counter-Strike Global Offensive, as a game, has started to gain immense popularity lately. That is why many users want to create their own server. One could make money on it, or simply create ideal conditions for the game. Many do not know how to do this. For this, this article was created. In order to create your own server, you need to download a special assembly. You can choose any of them. In the event that the user wants to create his server from scratch, then you need to choose a clean build. It makes no sense to collect all the server folders yourself. For this, again, there are assemblies. 


How to install a cs go server 


The server that was downloaded by the user is a collection of folders. Here, again, the players do not understand how to work with it and what to do. In fact, everything is very simple: At the very beginning, you need to start the downloaded server. This can be done immediately after the server assembly is unpacked to the desktop. You will need to open the unpacked files and run the main file, which has the exe extension. It is impossible to make a mistake here because there can be only one such file in an assembly. After starting the server, the user needs to open the 2IP site. There you need to find the IP address of your computer. After that, you need to look at the configuration of the downloaded server and see what port was exposed there. As a rule, port 27015 is installed in all assemblies. You need to take your address received from 2ip and add a port to it. You end up with the following: Now you need to add the connect command to the received address and go to the server. However, this is only the minimum that the user has to do. You should immediately think about buying a hosting. What it is? Hosting is a site on the Internet that will store the servers of ordinary players. They will do it for money. At the same time, the servers installed on the hosting will work 24/7 and will be able to guarantee the user a constant stream of clients. 


In order to use hosting services, you should choose one of the proposed companies above.


You can choose one of these hosting services. In order to determine their choice, you need to look at the conditions that they offer. It is on the basis of the conditions that you need to choose services.


Configuring a cs go server


Creating your own server is easy compared to configuring it. In order to complete the server configuration, you need to consider the instructions: Administrator rights. First, you need to give yourself administrator rights. This is necessary for this to manage the server, being on it. To get the rights, you need to go to the server files using the path / csgo/addons/sourcemod/configs. There you need to find a file with administrator rights and enter your SteamID at the end. The SteamID itself can be easily found by going to any server and entering the status console command into it. Mode. Before continuing to configure the server, the user must select the game mode that will be on it. For example, it could be Jailbreak or Zombie. There are over 20 modes to choose from. After the mode is selected, the user should proceed to the next item of settings. Plugins. Now the user must install on the server certain plugins that he needs to play. For example, if the Jailbreak mode was selected, then you need to install the accompanying plugins on the server.


As a rule, they are called Jailbreak Plugins or Mode. These are the most key plugins. You need to add those that the user needs. For example, a spider web or music at the end of the round. It all depends on the preferences of the creator. Locations. It remains to add maps to your server, on which you can play in the selected mode. It is worth choosing and installing about 20-40 cards. In the initial stages, this is the norm. After that, the setting can be considered complete. Now the server can be started and players can be called. 


Server promotion cs go


Of course, a server can be considered a failure if there are no players on it. Server promotion in Counter-Strike Global Offensive is the biggest challenge you can face. However, in order to fix this, it is worth using the following promotion methods: 


Monitoring: It is necessary to add the created server for monitoring. What is it? Monitoring is a portal on the Internet that helps players find servers for entertainment. That said, of course, there are thousands of unique servers on these sites. For the most part, the site can be added to monitoring for free. You will have to pay for some monitoring. Is it worth it - the creator of the server will decide for himself. 


Social networks: You need to create a group on social networks, where the server address will be indicated. Of course, you need to publish a variety of content there in order for it to appear in recommendation feeds in the future. The social network will independently begin to promote the user's group, starting to invite ordinary players to the server. 


Subject forums: Of course, it is worth using thematic forums in order to invite players. As a rule, forums dedicated to the Counter Strike Global Offensive topic have their own section where you can publish your server address. This is the only way you can and should publish your server. Littering other people's topics with his address is stupid and ineffective in the end. 


Advertising: Of course, if the user wants to promote a product on the Internet, then he needs to buy advertising. Where to buy ads for the server? For example, you can refer to more popular servers or forums. Server advertising will cost about 200-300 rubles, so this is an affordable option for every player. 


It is also worth remembering that you need to make sure that there is always a certain number of players on the created server. Only in this case, they will start visiting it. As a rule, no one goes to empty servers. To do this, you can, for example, install a plugin with bots. In this case, players will see that there is someone on the server in Counter-Strike Global Offensive and will log into it.


Private server cs go 


In order to start creating your own server, as already mentioned, you need to download the assembly. One of them is a private server assembly that any user will like and he can make a real candy out of it. Such a server will be protected from attacks by hackers. Also, there is nothing superfluous in it and it is regularly updated, so it definitely needs to be downloaded. This can be done using the portal.