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Host Gator
Package Price Disk space RAM Bandwidth Operation System Dedicated IPS Number of CPU
Snappy 8000 $39.95
$ 119.99 after first term
240GB 8GB 3TB linux server plane 2 4
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Package Price Disk space RAM Bandwidth Operation System Dedicated IPS Number of CPU Panels
Enterprise $148.98
$ 289.00 after first term
SSD 1TB 30GB Unmetered windows server planelinux server plane 3 8 CPanel, Plesk, WHM
Shared Hosting Packages

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Package Price Disk space Bandwidth Operation System Number of sites Panels
Business $5.95
$ 16.95 after first term
Unlimited Unmetered linux server plane Unlimited CPanel
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Package Price Disk space Bandwidth Operation System
ZipServers.com Celeron Value Plan $99 80GB 1.2TB linux server plane
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Package Price Disk space Bandwidth Operation System Number of sites Panels
Silver $24.95
$ 59.95 after first term
140GB 1.4TB linux server plane Unlimited CPanel, WHM
Zip Servers
Package Price Disk space Bandwidth Operation System
ZipServers.com Reseller Xtreme Plan $299 400GB 1.5TB linux server plane
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Host Gator
Package Price Disk space RAM Bandwidth Operation System Dedicated IPS Number of CPU Panels
Business Cloud $9.95
$ 19.95 after first term
Unlimited 6GB Unmetered linux server plane 1 6 CPanel
website builder
$39 /Monthly
Full Details
  • DISK
    Unlimited Space
  • DATA
    Unmetered Bandwidth
website builder
Free Website
$0 /Unknown period
Full Details
  • DISK
    Unlimited Space
  • DATA
    Unmetered Bandwidth
website builder
Pro Website
$10 /Monthly
Full Details
  • DISK
    Unlimited Space
  • DATA
    Unmetered Bandwidth
website builder
Pro Shop
$21 /Monthly
Full Details
  • DISK
    Unlimited Space
  • DATA
    Unmetered Bandwidth

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Website Builder
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ucraft.com allows you to create a website by simply using drag-and-drop. Our smart page builder makes it easy to create a professional website. It's never been easier to create responsive websites or landing pages. You don't need any coding skills or design knowledge.

Previously known as Bang2Joom. ucraft.com was founded in 2005 and is an award-winning team that's passionate about usability and design. ucraft.com can be used to market your business online. You can choose from many professionally-designed and compelling website templates. Once you have written your content, you're ready to go!

Our website builder and marketing tools make it easy for you to attract more customers.

Our Pro Website Builder allows you to build professional websites as well as online shops.

Access all advanced Elements and Apps from Your Dashboard. Sell up to 50 Products. Accept credit cards or PayPal payments. Manage orders, manage shipping costs, and email customers automatically.

Crafter, get your free 14-day trial!

Ucraft Pricing

website builder
Package Price Disk space Bandwidth
Free Website $0 Unlimited Unmetered
Pro Website $10 Unlimited Unmetered
Pro Shop $21 Unlimited Unmetered
BigCommerce $39 Unlimited Unmetered

Multiple Payment Types

Different customers like to pay in different ways, and Ucraft lets you embrace them all

Ucraft - credit
Ucraft - MasterCard
Ucraft - debit
Ucraft - prepaid cards
Ucraft - paypal

Ucraft Few Words

Create a professional website, blog or online store with Ucraft website builder: 80+ templates, 24/7 customer support, free domain hosting and more.


g ryan

Jun 06, 2020 07:45
uses underhand bullying tactict to get you to pay dont sign up We did so for a free website for what is basically a hobby They got us signed up we built a website then later down the line they put a limit on the pages allowed and then attached a fittness app including a picture of a weight lifter to our home page so everytoime some one searched for our website it came up as a fittness app something totaly unrelated to the website in question When we discoverd this 2 hours on their customer service waiting for replies resulted in us being forced to pay to get it removed Well Ucraft this is an underhanded disgracefull bullying way to do business and has only resulted in you loosing our custom as soon as we find an alternative provider

Lola Scarborough

Mar 17, 2020 02:59
I've been working with the Ucraft websites for about 3 months now and am really happy. You can do a lot with their platform. The Chat help is excellent and the experience I've had with them has been a very good one. They are very helpful and pleasant. :-)

Emma Allen

Mar 18, 2020 04:25
Ucraft is really great! It's really simple and easy to use.


Mar 19, 2020 05:44
I don't know my hands from my feet when it comes to web design or hosting. Laurie guided me through everything with patience and ended up doing everything in the back end for me. Was a breeze dealing with this company. This is the site you want to use if you don't know where to start!

Koby Qu

Mar 21, 2020 03:58
Very helpful throughout my experience with the logo design! They often go above and beyond as well.


Mar 23, 2020 05:45
Ucraft has a far superior design sensibility to other website builders I've used. If you care about design, but don't want to code from scratch, this is your platform. Also the support is amazing! When I was getting started I had a few questions and they were always answered quickly in chat.

Luke Renner

Mar 24, 2020 10:27
Summary: As each of my Ucraft sites expanded from 5 pages to 20+, I realize that I should have chosen a platform, like Duda, that prioritizes page speed. ________________________________________________ I went on a Ucraft bender for a while, building out beautifully designed web pages for my clients, including: • garygermer.com • manceps.com • solomon.org • bonniebostrom.com • try.easy2hike.com * meritbadgemarketing.com Why I'm Happy: 1. Customer service is hyper-fast and available via chat on every web page. 2. Templates are very well designed and with a little ingenuity, you can do most things without much effort. 3. Icons are a breeze and their built-in app means you can choose icons right on the page, without having to find them on a different website and upload them manually. 4...


Mar 25, 2020 12:21
Best customer support experience I’ve had in a long time. I had Laurie, and she was extremely helpful and walked me through everything I needed. She even stayed on the chat way after I was done in case I had more questions, which I eventually did, and she helped with everything.

bruce lee

Mar 25, 2020 01:59
Overall a nice experience and a bit challenging but not so much for someone who wants to learn. Costumer service is excellent tho I have to say. Would want to see more customization options for free plan but overall l like it. I would like to see more effects options, social media integration, contact forms. Basics of a website mostly.

Andrés Roque

Apr 01, 2020 12:25
It's been a great experience, the software is intuitive and easy to work with and the attention to the customers is excellent.


Mar 31, 2020 10:16
Haven't been with them long but so far so good. The customer service, in particular, is impeccable.

Son of Mars

Apr 03, 2020 02:18
Great service, great website builder. A bit trickier than some other CMS services out there, but once you get it going, you'll be just fine and happy about really great support. I'm currently using it as a landing page only, but I'm definitely interested in their paid services as well down the road. If they'd remove the branding badge on the landing page for $1 a month, I'd give it 5 stars ;-)


Apr 04, 2020 12:27
Their free website building is OK, their support team is spot on though! Navigating UCRAFT has been a real pain, but any troubles I have, they are more than willing to help out. It's a great website to build and add your custom domain name if you have little money. I started with free and hooked up my domain name, but then chose to pay 3$ to take off the terrible UCRAFT watermark. There ARE other sites that are better sure, but this one is the only one (that I know of) that will let you hook up your domain name for free. I think the only thing that is really frustrating is they charge you to have the button that lets you make your site live or not. Every other site building tool allows this even on free versions. It's very strange that something very essential is only on paid versions.


Apr 11, 2020 11:44
It Was very easy to navigate and understand how to create my website. I had a ton of fun ideas while creating. And I was able to purchase my domain right after I was satisfied with my site.

Devon Young

Apr 20, 2020 11:32
Terrible customer service. They use predatory practices and "gotcha" tactics to rip clients off. When I tried to contact support, they ignored my email. And when I followed up AGAIN, they were condescending and refused to offer a refund for a year of service I was not planning to use. Not worth getting caught up in this company.

Lisa Velasquez

May 07, 2020 03:08
I was having a few issues with ucraft and Laurie from Ucraft was so kind and patient in helping me address all my issues. Ucraft is truly an amazing platform with a great customer support which is invaluable for the kinks that may come up.

antonis rountas

May 10, 2020 10:39
you are for 5 star but the price is expensive yet .


May 30, 2020 09:44
Disgusting service - and especially support. No one don't solve my problem with the site and I’m not satisfied with the quality of services. The problem is not displaying pictures in the store. I wrote in a support chat, sent a video screen recording and there is still no answer. I’m in Russia and exactly in this region the pictures don't appear in the store, and when I turn on the VPN - for example USA, everything works. Now I demand a refund for this service, but no one isn't answer.

Fire Bird

May 30, 2020 04:39
This site https:// www. ucraft.com/ #get-started said that ucraft was free, but in the signup option it only gave me 2 options and both of them you had to pay, waste of time.


Apr 01, 2020 02:37
I tried a few website builders and Ucraft has been the easiest and faster to help me build mine. The support team is the best: always available and ready to help you with anything. Thanks!