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  • Trust Pilot Rated WebhostingPad - 4.3
  • Multi Payment Options - 6

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$40 /Yearly
Full Details
  • Operation System
  • Panels
$24.99 /Yearly
Full Details
  • Panels
$14.99 /Yearly
Full Details
  • Panels
    CPanel, WHM
$99.95 /Monthly
Full Details
  • Operation System
  • CPU
    0 Cores
  • RAM
    8GB Memory
  • DISK
    300GB Space
  • DATA
    3TB Bandwidth
  • Dedicated IPS
  • Panels
    CPanel, WHM
$79.95 /Monthly
Full Details
  • Operation System
  • CPU
    0 Cores
  • RAM
    6GB Memory
  • DISK
    250GB Space
  • DATA
    2TB Bandwidth
  • Dedicated IPS
  • Panels
    CPanel, WHM
$59.95 /Monthly
Full Details
  • Operation System
  • CPU
    0 Cores
  • RAM
    4GB Memory
  • DISK
    200GB Space
  • DATA
    1.5TB Bandwidth
  • Dedicated IPS
  • Panels
    CPanel, WHM
$49.95 /Monthly
Full Details
  • Operation System
  • CPU
    0 Cores
  • RAM
    4GB Memory
  • DISK
    160GB Space
  • DATA
    1TB Bandwidth
  • Dedicated IPS
  • Panels
    CPanel, WHM
$29.95 /Monthly
Full Details
  • Operation System
  • CPU
    0 Cores
  • RAM
    1GB Memory
  • DISK
    20GB Space
  • DATA
    100GB Bandwidth
  • Dedicated IPS
  • Panels
    CPanel, WHM
Shared Hosting
WP Premium
$5.99 /Monthly
Full Details
  • Operation System
  • DISK
    Unlimited Space
  • DATA
    Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Panels
Shared Hosting
Power Plan Plus
$5.99 /Monthly
Full Details
  • Operation System
  • DISK
    Unlimited Space
  • DATA
    Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Panels
Shared Hosting
WP Pro
$3.99 /Monthly
Full Details
  • Operation System
  • DISK
    Unlimited Space
  • DATA
    Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Panels
Shared Hosting
WP Basic
$2.99 /Monthly
Full Details
  • Operation System
  • DISK
    Unlimited Space
  • DATA
    Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Panels
Shared Hosting
Power Plan
$1.99 /Monthly
Full Details
  • Operation System
  • DISK
    Unlimited Space
  • DATA
    Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Panels
$34.95 /Monthly
Full Details
  • Operation System
  • CPU
    0 Cores
  • RAM
    2GB Memory
  • DISK
    80GB Space
  • DATA
    250GB Bandwidth
  • Dedicated IPS
  • Panels
    CPanel, WHM

WebhostingPad Full Review 2022

Complete Review of HostMeHost

WebHostingPad: Amazing Features for Small-to Medium Websites

WebHostingPad hosts over 300,000 domains around the world. Their clients get 99.9% uptime and solid hardware. They also offer a wide range of interesting tools and an extensive set of unrestricted options, including web storage, bandwidth and domains. Pricing policies can start at $1.99 per month.

WebHostingPad: Why choose it?

Do you want to find out if WebHostingPad suits your needs?

Let's see it.

High Uptime and Reliability

Poor Security, Questionable Uptime

WebHostingPad, like other companies promises 99.9% uptime for your server. Their website is 99.98% up-to-date according to an analysis. It's quite an impressive result. A quick look at any forum will show that 42% of users have complained about frequent downtime, and 40% about sudden suspensions. They promise compensation for long periods of offline, but it is impossible to confirm the claims.

Site security is achieved through extra-secure datacenters in Chicago. They also have safe hardware and 24/7 monitoring. WebHostingPad is generally trustworthy.

These are the features

Plan with great features

WebHostingPad offers a wide range of features including bandwidth, disk space and MySQL databases. You can also host domains. These features are all available at no additional cost. However, you'll need to call the company to get more bandwidth if needed. When purchasing any type of hosting plan, it is a wise practice to read the fine print carefully.

A domain name and a web builder are included free of charge. You will also receive $200 marketing materials. This package is great if your budget is tight.

WebHostingPad offers strong script support and great security scanners. WebHostingPad also provides free custom error pages. You should remember that not all important tools such as eCommerce widgets and SSL certificates, spam filters or advanced web statistics are included in the Power Plan Plus, which is almost twice the price.

Feature Description
Disk Space Each WebHostingPad plan comes with unlimited storage.
Bandwidth As the situation requires, you must contact us to request additional bandwidth.
Website Builder Every plan includes a free website builder.
Email accounts Emails and other related services are unlimited. A webmail client is included.
Shopping carts OS Commerce Shopping Cart is only available with the higher priced package.
Stats All users can access log files and site stats. Power Plan Plus customers have access to advanced stats.
MySQL Databases MySQL Databases are unlimited. You can host as many MySQL databases as you want.
FTP account Can be done through cPanel. Limits information has not been provided to me.
Multiple domains There are no limitations! This makes it especially great for hosting multiple websites simultaneously.


Rapid Response

WebHostingPad's support centre seems to have everything that you need, including 24/7 chat and email support as well as phone numbers. Self-study is possible with many materials. There are not educational videos available, though this could have made it easier for many.

Many users also complain about the slow response times of customer service, but the poor quality support.

  • Live chat available 24/7
  • Call toll-free number
  • Support via email 24/7
  • A solid knowledge base
  • Poor News Page
  • There is no forum or blog.
  • No video tutorials
  • Poor support quality


Enjoy Great Discounts on 2-Year Orders

WebHostingPad's pricing policies are reasonable. For $3.99, you can enjoy a great set of features. There is a way to save money: If you buy for 2, 3, 4, or 5 years, discounts can reach up to 50%

During the registration process you will be offered additional services. Make sure to read the fine print and not pay extra for them. If you do need these extras, they are very useful. Domain privacy and faster hard drives can be purchased for as low as 2$/month. Don't delay if this is something you are interested in. WebHostingPad offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Users Friendly

The Capable Datacenter

This package includes cPanel which is a popular control panel for web hosting management. This package includes essential tools that will help you to create and maintain an excellent website.

WebHostingPad is very user-friendly. Signing up is simple and you have all the functionality that you require at your fingertips. The more costly packages do not include many features that can improve the user experience of your site.


WebHostingPad can be used for medium-sized to large web projects. You get a wide range of great features, and discounts on multi-year orders. But, they do not offer VPS and Shared plans. This means that if your long-term order isn't fulfilled, these packages might be too expensive for you.


    • Endless bandwidth, storage, etc.
    • Amazing support and security
    • Attractive Prices
    • $200 Marketing bonuses
    • No cost domain name


      • It could be even better to self-study.
      • Possible extra fees during sign-up process
      • Only VPS and Shared packages available
      • Site maintenance drags uptime down
      • Suspensions unexpected
      • Poor support quality

WebhostingPad Pricing

Package Price Operation System Panels
PadMail $40 linux server plane CPanel
Package Price Number of sites Panels
RapidSSL $24.99 1 CPanel
Package Price Panels
.com $14.99 CPanel, WHM
Package Price Disk space RAM Bandwidth Operation System Dedicated IPS Number of CPU Panels
Beginner $29.95 20GB 1GB 100GB linux server plane 1 0 CPanel, WHM
Pro $34.95 80GB 2GB 250GB linux server plane 2 0 CPanel, WHM
Premium $49.95 160GB 4GB 1TB linux server plane 3 0 CPanel, WHM
Super $59.95 200GB 4GB 1.5TB linux server plane 3 0 CPanel, WHM
Ultra $79.95 250GB 6GB 2TB linux server plane 3 0 CPanel, WHM
Managed $99.95 300GB 8GB 3TB linux server plane 3 0 CPanel, WHM
Shared Hosting
Package Price Disk space Bandwidth Operation System Number of sites Panels
Power Plan $1.99
$ 3.99 after 12 mo.
Unlimited Unmetered linux server plane Unlimited CPanel
WP Basic $2.99 Unlimited Unmetered linux server plane 5 CPanel
WP Pro $3.99 Unlimited Unmetered linux server plane 10 CPanel
WP Premium $5.99 Unlimited Unmetered linux server plane 25 CPanel
Power Plan Plus $5.99
$ 7.99 after 12 mo.
Unlimited Unmetered linux server plane Unlimited CPanel

Multiple Payment Types

Different customers like to pay in different ways, and WebhostingPad lets you embrace them all

WebhostingPad - credit
WebhostingPad - MasterCard
WebhostingPad - debit
WebhostingPad - prepaid cards
WebhostingPad - paypal
WebhostingPad - alipay
WebhostingPad - bitcoin

WebhostingPad Few Words

Web Hosting Pad of Host Me Host allows free web hosting inclusive of all SL certificates and all. It also offers free web builder too. It is reliable and secure.



Feb 26, 2009 11:29
Web hosting pad is so great! The support people are very friendly and helpful and setup was so fast, smooth, and easy. So far I haven’t had a single problem and was only impressed by how much they offer, and continue to offer, customers for a very good price. I wouldn’t go with any other company.


Mar 02, 2009 07:34
I really like Webhostingpad. The support guys are really nice and showed me how to do everything. I think Webhostingpad makes hosting simple and easy to do. I don't see any point in going to another hosting company if this company gives me everything I need for such a cheap price.


Mar 07, 2009 03:02
This is the worst Hosting ever! The Builder is slow and down most of the time. After I switched to other hosting the support which was actually very nice and friendly became the worst! I purchased 3 domains from webhostingpad and now I cannot control them. Webhostingpad doesn't allow DNS control and I try to contact them more than a week to get the control for my domains, all my sites are down.
Very not recommended Hosting!


Mar 19, 2009 10:57
Webhostingpad is really an all-inclusive package. On my first site alone they helped me install an image gallery, forum, and WordPress blog. I also now have a Joomla site. None of this would have been possible without a hosting company that is there for me 24/7 and sets their priority on helping their customers get the most out of their hosting package.

Josh Sag

Mar 22, 2009 07:33
This has to have been the worst webhosting comapny I have ever delt with. I should have known that a low cost hosting comapny would be disaster. cPanel was shotty. Customer support was an absolute joke. If they didn't know what the problem was they simply stopped talking to you (online chat).

If you sign up be prepared for lots of unexplained down time and no customer support.


Mar 24, 2009 07:51
Setup and use is smooth and easy with customer support guys who take time to answer my questions and help me work on my sites. For a cheap hosting company they actually have very up-to-date equipment and services, and I am pretty happy with it. All in all a great hosting company that I recommend to friends and clients all the time.


Mar 26, 2009 10:04
Let me preface this review by presenting my opinion: Web Hosting Pad (webhostingpad.com) has been the worst overall hosting experience I have ever had, and I have had many.

I signed up for one year of service at Web Hosting Pad ("WHP"). I was enticed by the huge space and bandwidth promises. I was naive and I soon found that it was a big mistake. Somehow I didn't think through the fact that hosting companies like WHP don't have the resources to really offer such huge space. They offer such huge space for marketing reasons and if anyone actually took them up on their feature list, they would be in trouble.

I was pissed off two months in - past the 30 day money back guarantee. I got the hint that they are running hundreds of different people's shared accounts on e...


Apr 01, 2009 12:46
the webhostingpad support really focuses on empowering its customers not only by helping them deal with the issues their customers are having but also by explaining what the problem was and how that problem can be dealt with in the future. I feel as if, the more i have contact with their support team, the more knowledgeable i become and now I hardly ever have to contact them. their support is really great unlike bluehost who just sent me links to their knowledgebase articles whenever i asked them a question. webhostingpad is much more personal and they put much more effort into helping their customers.


Apr 09, 2009 09:43
webhostingpad is such a great hosting company I was blown away by their promt phone answering and helpfulness. Not many companies answer their phones within 2 minutes and also don't rush to get off the phone by giving simple, incomplete answers. Instead they explained a lot, very clearly, and I was helped well. thank you I am staying with you a long time!


Apr 10, 2009 10:23
Web Hosting Pad is great! I honestly didn’t think I could get such great service for the budget I had, but a friend recommended his hosting company, Web Hosting Pad, and I’m as happy with it as he is. Great uptime, customer support, features, specials, even a coupon when I signed up. Couldn’t have asked for more.


Apr 24, 2009 04:40
Webhostingpad.com SUCKS. Their billing practices are fraudulent and rebill you without permission.


Apr 21, 2009 09:41
I LOVE Webhostingpad. They may not be as reliable as Lunarpages or offer as much as other hosting companies but for me they are enough. Thier customer support is AMAZING! They are so friendly and helpful and caring, and helped make my site everything I wanted it to be and very fast. The guys there are just great, super super nice guys.


Feb 26, 2009 09:15
Warning !!! Webhostingpad.com took my money and give me nothing. I still can not access the server. They not answer my emails. They are sending automatically emails with links to support ticket and when I click the links my firewall are blocking the links telling me about spayware look like this ert47.a1.wrs. so I decide to cancel the account. I have used the cancellation request form but still not receive any response from them, only automatically links to the support ticket with the spayware link. My website look like this ,Simpson's constructions page, not accessible start page. I did not get my money refund.


Apr 27, 2009 08:56
$125. That is the amount of ad credits Webhostingpad provides!! Wow! That is the best I’ve seen. This includes not only Google and Yahoo but also MIVA and Search 123. I have definitely taken advantage of this and am very happy. So many other great package features I have yet to take advantage of…what a steal for a few bucks a month.


Jun 01, 2009 08:30
The services they offer are fine. The responsiveness of their shared cluster is acceptable for the price range. CPanel implementation seems to work acceptably. I built 1 site, then went back to build a 2nd and found that you cannot have 2 sites under the same email address there, a big strike. So after creating another email address to use for my second site, their php signup form was broken, telling me the site was not created due to the credit card being invalid while 1 minute later i received a confirmation email at the address specified. I was bounced around to 3 different tech support personnel, all who failed to understand the situation and did not diagnose the issue. If you do not have issues with webhostingpad, i am sure they will be an acceptable host. If you do have iss...


Jun 02, 2009 12:51
Be careful, everyone, once you made your payment to them, you will never get them back. OK, my story is: i made payment online, soon, received an email from their biling department asking me to fill up a form to verify my payment, because they thought my transaction could be fraudlent, as feeling insulted by their judgement, i decided not to fill up the form and carry on with my previous server provider.

then i ask their billing deparment if i need to cancel the payment, immediately they replied - No, it will be voided automatically withing 7-8days. ( now it proved that was their shameless lie -- big regret not cancel it), now it has been 1 month, not a penny back yet, and even after sending numberous emails to their billing department - none of them got a reply --- unbelivieab...


Jun 05, 2009 09:27
I haven’t had a single regret since moving from Yahoo to Webhostingpad. Sure, there are a few problems – my sites have been down a couple of times, and during peak hours support has taken about 15 minutes to answer. But there’s no such thing as a perfect host, and Webhostingpad’s service is unquestionably equivalent to the services of hosts that cost $7, $8, $9 per month. And compared to Yahoo, Webhosting SHINES.

k archambeau

Jun 11, 2009 10:04
When I first started working on my site, I was confused about a lot of things. It was so nice to have Webhostingpad available at any moment – whether it was 6 am in the morning or 3 pm at night, perfect-English-speaking customer support was always available. Not many hosts not only provide 24/7 but also non outsourced support. Webhostingpad is the way to go.


Jun 15, 2009 05:28
When I first saw their Advertisement on a Blog, I was really impressed with the value they were giving. Unlimited Hosting for just $4.99.

Though I am very well aware that there is no such thing as unlimited. Its just a way to oversell. But I was hopeful that if not unlimited, I would be comfortable with about 75-100 GB Space for my BlogSite.

Thinking this I signed up with them. I got the welcome mail with the login details.
When I saw my cpanel details, the total space alloted was 10 GB. I asked about this and the WHP support told me that this is the initial quota they supply and will increase it as and when required. I agreed and continued using my space.

Now after about an year, my space (10 GB) is nearing Full. I called them up again to discuss the increasing ...


Jun 18, 2009 02:08
waring to everyone, they a bunch of liars, i wrote mt review below regarding refund my payment, so far i have not seen any sign of a cent. it has been two months now.


Apr 21, 2009 12:16
I figured that Webhostingpad, being so cheap, wouldn’t be that great but I wanted to try them out anyway because if they were good then I’d be saving money. I decided if I didn’t like I’d just switch to a more expensive but worthwhile company. Well, it turns out Webhostingpad is great. It is everything I need. Great cPanel, support, uptime, ease of use, included features; so far they have not let me down once. I hope this great service continues because I love saving money.:)


Feb 16, 2009 07:07
webhostingpad rocks!!! i had NO IDEA i could get so much for such a low price and having websites is soooo exciting and easy now. i cannot wait to put into use all the different features they offer. plus they are super nice and i just love working with them.


Jan 07, 2009 04:25
Chalk me up as another DIS-satisfied customer of WHP. I can count on one hand the number of hours my site was up in a 3 week period.

Something has happened over at WHP and whatever it is it's not good.

Sure their prices are great...maybe to suck as many people in before they shut their doors or something.

STAY AWAY... there are too many good companies out there for you to waste your time with this outfit.

Jenni Bern

Jan 08, 2009 08:46
This is such a great hosting company. Whenever I had a problem I just called it in and they helped me so much. For example, I was having trouble installing Wordpress and WP themes, so I submitted a ticket about it and within an hour it was all done for me. Also I didn’t know hosting could be so cheap, and with the coupon I had, I saved so much more than if I’d gone with someone else. My site has also been up 99% with very good speed. I’m very happy with Webhostingpad. Thank you for your great service!


Feb 01, 2008 04:58
Hi Guys,
I want to very recommended for you, webhostingpad.com is really a professional and good support and nice people. I'm glad to find them. For me price is not my top requirement (price must in reason), but user support, response, nice people, skill, secure site, system support, they're my top requirement. For all them you can found in webhostingpad.com.


Feb 18, 2008 04:23
They setup accounts VERY VERY SLOW. Although they advertise that they usually setup accounts 2 hours from the time you send payment and a maximum of 8 hours, THAT'S CRAP AND NOT TRUE! When I talked to their sales representative over the phone because my account, after 5 hours of waiting, is not yet set-up, they inform me that i have to wait for 24 hours for my account to be setup because apparently, their billing department, who apparently approved setting up of accounts, is on holiday. Great Webhostingpad, so all along your 24/7 advertisement is NOT true at all!

Asanka Gunasekara

Mar 20, 2008 06:21
I ran through many hosting reviews and only this hosting provider came out clean. Every other major competitor had some kind of problem with them, either in their server side or in their customer relations side.

In a feature-wise comparison, this site offers everything. What they advertise is what you get ;-). And its a lot if you ask me. The cPanel is a pleasant to work with as its the best cPanel s/w in the world. So you've got support from anywhere in the world fro a very large community.

The Support team is really great here. Their response is very quick and they do what you ask and what's necessary for you. I've submitted them several regarding many issues, once about a phpmailing script, they took the liberty of creating one for me.

They have one of the faste...


May 23, 2008 01:40
I had the very same problem with the only reason that is was my fault. Well i trasferred all the same files to a new host with no issues and the site is running great. They don't want to admit they have problems they cant fix. I have since sent a ticket to cancel my account and wish to be prorated for the months of service and have that credit back. They say after 30 days there is no refund. Here is the kicker.....everything was fine for 30 days.....then they moved my account to provide better service and they were right.....it has been nothing but SERVICE !

"Let's offer a 30 day refund and put them on the new server.....then we'll move them.....who cares we got their money and their 30 days is up!"

If your looking for a web host.....move on!


Jun 06, 2008 05:33
You would not believe how bad webhostingpad.com is. They do not have any concept of customer service. They blame the customer for everything. Their server falls down at least 3 times a week. The tech support people are not only snippy but stupid. They do now know how to solve any problems. And when you politely ask for a refund, the owner sends you threatening emails. So if you are looking for a web host...pass this one up. They are cheap but so is a nightmare. Sweet dreams.


Jul 03, 2008 07:35
Terrible. Plain and simple. Poor support 3 days to bring site on line, then lost site entirely and was black for 5 days with 12 hours in between support emails. Frustrated and tired of excuses called and spoke with customer support - hung up on, spoke with owner hung up on as well after I demanded full reimbursement. I was told 8-14 days. I said unacceptable and I wanted written confirmation of my refund. I was told to check my inbox. I'm not surprised - nothing from them confirming the refund.


Jul 03, 2008 11:06
If rock-solid reliability, safe and secure connection, instant activation, a money-back guarantee means so much to you as far as web hosting is concerned, then you are going to get what you bargained for with webhostingpad dot com. The company promises a simple and flexible web hosting solution.A web hosting provider that caters to businesses and enterprises. They provide them with solutions that can make their business grow and be more successful. They even provide assistance to small businesses in creating a strong presence on the World Wide Web


Aug 25, 2008 09:55
I'm extremely happy with the service and support from webhostingpad.com. You folks answer questions promptly (billing, sales or support) and the tech support is far better than what I see from other hosts. The fact that I've had my site for almost a year without any crashs or down time is very impressive.


Aug 29, 2008 01:51
Basic plan. Server crashed and they lost my entire site even though they say they back up every Sunday. I was on for almost a month when this happend. No backup was ever created. Then, they didn't want to give me a refund. I clearly did not want to spend more time on a website that webhostingpad hosted. I just couldn't afford more time lost.

They insisted on charging me a settup fee and lost record of my cancellation. Fortunately I had not. They did not issue my credit, I had to spend more time getting my money back for a service I wish I never initiated.

John Hsu

Jan 29, 2009 11:57
Web hosting pad is by far the best hosting company I’ve worked with. For someone like me who can’t afford much more, but need all the features they offer, I was so happy to find that Web Hosting Pad not only has both but also a great support service. The technical guys there have only been helpful. I am a very satisfied customer.


Sep 21, 2008 07:51
I have the unlimited plan and everything is great support is great they fixed my upload size from 8mb to 50mb they are great the account was setup in 10 minutes i would reccomend webhostingpad.com because i have not had any problems.


Oct 31, 2008 05:40
It sucks I got charged twice for one plan and then when I tried to get refunding they totally played games and made it really difficult for me to get my money back. So far as I am writing this I still don't have my money. Once I paid I had no email giving me access to Cpanel and never heard a thing from them. I am now put in a dispute with Pay Pal. Further more Pay Pal has not been overly helpful either. So if you decide to use this host its buyer beware big time! Very unhappy!!!!


Nov 03, 2008 06:06
I'll keep it simple. Don't host with this company, ever, please listen to me. Terrible downtime. Slow loading on pages. I have only basic HTML pages and these pages take a long time to load. It's horrible. Submit a ticket they work on getting your web site up and running. If you check it a couple of hours later (your web site) it's still down.


Nov 10, 2008 10:15
I have tried few different web hosts before, but none is compared to my new web hosting host. Those who are still wondering what host , where, well try my host, you'd love their fast support, attention, c panel and web building tool and other easy to instal goodies. Thank God I try them out before trying any other.
Good luck all


Dec 02, 2008 12:28
I signed up for 2 years with webhostingpad to get the best price per month. Their support answers quickly, but they tend to forget about me often, making the chat sessions unnecessarily long. The couple of phone calls I've made to them revealed that they only had one (or a few more) people answering phones - and I got the same guy on chat. He wasn't helpful or friendly. When I chatted in (today even) with an issue adding domains, the chat "Technical Support Agent" answered that I had to email someone else. What's the point of chat support?

During my first month (the month where you can get your money back if you're not satisfied) my site was quick and I didn't have any problems. After the first month, it got much much slower. I only use the site for a family website run...

Cody Veerkamp

Dec 03, 2008 03:09
I've used this service about 7 months and it seems that the service keeps getting worse and worse. As mentioned in other reviews, I have had files deleted before with no notice of deletion or without them acknowledging that the did. The bad thing was it wasn't even copyrighted material! They were basic html pages that were part of my church's website. That was early on and hasn't happened again yet, and I hope it doesn't.

The access is real weird too. I am using wordpress now for the church site and while I am editing the pages, the site will be available and then all of the sudden, the server can't be found. If I wait 5 minutes and refresh it works again, and no it isn't my internet connection. Whenever I email the admins (I don't bother with regular support/chat/callin...

Rakim Purim

Dec 09, 2008 11:10
Webhostingpad is the best, there is no better hosting company out there, and I have tried many. WHP is reliable, helpful, advanced, cheap, easy-to-use, their staff is very personable, patient and helpful. I love Webhostingpad, I recommend them to all my clients and to anyone who wants the best hosting service there is.

Leon Carlson

Dec 18, 2008 02:29
I have power plan w/ dedicated server. Webhosting Pad gives a lot of hype in their home page - but you better have very extensive web master knowledge if you want everything to work. They have lots of bells and whistles for a low price - I feel like suing for false advertising. When I signed up they made it sound like they transfer old site for you. They tell you how to work FTP. They advertise Noah's classified - I singed up for it figuring it to be point click and fill in the blanks - no it's raw data base. They promise Cgi bin, and form mail when I asked for route - they said they don't support form mail, or as they word it NOBODY mail, as if my customers are nobody. Then they tried to sell me access to form mail, when I said I should talk to my attorney, they gave me a route for...


Dec 26, 2008 07:35
Web Hosting Pad has incredible prices for so much. I couldn’t believe I found such a good company. No hidden fees, a free site builder, 100% uptime in the past year, an affiliate program. Definitely can’t find more for your money than with Web Hosting Pad! WHP, great job.


Jun 18, 2009 10:25
Webhostingpad is the ideal solution for those just starting out in the website business. They are cheap but you get all the basic essentials, and their uptime is actually really good for a budget host. Now that I have a very high-traffic site I will have to go with a VPS package, but my time with Webhostingpad has been quite pleasant, and I recommend them all the time.


Oct 10, 2008 06:47
Used to be a good service but no longer. Can't get help when you have a problem. I have not been able to get on my 3 websites for 9 days now and I can't get anyone at Webhostingpad or RVsitebuilder to help me. They keep telling me nothing is wrong on their side!!!

If nothing is wrong on their side, why is it all of a sudden, 9 months later, I can no longer get onto my 3 websites? No one has an answer for that.

I have asked for someone to call me, they have not done that, I have sent upward of 60 emails back and forth to them. They just keep saying "try it now".... I am tired of trying it now and knowing they haven't done anything different.

I have asked to have supervisors from both companies to contact me, neither have.

Would you like this exp...


Jun 30, 2009 11:59
Through webhostingpad I got professional website design, which to me, as far as web design services, was not only affordable but I was very impressed with the results. Ben worked with me closely and made sure I was getting what I wanted every step of the way. I could not be happier with the end result, and now I am very proud of sharing my business website with others. It looks great.


May 21, 2009 09:12
Over 2 years of hosting and have had only excellent service: quick to respond to my questions over phone and chat, very friendly and thourough in their help. It is a pleasure working with them.

Karina Fisher

Jul 07, 2009 09:05
I recommend Webhostingpad to my friends all the time simply because they are the cheapest and have a great service to go with it. I started off by creating my sites with RVSiteBuilder, which is a really easy program to use for those who have NO knowledge about how to make websites. Now, though, I’m making simple sites through Dreamweaver and found it’s not really confusing to upload them. Webhostingpad’s support really helped me there. So thanks for everything.


Jun 03, 2010 09:33
I have paid US $ 72.00 by western union to webhostingpad.com actually i am from outside the united states.

SURELY these guys are big cheaters they have received payment and not giving me hosting 1 week has passed but there is no response they reply me of my email after every one day and asked me such a silly questions like give us a 10 digit western union code again and again with different email addresses some like [email protected], [email protected] and the very bad response is on LIVE CHAT 1 week has passed their billing chat is OFFLINE i am checking again and again more than 20 times a day, my question is here from all of my friends that how can i take my money back from them? which i have paid US $ 72.00 and their billing manager NAME ANDREW ZAHN has receiv...


Jun 08, 2010 08:39
My account was suspended without warning on two occasions, the support is terrible not know how to help provide solutions for novices who do not respond to the problem. The delay in response is too long.
Not recommended for anything.

Mi cuenta fue suspendida sin previo aviso en dos ocasiones, el soporte es pesimo no saben como ayudar, dan soluciones para novatos que no responden al problema. La demora en las respuestas es excesivamente larga.
No lo recomiendo para nada.

Jun 10, 2010 06:00
If only I could award zero stars, I would after the frustrating experience I've had with WebHostingPad. It was so highly rated when I purchased the service in 2009, if I'd known how things would turn out, I never would have done it.

I contacted them about transferring domain management for my business website about a week before it was set to expire. I followed all of the steps they gave me, confirmed my credit card and agreed to the charge. Apparently they did nothing. Unfortunately I didn't learn this until the domain expired, the grace period was through, and the website and email went down. First they told me they had no record of the request, then when I gave them the support ticket number, they said they'd refund me any fees since they hadn't done the transfer. (They also ...


Jun 12, 2010 11:12
Webhostingpad.com is the worst web host scam in the world. Two years ago, I made the mistake of signing up for two years of hosting through Webhostingpad.com. Three months later, I cancelled my account (lost all of my money I paid for two years) and I went to a much better web host.

Then, I just discovered Webhostingpad.com illegally billed my credit card again for another two years without my permission! I emailed Webhostingpad.com about this, and they responded in their typical fashion- rude and ugly. I reported this fraud to my credit card company and had the charge removed. I have filed a complaint with the IC3 and the FBI. I also filed a report with the Secret Service, and am working on a report with the Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau.


Jun 24, 2010 09:10
Webhostingpad has affordable pricing.
Webhostingpad has faster customer service
I have hosted all my 5 sites at webhostingpad for more than 2 years. Till now i don't see any down times. if there is downtime, in 1x24 hours or in a matter of hours has been realized.

I very love webhostingpad.

Thanks webhostingpad

Ramy Gobara

Jun 29, 2010 09:14
Hosting Plan: Unlimited Plan
Domain: iteshare.net
they are scamers they scam me
at the first they delete my home folder and ask for money to restore it
and when i say no after while they block my account at all and tell me you cant have a hosting account we will give you reseller for 50$ per month
they are really scamers


Sep 22, 2010 02:49
I think that out of every hosting company this is by far the absolute worst company when it comes to service, they have hardly any staff, and the ones that you can talk to are all "level 1" techs, i used the " " before and after cause i think the average rock has more brains for a tech than these guys, they have admins that are able to do their jobs, why they cant hire at least three to help with calls instead of having them all only use e-mail does not make sense.... their are only a few things that the stupid level one techs can do, they are not smart enough to look at a site to figure out DNS issues, e-mail issues, they have no education or common sense to google an issue they dont understand. Oh and they have a real big damn issue with the LACK of ability to ...


Oct 22, 2010 11:49
Webhostingpad is primarily a shared hosting company and I started like that. Now keep in mind that shared hosting is only good for small websites with visitors ranging in 100s or so. For 6-7 months it all worked fine and the website was up the 99% of times. But my website grew bigger and started to attract more than 2k users. At this point my account was suspended and I was given the choice to upgrade to VPS.

I did upgrade and though VPS is not their specialization, over all the experience has been good. The usually respond to the tickets within an hour or so. Their customer support doesn't appear to be very organized, but at the end of the day they get the job done. So, I would recommend Webhosting pad for folks who are in need of a cheap shared hosting option, but remember it ...

yong, sa-ga.co.uk

Jul 04, 2009 09:38
A warning to all webhosting users and especially new to this company, this company is really no credit at all, you can find my previous review about the same issue, ok let me repeat my story. two month ago, i was seduced by their all included and cheap price and going to move my web to here, however, when i made payment online, they sent me an email and said my payment seems fraudulent and ask me to fill up a form and fax to them to confirm this payment. * i am in England

I never been required for online transaction, felt something not right and insulted, and refused as they told me that payment would be voided. at this point, i mistakenly trusted them and did not do anything and just wait, i had asked their so called billing department if i need cancel my payment, immediately re...

fridae mattas

May 23, 2010 07:37
Webhostingpad has great uptime.

Webhostingpad has phenomenal customer service.

Webhostingpad has affordable pricing.

Webhostingpad is easy to use and comes with all the tutorials you want.

My next hosting payment will go to Webhostingpad. I've had several hosting companies and none compare to Webhostingpad in overall value of investment.


Jan 21, 2011 06:08
the only thing works is static html page.
no support at all.
database not working
email not accessible from mail client
and will not refund your domain registration fee $14.95

Mar 29, 2011 01:05
webhostingpad will slam your card, do not give them visa info!!!
I did not renew. I did not give permission to charge my account without my knowledge.
You force me to renew against my permission.
You save my info, then STEAL with it later???



Unfortunately, there would be no refund for this account since you did not cancel your service prior to the renew date. We sent out a 30 days renewal notice, if you did not want to renew your account, you would have to submit a cancellation form prior to the date to avoid getting charge. We can reactivate your account but we can not provide this account with a refund.



Mar 31, 2011 10:02
Run away from this provider as fast as you can!
Webhostingpad has applied charges to my credit card without my permission and REFUSES to remove them!! Trying to resolve them with staff has brought me to tears due to their rudeness. I have been told by someone named Jason, who sTs he is a Lead, that: If I could read this never would have happened. The charges stay.

I've been told that this company uses something called 'passive permission' as a cover to charge people's credit cards, and that if enough of us complain they will be forced to give all of us a refund. Well, how about it? Are their any others out there who feel as ripped off as this Grandma does? Let's stand together and get our money back. <...


Sep 11, 2012 09:46
Good Hosting with good support
I Really Surprised Reading some bad reviews against webhostingpad.com. i have been using their service for last 3 yrs. and i don't find n e prob. with them except their server down prob.

when i registered my domain+hosting a/c/ with them, i didn't have n e prob. with them But now i find there server is down many time in a week. server down time is ranging from 15 minutes to few hour(Exceptional case). i m continuously facing server down prob. since jan-2012.

what i find good about webhostingpad.com are

1.low price
2.fast reply
3. responsive online chat.
4. good technical support

what i found worst about webhostingpad.com

1. server ...

Sep 11, 2013 04:54
Basically you get what you pay for, minimal basic service.
If something goes wrong, I get the impression the plan is just trial and error till you go away, seemingly repeating the same basic 'solutions' like your are too stupid to understand the first several times, while ignoring details you provide to make the problem clear. I had repeated email problems that take a lot of hassle to get fixed. I just don't have confidence in the reliability of the service


Oct 17, 2017 09:13
Very bad customer service-repeating answers and not showing initiative. They [...]
Complaint against webhostingpad.com

Somehow a BBB complaint that I made is registered as a REVIEW, so I am not able to respond to the offending parties ridiculous claims.

It is clear they did not examine this case with diligence, determination, or

Sometimes a tech will provide advice or fix the problem, it is not all bad.

1. After Webhostingpad.com answered my 'review', they did not stipulate
WHO is handling my review. Is it one of the people who I am complaining about?
Is it Someone higher in rank that can do internal affairs review
and be partial?

2. In th...

Oct 18, 2018 08:48

WebHosingPad has UNFAIR and UNETHICAL policies!!!
These folks are CROOKS!
My hosting got auto-renewed. I cancelled it the next day. I called and spoke with a person. I logged in and cancelled online. I filled in all the "paperwork" request they needed. I exchanged another 3 emails with customer service and every time they would quote their crooked policy of NO REFUNDS and would refuse to connect me to a manager.
This is messed up!
This company is UNETHICAL and I would not recommend them!

May 17, 2019 09:13
Support has improved greatly over the years. Justin and Aaron worked for more than an hour to get a new email up and Ron followed up to ensure everything was working. They were knowledgable, professional and very helpful. This is one of the reasons I just renewed for another 5 years. Thanks!

Jun 10, 2019 09:58
I'm very pleased with WHP services, had the account for 2 years and a previous account for more than 5 years, their attention to customer service it's been always at the top, if I have an issue with PHP file or a question on how to change a directory they help right away and in cases where it has to be escalated the answer is within hours the same day, what I like a lot is that they are always available on the phone, a real person to talk to not an email that takes days to be answered, as far as the servers, in my case never had an issue with downtime, would recommended 100%

Mar 25, 2020 12:53
New servers (with no cpanel) mixed with old servers. Migration of hosted pages is a big piece of shit, somethings are not working.

WHP Sucks.

Thomas Paine

Mar 23, 2011 04:32
No problems whatsoever and good customer service. A+ Price was very reasonable... much less that yahoo which I had before. It was very easy to transfer my domain there and the pre supplied software to launch a blog made it incredibly easy. I am very satisfied as an intermediate level user.

fridae mattas

May 22, 2010 02:25
Webhostingpad have one of the best customers services I have ever came across in my life, They are very dedicative to customers and very caring which most companies lacks this days, I advice everyone who have a personal or business websites to switch to just host its the only way to be satisfied with 100% support from excellent team, I have been treated very well unlike other hosting that i hosted with previously, I'm glad good people still exists some where out there.

Thank you Webhostingpad,

Kindest regards.

Gumersindo Liston, Jr

Oct 31, 2010 05:44
They just kicked me out when my site started to get tons of traffic. they should have informed me before they kicked me out so that I could have transfered my site to a better host.


Mar 02, 2010 06:52
"Buyer Beware". Last year I saw a WebHosting pad ad that said "Free Domain Name for Life". In fact I still have a screen capture of that ad. Also in their website main page it states there "Free Domain Name", so when I received an email that they charged me this year for domain name renewal I told them about the free domain name which they said is only for the first year. They said that in the users agreement (I guess buried somewhere) that it states it is only free for a year. Well, this is certainly false advertising. SO BUYER BEWARE. There are others hosting site that really offer free domain names, but Webhotingpad is not one of them. I made the mistake of signing up for 3 years.


Mar 04, 2010 04:56
Webhostingpad is not all that bad, but they do have their issues.

I've dealt with some really fly by night host companies, so perhaps this makdes WHP look better to me than they actually are. Anyway, the good then the bad;

The price is good, domain propagation is fast on new sites (I have 3 with them now), data transfer speeds are good, the cpanel fantastico and all of the scripts make managing the site a breeze. Whenever changes are made to the site, even major changes like moving a bunch of content to a new subdomain, the propagation is pretty much instant. FTP and email services are quick and speedy, and there are almost no limits on file types. Support responds quickly.

Now for the bad. About once a month the entire domain will go down (website, email, everythi...


Jul 13, 2009 01:14
Terrifying!!, I just can't describe my anger, my advice to EVERYONE new to this company, DON'T give them your credit card detail, because they can charge you ANY time they like!!!!

Ok, my story is, I had one payment issue with them as in my previous threads, basically, they charged me without providing any service, i was really angry already; buy now, just found they charged me again (as revenge? ), ridiculous!! i am in Britain, can anyone suggest what i can do with this online cheaters? * i will cancelled my credit card first thing tomorrow morning, I HATE them!!!!!

Want to go to us to kill those bastards!!!!


Jul 21, 2009 09:13
Wow, I was going to go with HostMonster but guess what? They don’t even offer coupon codes! Then I looked up Webhostingpad coupon codes and what a difference…coupons for every type of package, and not only that, but a great promotion going on. Thanks for saving me lots of money. Now I can buy some extra domain names…:)


Jul 25, 2009 08:57
Webhostingpad is First Class company in CHEATING. I availed shared hosting service from them with free domain registration. They did registration but did not make it available. You can check www.arivujeevi.com in your name server lookup. I asked them to refund my money as per their 30 days money back gaurantee terms but they have swallowed my money.

Follow these rules,

1) Do not go for cheap hosting
2) Do not get mouth watered to see 'Free Domain' offer
3) You better register the domain with any authorized registrar and you be the owner of the domain. Do not let bastards like webhostingpad to take advantage of your ass by giving them a chance to screw you i.e they register the domain under their name and you can forget about having your ownership. They do not let y...

Bai Li

Jul 28, 2009 01:52
Terrible company ever! I have signed up three year hostig service with this company and after three months, they suspended my website without notice due to causing a DDoS attack as they said. They suggested me upgrading to a MVP plan which will cost me more than ten times more expensive than what plan I chose before in the first place. They also never shown me any evidence such as server log etc to prove it. I was told by the manager that I would get a prorated refund as i signed up for three year service. I then filed my cancellation request and has been waiting for a refund. Then I enver got a message back from them again. I tried to submit a few tickets to complain this issue, then they closed my tickets without explaining me why I have not received the money back after two months. T...


Jul 30, 2009 11:19
I was with Justhost for a while, and just got sick of dealing with their outsourced support who barely spoke English. Then, talking with the Webhostingpad guys was like a breath of fresh air! They were really good at explaining their services, what they do and don’t offer, and I signed up. I’ve had continually good support from then on and am happy with my new hosting.


Aug 05, 2009 12:20
Our trial web site was originally set up with Godaddy last year, then we found it is difficult for us to customize our own web site. So we requested Domain transfer to webhostingpad. It is very difficult process due to Godaddy's holding up our domain with security reason after security reasons... I was so embarrassed to webhostingpad to reinitialized the transfer over and over (3 times), and they do it without any question... Finally, we got our domain transferred to Webhostingpad (about 1 month's struggle). We are happily hosted with them ever after. Great support and great price!

Note: we are professional web store seller and we have our own VPS as well. This web site is just for new business adventure.


Aug 15, 2009 06:27
5/4 - Contacted support because mailing lists didn't work. They restarted "something" and they began working again.
6/4 - See above.
6/9 - See above.
6/12 - See above.
6/15 - Moved mailing lists to another provider since they still would not work.
6/17 - Asked about backup DNS. They said they set it up. To date, it still acts as if primary vs backup. Never set up correctly.
6/25 - Server down. Contacted them and they restarted.
7/3 - Server down. Contacted them, and things started working again.
8/15 - Service was disconnected. I tried phoning, but ended up in voicemail. Contacted via live chat and spoke with Dustin B. Was informed that service was disconnected due to high load from a script in my account. I checked all emails - no warnings were...


Sep 03, 2009 11:52
I’ve been with Webhostingpad about 2 years now. That’s the longest amount of time I’ve ever spent with a hosting company. So why Webhostingpad? Here are my reasons:

Support is nice, well-trained/knowledgeable, and responsive.
Reliability is superb. I’ve hardly seen my site down in my whole 2 years and no customer has ever complained.
Price. Price. Price.
cPanel is the most up-to-date one – lots of other hosting companies either don’t use cpanel or have an old version.

Those are my reasons. As long as I can have these things, I will be a loyal customer to Webhostingpad.

John Abraham

Sep 14, 2009 09:55
I had purchased web hosting from webhostingpad.com for my site.

Webhostingpad.com sudanally sutdown my website after six month. I contacted them and as per webhostingpad ADMIN, they said some hacker tried to hack my site and that caused their server problem and they are trying to fix it. After that they suspended my website. I contacted them but they said they will not provide me the hosting services and I have to move to some other provider and I did it. Instead of blocking or stopping hackers they suspended my account.

When I contacted their billing department to refund my 6 month hosting fee which I paid they denied stating that somebody does not like your site and hackers were trying to hack your site and that cause our server problem. I asked them that as per your e...

reinder groote

Sep 04, 2009 06:51
All the other features the other have, but....
Webhostingpad 1.99USD/month... free awstats, free domainprivacy.
199.USD for europeans too ( JustHost has a much higher price for europeans )
free awstats excellent
free domainprivacy... that's more important then everybody thinks WHOIS will tell people your adress telephonenumber etc.
excellent help in setting up my multi domains and emailaddresses... for 1.99USD unbelievable.
Yeah, I have experience now with five, but this one beats them by far.


Oct 20, 2009 01:53
I wanted To warn you guys from dealing with webhostingpad.com
The are the scammers No.1 and they really know how to manipulate their rules,So you'll be working against it.which will lead for a stupid excuse to steal your money.

anyway, here's the videos that proves what I'm saying

WHP Fraud I: Stealing your money and don't gives you the webspace

WHP Fraud II:Stealing your money from your Affiliate Account

Thank you

Tags: webhostingpad.com, webhostingpad, WHP fraud scam

Terry Callaway

Nov 04, 2009 08:46
Beware of http://www.webhostingpad.com. I signed up for there service because of the price and the promises that they make. Boy was that a huge mistake. So I ask for a refund per there policy in 3 days and was told in the email below that it was cancelled as well as refunded. Well its been 9 days and no refund. I disputed the charge with the Credit card company abd then called them. Andrew told me that sense I filed a dispute with the credit card company he was not going to issue a refund. The Credit Card company in turn told me that they would take care of it.

I am also filing a complaint with the BBB as well as the Attorney General. Until this all goes thru I just wanted to warn anyone who may be thinking about doing business to beware.

Here is a copy of the credit ...

Heung Hyun Lee

Dec 08, 2009 11:18
Looks like I have finally found my hosting company. After switching from 5 companies in the past 5 months, I think I have found a good home for my website with webhostingpad

Lester Dotson

Dec 08, 2009 11:21
"Ron Reddy from support helped me buy a domain, set up a blog, create an email, and connect to my FTP client in only half an hour! He was pleasant and understanding the whole time. No wonder they're received awards for best support, it doesn't get much better than this."

peng yunda

Dec 08, 2009 11:25
Ron Reddy from support helped me to change DNS of my domain name hosted on godaddy. He was pleasant, patience and understanding the whole time. I used to submit a ticket and get response from them within 10 min. Awesome. Great Service with price.

Jignesh prajapati

Dec 09, 2009 11:43
First when I approach webhostingpad with the price they provide, I was shocked weather they will provide it or not. I dare to signup with webhostingpad and within an hour I received all the features with there commitments. Awe some service on Live Chat and Email. I have recommend number of my friends to host there websites on webhostingpad.
Thank god, I choose the best hosting provider around the globe.

david melchionna

Dec 09, 2009 12:12
I have hosted all my 13 sites at webhostingpad for more than 3 years..Till now i don't see any down times..
Live Chat : 5/5
Email : 5/5
Phone : 4/5
Up Time : 5/5
Tech Support : 5/5
Customer Support 4/5
Full cheers to webhostingpad


Aaron Johnson

Jan 04, 2010 02:10
Webhostingpad.com is without a doubt the worse hosting company I have ever dealt with. My site went down weekly for hours at a time and I have seen better tech support at computer camps. The last straw for me was catching them lying to me about a server issue. It aggravated me so bad that I called and shut down my VPS account. Within 10 minutes I received an email from them informing me that my other account was a victim of a DDOS attack and all my data was lost. When I complained I was told Webhostingpad.com does not need my business. I challenge webhostingpad to prove my review is wrong or misleading ... I have all my emails ... do they????


Feb 24, 2010 09:27
Webhostingpad.com is the worst web host scam in the world... Two years ago, I made the mistake of signing of for two years of hosting. Three months later, I cancelled my account (lost all of my money I paid for two years)... and I went to a much better web host. Then, I just discovered they illegally billed my credit card again for another two years without my permission. I emailed them about this, and they responded in their typical fashion- rude and ugly. I reported this fraud to my credit card company and had the charge removed. I have filed a complaint with the IC3 and the FBI. I also filed a report with the Secret Service, and am working on a report with the Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau.

германс босовс

Sep 15, 2009 09:34
webhostingpad.com is crap hosting. Never go to them. Its just shit. They got one good admin, which got brain, everything else is just dog shit.


May 11, 2020 05:19
Affordable and reliable web hosting service with fast, responsive, helpful support team available via text chat. My issue could get resolved quickly over chat. I’ve been using this service for close to a decade now and will stay so.

Craig Rosenthal

Apr 30, 2017 08:39
I have been hosting with them for years and will end when my contract is up. That being said my site or email account get hacked every few months. I don't use my site anymore and have not updated anything in years but somehow it's supposed to me sending out spam from an account I never created or web pages I have never written. Stay away. I say this as I am suspended for the 3 time this month and they aren't helping me out.


Jun 09, 2017 01:21
False advertising! NO dedicated IP, NO SSL for Power Plan Plus(they do say YES in Chinese version)! low efficiency! ask for refund and no follow up!!! It is NOT true!!! I asked for refund on May 23rd, then you replied the next day and never proceed for refund! Stay away from they! the Chinese version do says dedicated IP included!

Sohail Qureshi

Jun 15, 2017 05:03
Email services Support. The support was pro-active and very responsive. Issues were identified promptly and communicated in a very professional manner.

Carolina Brinkley

Dec 30, 2017 04:30
Excellent service. WebHostingPad provides a quality product and has terrific customer service if you should ever run into any issues. The staff has always helped me if in doubt and they have always responded quickly. Would definitely recommend them!

Jason Green

Feb 12, 2020 01:41
Honestly. From time to time I have issues with my site, I'm sure we all do. Most of the time it's because of something I did or am trying to do and now and again there is a performance issue the host is having. Each and every time I have reached out to their support my issues have gotten resolved. It's because of their support team and excellent pricing structure that I have never left WebHostingPad


Feb 15, 2020 04:11
Invariably have a prompt and courteous response to support enquiries. We have been with them for over 15 years and certainly recommend web hosting pad.


Feb 19, 2020 02:49
I've been a happy Webhostingpad customer for a decade now. I have a few low-traffic portfolio websites with mostly photographs and some text, not many videos. I've no complaints. The plan is reasonably priced. The customer service is responsive and courteous.

Nicholas Leimone

Mar 06, 2020 04:52
I've placed an order on the website but they provided me nothing! They are just scamming with the customers. They don't have any server but stealing money from the users. I'm one of the victims. They didn't provide me any service after placing the order. Now I'm asking for refund, but no response from their end. They are also scamming with TrustPilot. They are putting fake reviews manually. Dear trustpilot please delete all the positive 5-star reviews. According to their fraud activity, they don't deserve any positive reviews. If Trustpilot intelligent team investigate the fake reviews manually, they can find it out easily that all the positive 5-star reviews are surely FAKE reviews made manually by themselves.

Mrinalini Ramanan

Mar 16, 2020 03:35
Thank you for helping me set up my website and answering all my questions! Jacob has done an exceptional job :) Thanks, Jacob!


Mar 20, 2020 10:51
We have used WebHostingPad for a number of years and have had excellent service and it has been a good experience. The tech support has been responsive and helpful. My most recent experience using chat worked very well and provided me with the information that I was looking for. We use RVsitebuilder to build and maintain our webpages. It is not the best web builder there is but it is adequate, especially if your pages are relatively static. If you make a lot of edits then the source code becomes overloaded with excess and duplicate html code. But it is fairly easy to clean this up using some other html coding tools. Overall it has been a good experience!


Mar 31, 2020 05:31
Prompt reply and helpful for solving the issue. I’m an old client for more than 8 years. Appreciating for the service.

Theark Club

Apr 16, 2020 01:25
My website admin hosting got problem. i thought is my website hosting expiry or something wrong. The staff was very patient and helpful...appreciate his kind help and resolve my problem so fast. thank you very much. thumb up.

sam brimson

May 01, 2020 04:50
I have received really good service from WebHostingPad and would happily recommend them. Easy to contact the friendly support staff, any time I have required advise from them it has been available immediately. Competitively priced for renewals as well as at point of purchase. I rate them 5 stars.

Ality Funding

Mar 03, 2020 11:39
I'm so pleased to recommend WebHostingPad for many reasons, I'll list some of them, every time I've called for support there is one person on the phone to help me with my issues, and 99% of the time the issue is solved on the call, the other 1% I've been escalated to another tier, in a couple of hours I'm getting an email with a solution or suggestion on how to solve my issue, been with them for several years, hosting maybe 10 domains, using WP on all of them, can't complain at all, and as far as pricing, could not find better, my Cpanel is very easy to use and configure, so far, customer service, ease of use and pricing is a perfect match for me.