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    Nov 2019

Pure VPN Full Review 2022

PureVPN Announces Technology Partnership with Samsung for
Enhanced User Digital Privacy and Security

ROAD TOWN, Virgin Islands (British): Industry-leading internet privacy and security brand,
PureVPN on Monday announced a partnership with Samsung Electronics to enhance user
privacy protection when online.

The partnership is focused on integrating Enhanced Privacy Protection (EPP) into Samsung’s
Secure Wi-Fi feature to mask user identity and traffic. The roll out of this integration will protect
user data against online threats, manipulation and misuse.
The Secure Wi-Fi feature was announced in 2017 and the introduction of EPP will introduce an
added layer of privacy protection for subscribers.

PureVPN is an industry leader with a presence that spans 15 years in the space. PureVPN was
one of the pioneers in the commercial VPN space that brought digital security to the masses
through its service.

With over 6,500 servers across 96 locations, PureVPN has a secure infrastructure in place to
cater to a massive user base. The VPN provider is the only one with an Always-On No-Log
certified VPN network in place.

Recently it became the first and only VPN provider to prepare users for a post-Quantum future.
The company announced the deployment of Quantum-Resistant Encryption Keys across its
server network to keep users secure in the present and the future.
“We’re proud to be partnering with Samsung at a time when there is increased focus on digital
security and privacy globally. These are the absolute rights of all internet users and we’re happy
Samsung is leading from the front in the mobile device space,” said Bilal Saleem Khan - Vice
President - Technology Partnerships, PureVPN.

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Package Price Connected Devices
5 Years Plan $1.65 Nov 2019

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Pure VPN Few Words

PureVPN is an industry leader with a presence that spans 15 years in the space. PureVPN was
one of the pioneers in the commercial VPN space that brought digital security to the masses
through its service.



Jun 09, 2020 09:47
The agent was very helpful. It took a while, but we did it

Scott Sostack

Jun 07, 2020 08:49
Easy to install, easy to use, 100% reliable!

Henri Kilou Kinduelo L

Jun 07, 2020 11:38
The perfect VPN for me. Highly recommencer. PureVPN and the best tech service also.

Daniel Turcotte

Jun 08, 2020 03:34
good pure vpn

Nabil Bouyki

Jun 08, 2020 01:39
performant hardware, stable connectivity, superior support, excellent services

Gbless Inc

Jun 08, 2020 02:18
Cause i was asked too and it really works

Michael K C N

Jun 08, 2020 02:57
Shady company desperate for customers if you ask me. Did the free trial, didn't request to move forward - they tried to take 95$ CAD out of my account atleast 10-15 times.. Tell them to stop and they won't. Luckily I use a prepaid KOHO Visa, for situations like this, which I have had to replace..... bunch of cons,

William Monachella

Jun 08, 2020 05:08

Vibrissa Vibrissae

Jun 08, 2020 06:57
Took about 70 usd from me. Told their support multiple times that I don't want the VPN and asked for a cancellation and refund. Instead got multiple responses about extending my subscription despite me making it clear that I want a refund. Live chat and ticket support agents just seem to be pushing the matter to each other and just trying to upsell instead of processing the refund. Avoid at all costs.


Jun 08, 2020 08:13
As always perfect. Quick connection too

Brian Gar

Jun 08, 2020 07:23
Ive Use this service for 4 Years now. Like it a lot

Neil McHugh

Jun 09, 2020 01:46
The is the only VPN product that has worked 100% as expected. Zero rejections from any website I have logged on to. Very happy.

Anthony Simons

Jun 09, 2020 02:12
I got it mainly for my firestick but use it on my two PCs too. It is a bargain, especially if you buy for 5 years.

Casey Stamp

Jun 09, 2020 03:23
Been a PureVPN user for years and it's always been extremely reliable.


Jun 09, 2020 04:48
When I use the browser extension, I'm not able to connect to the internet at all and the connection just times out. Then when I try to connect to streaming sites, their systems detect the vpn. As other ppl have mentioned, they are trying to extend my subscription rather than give me a refund for a service that doesn't provide what it promises. So other than not being able to connect to the internet or hide my location, it works great!

serge ch

Jun 09, 2020 02:16
Been using it for a year now, for me PureVPN always works flawlessly. When came time to renew I received a great service from Alex.

Michael Chen.Apple

Jun 09, 2020 02:42
Thanks Alex from sales teams for help and support me when solving my problem. Thanks

Colin Murphy

Jun 09, 2020 05:19
I'm convinced this company is a opearated by criminals, my annual subscription was taken twice, despite my best efforts over 8 days to get them to refund my PayPal account all I get is offers to extend and stalling tactics, anything but my money back. Automated responses just offer further extensions and a desire to negotiate but never a refund, don't give these crooks your money, never set up auto renewal you will never get your money back. All negative reviewers seem to have the same issue "you're not getting your money back" even if you have paid twice !! Update finally a refund Why does It take 8 days, multiple live chats, countless emails and losing your temper to get your $70 overpayment refunded. I never cancelled my subscription, it has worked well for me around the world. Why ...

Maria Laura Garcia

Jun 09, 2020 07:40
It's the best VPN app I've tried. Both in Mac and iPhone.

Jakesh Hamedani

Jun 09, 2020 12:02
The best thing i have ever used*