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$5 /Monthly
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    Nov 2019
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    Nov 2019

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Vypr VPN

Golden Frog creates services and software that are reliable, secure and perform well. Our goal is to create and improve online experiences that are richer and more enjoyable. Golden Frog was created in response to the NSA's surveillance of AT&T networks in Room 641a in San Francisco. The FCC ignored our efforts to alert them to this disturbing activity. We submitted papers to the agency. We decided to create Golden Frog, which will build tools to help users keep their privacy and provide secure Internet access.

Golden Frog GmbH was established in Switzerland because of Switzerland's friendly privacy laws. These laws are consistent with our company mission and protect Internet users.

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vyprvpn $5 Nov 2019
vyprvpn premium $6.67 Nov 2019

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Protect yourself with exclusive features and proprietary technology. 70+ Server Locations • Powerful Encryption • Accelerated Streaming. Risk free!


Marion Haftel

Apr 13, 2020 11:54
I have used this service for year. I used to really love the customer service. That has gone downhill significantly. First of all a bot answers first. What the bot had to say did not help. A bot answered again when I was not helped. What the bot had to offer still did not help. I then got a person, who told me to go to renew.this is far unlike whenever I have had problems in the past. When my year comes up to renew, I will be looking for a VPN that has better customer service which VYP VPN used to have. His name was Henry, if anybody from VYPER happens to bother to read this.


Dec 16, 2019 08:27
Vyprvpn since its version 3 is a good VPN service, has several advantages over others that should be appreciated and gives stability and security authority: - Intuitive application for fast installation and fast network connection - Its a very effective Stealth OpenVPN protocol that masks you surfing through a VPN provider - Has additional NAT Firewall protection, which is rarely seen in others but is effective - Has the most IP addresses, more than any other, 200,000 IP addresses and you always have more choice for connection and less chance for Netfilx or similar to locate you coming via VPN - What they have to fix is an activation problem due to poor synchronization with a Windows TAP adapter, which can sometimes be frustrating for someone and substantially overthrow the authority of...

Paul Long

Oct 09, 2019 10:39
Support is useless. System unintuitive. Don't waste yiur time.