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  • Trust Pilot Rated Planet Hoster - 4.6
  • Multi Payment Options - 5

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$12.36 /Yearly
Full Details
Shared Hosting
World Platform
$6.75 /Monthly
Full Details
  • Operation System
  • DISK
    Unlimited SSD Space
  • DATA
    Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Panels
Cloud Hosting
4 GB RAM 60 GB
$56.21 /Monthly
Full Details
  • Operation System
  • RAM
    4GB Memory
  • DISK
    60GB Space
  • DATA
    Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Panels
    CPanel, KVM
Cloud Hosting
8 GB RAM 80 GB
$89.95 /Monthly
Full Details
  • Operation System
  • RAM
    8GB Memory
  • DISK
    80GB Space
  • DATA
    Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Panels
    CPanel, KVM
Cloud Hosting
8 GB RAM 160 GB
$134.93 /Monthly
Full Details
  • Operation System
  • RAM
    8GB Memory
  • DISK
    160GB Space
  • DATA
    Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Panels
    CPanel, KVM
1 month
$12.36 /Monthly
Full Details
  • Connected Devices
    Mar 2020

Planet Hoster Pricing

Package Price
.com $12.36
Shared Hosting
Package Price Disk space Bandwidth Operation System Number of sites Panels
World Platform $6.75 SSD Unlimited Unmetered linux server plane Unlimited CPanel
Cloud Hosting
Package Price Disk space RAM Bandwidth Operation System Panels
4 GB RAM 60 GB $56.21 60GB 4GB Unmetered linux server plane CPanel, KVM
8 GB RAM 80 GB $89.95 80GB 8GB Unmetered linux server plane CPanel, KVM
8 GB RAM 160 GB $134.93 160GB 8GB Unmetered linux server plane CPanel, KVM
Package Price Connected Devices
1 month $12.36 Mar 2020

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Different customers like to pay in different ways, and Planet Hoster lets you embrace them all

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Planet Hoster - prepaid cards
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Planet Hoster (Canada): 125 reviews, 0 support responses, 0 testimonials, 6 products, 1 promotion, 4 socials, 26475 domains, 20700 hosted, since 2011


Lucas Amsel

Jan 28, 2019 04:49
How comforting is that!
Planethoster is one out of many hosts that provide everything they promise without fail. No bait and switch tactic used here! How comforting is that!

Benjamin Svendsen

Jan 23, 2019 03:27
They're great.
They're great. I don't have anything negative to say. Getting my site set up was quick and easy. I could not be more pleased by Planethoster.

Mia John

Jan 18, 2019 04:27
Great services!
We're very happy with your hosting and technical support! A quick phone call uncovered my mistake and set me on the right path! Great services!

Tuuli Kiprusoff

Jan 14, 2019 04:20
Everything is so simple!
Everything is so simple! Great Host! provides real deals. Their control panel is so easy to navigate through and the quality of their service is Awesome.

Jackson Cobby

Jan 08, 2019 03:46
Bravo Planethoster.
Always polite, patient, friendly and very professional. Impressive! AND available 24/7! They have always solved issues promptly. Bravo Planethoster.

[email protected]

Dec 24, 2018 02:11
Support is great.
Support is great--very helpful and quick to respond. If I make a mistake, they help me to fix it. Highly recommended!

Dominique Benoit

Dec 13, 2018 02:36
They are a great hosting company!
They have a VERY nice support team. I was having troubles with my emails through outlook and they helped resolve it quickly. They're packages could probably be a little cheaper, but they offer a bunch of tools and add-ons, which evens out the prices. They are a reliable hosting company!

Jörg Austerlitz

Feb 01, 2019 05:11
Their techs really stayed with my issue until it was just the way I wanted.
Their techs really stayed with my issue until it was just the way I wanted. I have had what I thought was great service before at other hosting companies but their techs have really raised the bar.
I have had multiple requests and they were fast with those as well.

Frederikke Enoksen

Dec 07, 2018 04:14
Highly and Strongly recommend them to all.
I can't explain with words how satisfied we are with their service. Their Servers are stable, quick, and customer support is always there and extremely helpful in every way. Highly and Strongly recommend them to all.

Ethan Wilkins

Nov 29, 2018 02:54
Customer support is 100%.
Absolutely everything I was looking for in a web host at a price you can't beat! Customer support is 100%, I couldn't imagine switching hosts after using this company. They are really the great!

Oscar Sanderson

Nov 22, 2018 02:33
Customer support is quick and efficient.
Customer support is quick and efficient. This is the reason I pay a little bit more for their hosting. Obviously these guys have been well trained and have strong product knowledge to even handle some of my stupid questions. Thanks guys.

Kalle Danielsson

Nov 12, 2018 03:40
Thanks guys.
Customer support is quick and efficient. This is the reason I pay a little bit more for their hosting. Obviously these guys have been well trained and have strong product knowledge to even handle some of my stupid questions. Thanks guys.

Deniz Wendt

Dec 21, 2018 12:57
I definitely would recommend Planethoster for any business.
I definitely would recommend Planethoster for any business. My server has been reliable and fast and always available. Haven't experienced any downtime at all.

Danijel Šimunović

Feb 05, 2019 03:17
10 thumbs up to Planethoster!
10 thumbs up to Planethoster! They're patient and helpful whenever I come across an issue. Awesome support and billing teams as well, which is a relief. I'm glad I didn't waste my time at any other hosting company. Keep up the good work Planethoster.

Jukka-Pekk Lassila

Feb 08, 2019 05:24
This company is the best Website Host I ever expected!
This company is the best Website Host I ever expected! It's speed is so high and the servers are reliable. The support team are very knowledgeable so there are always quick responses, phone or mail. If you know how to use it, you'll love it.

Ismet Berkers

Nov 08, 2018 04:59
Generous as usual.
Generous as usual, Planethoster offers plenty of features. A feature that got my attention is the Planethoster recovery tool. Impressed so far!

Jayden Hargreaves

Feb 12, 2019 03:33
They are what you need and no surprises.
PlanetHoster is everything I wanted in a host - easy, straightforward, no messing about. They are what you need and no surprises.

Danielle Tomlinson

Feb 13, 2019 06:02
They have a great customer service!
They have a great customer service! Technical support is very knowledgeable and response time is very quick. They work perfectly well for me as well as for my partners!

Niels Toft

Mar 07, 2019 04:17
They're reliable too.
The best part about Planethoster is that they are masters of everything. There's lots of products and services and everything you need is in one place. That, and they're reliable too.

Stella T. High

Mar 13, 2019 03:41
Saved me much time.
I have tried many different web hosting companies, and a big thing I look for is quality customer service, because I am very picky with the smallest things, and I like to find the answer and whenever I have tried to contact the customer support, they are quick to respond. As well their question-answer page has been really helpful, and saved me much time.

Falko Schregardus

Mar 19, 2019 02:42
The hosting is very reliable and reasonable priced
The hosting is very reliable and reasonable priced. My website is running smoothly and I've had no downtime. I am a very happy with their level of service and will remain a long-term customer.

Elías Ellertsson

Mar 25, 2019 06:02
Outsatnding hosting provider.
If I ever have a problem or a question, they are easily accessible which is extremely important to me. Their uptime/reliability and speeds have been nothing but outstanding.

Svetoslav Bošnjak

Mar 29, 2019 04:19
Would highly recommend to anyone.
They are always helpful, responsive and thorough - very happy to be using Planethoster for my web hosting. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Henrik Petrussen

Apr 03, 2019 04:51
I’m not moving anytime soon, or ever!.
Downtime, what downtime!? I have a few domains under a single account and haven’t experience that at all compare to the other hosts I’ve been with. I’m not moving anytime soon, or ever!.

Aidan McKean

Apr 08, 2019 04:14
PlanetHoster has an excellent service.
PlanetHoster has an excellent service. I'll recommend any one who's looking for a cheap and excellent customer service.

David Louineaux

Apr 11, 2019 04:35
Thanks again Planethoster Team!
I would like to thank them how quick, and useful reply I receive from the technical support team! They ensure that the issue is resolved. Thanks again Planethoster Team!

Arduino Pagnotto

Apr 15, 2019 04:18
Best plans, amazing packages and professional support.
Best plans, amazing packages and professional support. Planethoster has nothing but the finest apps and programs with trouble free cp and they stand behind their guarantees!

Leon Butcher

Apr 24, 2019 05:32
Very Satisfied.
Very Satisfied, Excellent service and support. Very fast response. Great work indeed. Very satisfied with their customer service.

Edvin Dremota

Feb 07, 2019 04:05
I can't help but notice how professional the sales team are.
I can't help but notice how professional the sales team are. Unlike other companies' they helped me choose the best paid plan for me in less than 2 minutes. And it's really fast.

Martha Tobiassen

Oct 26, 2018 05:14
Impressed with them.
Their support is really fast and I have always found someone who answers me back immediately despite our time difference. I am truly impressed with their marvelous services and I recommend to use them for those who are interested in getting quality IT services.

Oct 18, 2018 03:22
Their customer support is excellent. They usually respond in 5 to 10 minutes and are very interested in getting your problem resolved immediately. I highly recommend them!!!

Lasse Kjær

May 03, 2019 06:01
This host is there when you need them.
Bought new computer. Had to call them for assistance and it was awesome to get a live person. Normally you can't get that with other services. This host is there when you need them.


Apr 06, 2009 12:51
excellent provider


Apr 23, 2009 06:34
Worst host ever they stole my paypal account with my credit cards thay are extremely fraudulent. Do not trust this host, slow servers no bandwith.


Nov 17, 2010 05:16
This hosting has lot of trouble every month. It's more than one year I'm using it but I totally don't recommand it. Servers are not fast, but more important, every time your site doesn't work during few hours. They always have the same answer like it's not our fault, a virus or pirate attack us.
I have hosting in different place like France, Hong Kong, China, USA and Canada. Yes sometimes other hosting have trouble, but is the worst with his recurring problems. How can you manage a business when your site is often not online during few hours?
They can tell any excuse they want, it doesn't explain why they have so many troubles when competitors don't have so much. There is no miracle, when a hosting have many problems it's because :
1. the servers are low cost o...


Nov 19, 2010 02:56
I've been using PlanetHoster as my web hosting provider for a little over 2 years now without a hitch.

Their tech support can be reached 24/7 via online web chat or phone to assist you with any questions you have. I needed help setting up somethings on my website and they helped me out with it and were very patient during the entire process.

If I had to complain about anything, and this is nit picking, I really wished that the Accounting / Billing Department was active 24/7 as well. They already have a large part of the day covered in their hours, but were all human here, and any website builder loves to build their site at around 2 AM and wishes that they can remove a domain or other service and replace it with another at any time. Again, this is nit picking but that is r...

Debra Bouley

Dec 26, 2010 08:16
Mon avis sur planethoster est le suivant, ne pas Héberger vos sites avec Planethoster ils sont très lent a resoudre leurs problemes et ils on toujours des problemes avec les serveurs et il blame toute cela sure des "attack" fictive. SVP NE PAS UTILISER PLANETHOSTER. Plus pire host que j'ai utiliser.


Jan 18, 2011 02:49
Besides the wonderful price/service ratio the most important aspect of a hosting company is it's customer support. PlanetHoster nailed it with its 24/7 Customer Service, with absolute minimum waiting time before a friendly and professional Tech Support Agent is ready to chat on the life chat or phone. They're hard to top!

David Herman

Nov 19, 2013 12:35
I am a happy and loyal user of After a 1+ year with their services they proved premium quality of hosting solutions. I am using litespeed based shared plan located in Canada. You can read my previous review about my first impressions. Now I'll tell what happened last year.
No complaints on server and network speed. Everything is working smooth without packet loss or overloads. All the features provided with plan are delivered perfectly, no glitches. My uptime is 99.94%, its more than fine for me. All downtime is connected with server maintenance I believe. Of course there were negative moments in my experience. Once I stopped receiving e-mails and what a coincidence I waited to important notice from my clients. E-mail lost and when I asked support to fix the issue ...


Jan 08, 2014 04:05
I'd like to review my current webhosting provider. Can say Planethoster is top host. Now a few statements on that. First of all support staff is highly available and knowledgeable people. They've helped me from the very beginning with sales, account setup, websites deployment and further issues. And every time I contact them I am receiving fast replies and full detailed solution. Also their servers are solid. Never got slow performance or service errors. Network is premium. I travel a lot and connect to my control panel from different countries, but always it is really fast without any delays. I'm not a writer and prefer to be laconic, so in summary my suggestion to every webmaster who needs high level hosting service: try Planethoster and you'll never regret.


May 06, 2014 12:12
Never knew that hosting provider could be so reliable. After years of searching I have found my only choice - First of all I have been attracted by their ssd litespeed hosting plans. All the features included to plan are useful and working fine. After contacting sales department I have received quick response and answer to all questions I have been interested in. For today I can make conclusion they keep their promises. I am receiving good stability and best performance I have ever seen. All my pages are loading fast, DB is connecting instantly and website is available all round the clock. I think that litespeed is one of the reasons of that high performance, but main reason is high skilled technical staff of course. Initially I had lots of issues with installing,confi...

Jun 04, 2018 04:32
I am fond of being with my Planethoster...Especially how they support my website. I liked how easy it was to get my Wordpress blog up and running. I am really happy being their successful customer.

Jun 08, 2018 05:01
Well a lot of hosting providers don't provide the security options that Planethoster does. Plans contain many useful resources which help to run websites smoothly and reliably. Like them very much.

Jun 15, 2018 04:23
This host's reputation precedes them and they live up to all the positive words I have heard before I signed on. Like this company a lot, especially their active and proactive support.

Jun 21, 2018 04:38
I love the support from Planethoster and the speed of the servers they have. If you want a good hosting company that will help you with any question and a tech support that actually knows what they are talking about, go for Planethoster. They are the best out there right now from my personal experience.

Oct 24, 2018 04:18
Well hosted with them for the past month, so far so good. No downtime and they moved all my sites for me.

Jun 28, 2018 04:46
Planethoster is a very professional web hosting company to be associated with. They offer round the click chat and phone support and their control panel is very user friendly, easy to use and I highly recommend Planethoster to other customers.

Jul 09, 2018 04:58
I switched to this host for a fair while but feel a great difference comparing with my previous provider. The difference is huge in the quality of service and support that I a getting with them. Turn around time is awesome and the support team is very customer oriented and knowledgeable. I am glad I made the switch and recommend their service without hesitation.

Jul 24, 2018 04:17
Excellent support and reliability are the main factors that separate them from other hosting companies. We are very satisfied with their service.

Aug 07, 2018 05:27
I appreciate Planethoster Team for demonstrating the best level of support. As a new customer I found Sales, Billing and Technical Team is highly competent and will not leave any stone to satisfy you.

Aug 10, 2018 04:48
Superior Services. I continue to be completely satisfied especially with understanding all the web-hosting service options available before I make final decisions. Keep it up guys! And thank you!

Aug 16, 2018 03:37
They gave me very quick and clear responses to my support questions, which helped me solve the problem. Thanks.

Aug 21, 2018 04:17
Planethoster is simply amazing, I recommend it to everyone. Pricing is great, over all policy is amazing, support is always available and their help is excellent. I have never seen such an elite service! Thanks.

Aug 22, 2018 04:45
After transferring a domain name from another host, I attempted to load my web site to this host. I had a trouble, so I contacted the chat line. The tech took me through the process quickly and effectively.

Sep 13, 2018 03:41
I have never experience any downtime, which keeps my business constantly growing!! I would recommend them to anyone! Ps. Features are top notch!

Sep 20, 2018 03:00
This company does a great job at providing services. Price is great. And plans contain many useful resources to run websites smoothly and reliably.

Sep 26, 2018 04:16
This host is a perfect web hosting. Their customer call center is good, and never had to wait more than a minute for someone to answer. Tech support always helpful and can solve my problems. They have really low cost prices and offer a lot of features at their cheap price.

Oct 03, 2018 04:26
Just want to say that the price you see is rarely the price you get in the web hosting world. While this holds true for them when the dust settles you are still coming out on top. This host is reliable and well priced. It is good enough for me. And I am fond of having deals with them.

Oct 12, 2018 07:07
This hosting company is perfect. Their customer call center is good, and never had to wait more than a minute for someone to answer. Tech support always helpful and can solve my problems. the are cheap and reliable.

Oct 15, 2018 04:25
My business has been hosting with this host for a long time now and their services haven’t changed with constant reliability, support and consistent pricing. You are really great!

Jul 03, 2018 06:43
Their Hosting is always reliable, well priced, and support is good. They are nice for me and I like the way they work for me.

Yosef Petersson

May 07, 2019 06:13
Fantabulous host!
Fantabulous host! I’ve never experienced any downtime, or issues with my personal website yet and I’ve been with then for several months now. The updates are great and features are amazing.

Vedran Kovačević

Apr 18, 2019 04:16
Looking at the time spent with Planethoster, I'd definitely recommend it!
Looking at the time spent with Planethoster, I'd definitely recommend it! Planethoster gives you full-featured hosting for any site. Price is one more plus, pretty cheap considering the good customer service (nice surprise from any web host).

Jesse Denton

May 22, 2019 05:44
I couldn't be more satisfied.
Thank you guys for ALWAYS being there at the other end of the phone with no confusing hoops to jump through, and always being so helpful and gracious. And thank you for speaking English. I couldn't be more satisfied.

Fletcher Chalifour

Dec 17, 2019 03:33
I really appreciate Planethoster.
I really appreciate Planethoster. Price: is the average in market! Sometimes promotions are unbeatable! Customer Support: Good. All tickets answered and solved. Time of response is never as soon as I would like (immediate response for example), but is what I expected. Uptime: Really good. Services: All administration/installs/upgrades can be done by them even in my dedicated server.

Thim Berglund

Dec 24, 2019 04:57
Very happy with the supports of this host!
Very happy with the supports of this host! As I’m getting all that I need from a hosting provider, so don’t want to leave it. Even I’ll highly recommend them for hosting solution!

Uwe Hirsch

May 17, 2019 06:01
Overall their hosting is the best.
Overall their hosting is the best. I had some difficulty accessing the website builder program. I notified customer service and they had me up and running in minutes. Thank you!

Seppo Koponen

Jan 10, 2020 04:40
I can highly recommend them.
I continue to be not just impressed, but always blown away that I can post a query or issue and that within a few minutes it is addressed and within maximum 20 minutes it is resolved. I have moved almost all of my websites now to Planethoster. They are thorough. Their systems are really good. Their service is outstanding. I can highly recommend them.

Bennie Aponte Valdez

Jan 14, 2020 02:19
I'm very satisfied with this web host.
I'm very satisfied with this web host,when I registered my account ,I made subscription via paypal but I accidentally closed the page after payment was ended and did not returned to just host website to complete registration , I contacted the sales and they gave me my login details. their features and limitations are very fair for what you pay (6.00 € incl. VAT /month)
I got the unlimited plan(I can host as many websites as I wish ). I strongly recommend this web host to my friends and colleagues.

Lukas Gersten

Jan 20, 2020 02:40
Helpful and phenomenal!
Planethoster is helping a non-profit with hosting services and the Tech-Support has been phenomenal! I've never built a website before and have had to contact support with some questions that an experienced person would not need to.
Everyone I've interacted with has been patient and extremely helpful. Keep it up!

Ujvári Donát

Jan 23, 2020 01:38
Positive personal experience.
Summary of my personal experience of using Planethoster company:
- Great customer service
- Outstanding up-time
- Economical pricing
- Highly recommended to those who are interested in getting quality services.

Damir Grubišić

Jan 28, 2020 02:56
They are one of the most professional companies I deal with on the internet.
I cannot praise the staff at Planethoster too highly! I have needed their support countless times over the last month mainly due to my lack of technological expertise. They are always polite and have been able to help me every time - sometimes going way beyond what they are contracted to do. They are one of the most professional companies I deal with on the internet.

Jonathan Hart

Feb 04, 2020 03:32
Excellent company overall, and great rates.
I am completely satisfied with its customer support, services and not to mention its updates lately which has made the User-interface much better and friendly. Support is super easy. They answered all my questions for me and were very helpful. Later when my site was getting a little crazy and hard for me to keep running by myself, they were quick to offer some solutions and make things easier for me again. Excellent company overall, and great rates.

Arthur St-Jean

Feb 07, 2020 02:53
Always enjoy them.
Always enjoy to get Planethoster support, professional clear and fast support.
Planethoster for me, has worked perfectly from day one and the support staff is simply amazing. If you are not yet a Planethoster customer, then you can not imagine what I just said because no one else out there can match their level of dedication and expertise.

Władysław Czerwinski

Feb 11, 2020 06:15
It's nice to be with them.
They provide an absolutely incredible service and customer support. I've been with many hosting companies and have never found a company that offers the service and support I get from this host!

Anthony Humphreys

Feb 14, 2020 03:57
Absolutely the best.
I'm quite satisfied with their assistance. The customer service representative was knowledgeable and efficient and quickly took care of my problem. Absolutely the best customer service of any company I've ever dealt with.

Tony Johnsson

Mar 03, 2020 04:18
Helpful, fast and reliable.
I've tried a couple of hosting companies and none of them can be compared to Planethoster. Tickets are answered within 5 minutes, chat is available all the time and their customer service is patient and helping until any problem is solved.

Veli Hartonen

Dec 10, 2019 02:03
I'm quite pleased with Planethoster hosting.
Well I'm quite pleased with Planethoster hosting, their services are beyond praise. Most of my colleagues use them too and I found it very user-friendly. Servers work with no glitches. And their pricing policy is simple and flexible and they offer nice discounts from time to time.

Rémy Courtemanche

Mar 05, 2020 03:37
My exceptional experience.
My experience with Planethoster web host has been exceptional in terms of customer support and communications. All questions were answered and not just some of them. And when I had difficulties with some of the setup, they fixed things nearly immediately. And it's really impressive.

Torsten Freytag

Mar 24, 2020 01:34
Very attractive price and having good features.
They have a very reliable and easy to access and technical support is good and communication is awesome. Very attractive price and having good features.

Jonas Hermansen

Mar 27, 2020 04:47
Highly recommended Hosting.
The situation was someone unknown by me was sending shady email using an address from my domain. Within a short time, Planethoster analyzed the offending email header, took appropriate action, and killed the problem. Can't beat that.
Highly recommended Hosting.

Philip Ailleboust

Mar 31, 2020 06:00
Truly great service.
Truly great service, instant support with the right answers. They're the best. I've recommended them to several developers who also love them. Uptime is good and customer service is excellent.

Swen Jaeger

Apr 07, 2020 04:50
Reasonable and amazing.
Being a small business owner, my website is my life. Planethoster has always made me feel like they had my back when I called them with problems. Their prices are very reasonable and their customer service is amazing. What more can you ask for in a company today?

Gregor McMillan

Apr 14, 2020 05:56
I am ridiculously happy with them.
I am ridiculously happy with them. I spend many months researching a web host. I run a business, and reliability/uptime are critical. I have been very pleased with the professionalism and quality of the service.

Apr 16, 2020 02:59
The guys have a pretty cool technical support service that immediately solves all my problems. The price and quality are appropriate, I advise you!

Furio De Luca

Apr 22, 2020 07:16
Very reliable, prompt service.
Very reliable, prompt service, speedy website, easy to use web building tools for any use from personal to professional site. I have both with them.

Gustav Jeppesen

Apr 28, 2020 06:56
Amazing hosting provider.
It starts with amazing customer service, and ends with high traffic to your site. The results you see will impress you so much you won’t be able to believe your eyes! Recommended 100%, will tell friends and family about it.

Aleksandar Đurić

May 04, 2020 04:41
I am very Happy and pleased with Planethoster's web hosting services.
I am very Happy and pleased with Planethoster's web hosting services. I recommend them to my clients and friends. Their customer service and help has been excellent, the few times I have needed to contact them mostly for things I had goofed up and they were right there to help.

Kevin Kirsch

May 08, 2020 06:33
Like this company a lot.
This company’s tech team is amazing, always providing us with expert, valuable, quick and friendly assistance, 24/7.
Their reputation precedes them and they live up to all the positive words I heard before I signed on. Like this company a lot.

Duncan Leenen

May 12, 2020 06:03
Happy customer!
Planethoster offers packages that are in my opinion far better then the other hosting providers. I like that I have dedicated IP addresses for my domains and not a shared IP. You also don't have to worry about it being managed with another company or getting third party support. cPanel is fantastic, fully loaded with great features, uptime is excellent. host excellence is excellent! Happy customer!

Vinicius Dias

May 15, 2020 05:22
Economical host.
Planethoster is an economical host. I published my site a few months ago and have not had any trouble. It’s like I have virtually unbounded disk space and their support is available and quick to solve any issue.

Ethan Hays

May 20, 2020 07:00
Good support and good price.
Good support and good price. Happy I found them through you guys, could not have picked a better host. No downtime that I've seen so far, great speed as well.

Rory Lilly

Mar 11, 2020 03:23
What a great price this company has!
What a great price this company has! I've got more with them than I had with any other hosting company I've been with, and the price they offer for their hosting package is way cheaper than any of the competitors. I highly recommend this host.

Robert Schmitt

Dec 04, 2019 02:35
I like the features about Planethoster.
I like the features about Planethoster. There is no doubt this is the best hosting provider on the market. Face it, there has never been a company that offers plans that good at such prices.

Richard Williams

Jan 06, 2020 02:59
High benchmark for great customer support.
Each and every time that I contact Planethoster support it feels like I am getting support from a friend.
They are always courteous and they take my stress over technical issues away in seconds.
Their support sets a high benchmark for great customer support.

Nov 24, 2019 03:24
I was with planethoster for many years (managed server), although their price is higher than competitors it didn't matter for me as reliability is priceless. Sadely, since they moved to hybrid cloud, it seems that they paid less attention to existing infrastructure. As a result, after the last VPS failure, most of my databases are lost and my sites are down since then. They assured me that they restored a fresh backup and moved all into a new server. But too bad, the bacup were as fresh as pretended as they dated for 1 year ago at least. Knowing that VPS are old and no longer reliable, I wonder why they didn't bother to make recurrent backup given the higher risk of dataloss. By the way, servers are usually down for few hours every sunday night, so if you want to host critical things, y...

Olof Lindholm

May 27, 2019 05:22
I would highly recommend them to everyone.
This company totally rocks!! I am a novice in building website but they were there all the way to help me and now my website is up and running. I couldn't believe that they were available 24/7 and they respond speedily with my every questions or issues. I would highly recommend them to everyone.

Max Berg

May 31, 2019 07:25
The Service of Planethoster is excellent.
The Service of Planethoster is excellent. I was looking for a low cost website hosting company that met my needs and didn’t leave me without the essentials that I needed. I found everything right here at Planethoster company.

Ben Thornton

Jun 04, 2019 04:38
Amazingly reliable.
Planethoster provides amazing reliability and uptime, with a large amount of disk space and bandwidth. I have my business site with them and the traffic generated is immense and it has never froze or been unavail once.

Faustin Beaujolie

Jun 07, 2019 07:10
They're alright.
They're alright. I have no complaints, and I guess for a web hosting company that's all you can ask for. I am happy with PlanetHoster and do not plan on leaving any time soon.

Brayden Saville

Jun 10, 2019 06:29
Fast and fantastic service.
Fast and fantastic service. I did a mistake and they fixed it. Absolutely fantastic. Good to have a deal with.

Christian Koertig

Jun 14, 2019 05:32
They are a great hosting company.
They are a great hosting company. You pay more than some companies, but it seems to be well worth it since support is always willing to help, even if it isn't their problem.

David Gärtner

Jun 26, 2019 05:18
Excellent hosting.
Excellent hosting. Great services, great support, great price. I would recommend to use them for everybody who are interested in getting quality services.

Sipos Zoárd

Jul 03, 2019 06:08
Absolutely the best and most reliable web hosting company!
Planethoster is absolutely one of the best and most reliable web hosting companies out there. No matter what you need from a hosting company, they probably already have it ready for you!

Einar Holmgren

Nov 25, 2019 03:59
Excellent and amazing.
My experience with this host has been excellent. I started with no experience and thanks to the knowledge base can manage my sites without problems. The technical service is just amazing.

Maik Ehrlichmann

Jul 12, 2019 06:22
My experience with Planethoster web host has been exceptional.
My experience with Planethoster web host has been exceptional in terms of customer support and communications. All questions were answered and not just some of them. And when I had difficulties with some of the setup, they fixed things nearly immediately.

Petar Jurković

Jul 16, 2019 04:13
Super fast and reliable.
Technical support is supper fast. I don't have any problem when I do business with them. I am happy to be their successful customer.

Jai Hobbs

Jul 22, 2019 07:02
Good enough to sign up with.
Amazing, you guys are not just fast responder but precise with your solutions. You have solved my problems where I think other hosting companies would be reluctant to do it. Thank you Planethoster!

Jake Yewen

Jul 26, 2019 05:35
Thanks for everything.
I love the live chat feature from PlanetHoster, which is always superfast and helpful, this was one of the biggest reasons for me transferring. I like the layout of the admin panel and the fact I can have everything in one place. Thanks for all the support.

Jonathan Gardner

Aug 05, 2019 06:25
Work is perfect.
I have just moved my business website hosting to Planethoster based on the good reviews they had on the net. I have to say the support so far has been excellent, my website was transferred for me with very little fuss and quickly. I had difficulty transferring my e-mail account but again this was transferred for me by a member of the support team very quickly.

Gabriel Gomes

Jul 08, 2019 05:04
Reliable host with affordable prices.
My friend advised me to go for this host when I was in need of a Linux hosting for my science website. This made me select Planethoster and I have been successfully working with their hosting for the past month.

Ole Tobiassen

Aug 21, 2019 06:15
Love these guys and gals!
Support is always very helpful and fast and my site has stayed up and running at 100% every single day! Love these guys and gals! I always get quick resolution to any issues I have and they are quick to offer further help even when I may not have been aware that I needed those issues resolved too! Some of the best support I have experienced and I have worked with a few hosting companies!

Luke O'Hea

Nov 19, 2019 01:13
I will be with you, I promised!
Planethoster is a my first choice when I need a hosting for my customer's site. Although they have a cheap price but their server is very strong, it's keeping my all sites live day by day. It so good.
I also recommended my friends, partners and customers choose them. Thank you Planethoster, you rocks. I will be with you, I promised!

Vidar Gustafsson

Aug 08, 2019 06:16
I have found them to be excellent in all regards.
I have been a customer of Planethoster for a long time, I have found them to be excellent in all regards. Support is first class, with chat able to solve most problems within minutes! I highly recommended their hosting services to all my friends ... I have experienced 100% uptime on all my domains.

Lucas Ehrlichmann

Nov 08, 2019 04:05
Just simply amazing.
Planethoster is just simply amazing. Their support team helps you 24/7 no matter what. This is great for users who want to start a website or blog or even an e-commerce site.
There's nothing that they can't assist you with. The speed is great, reliability, and anything else you need, is all there.

Armand Franchet

Oct 30, 2019 03:33
A great partner to work with.
Planethoster has been a great partner to work with. They fully support any questions that I have, day or night and have helped me through some migration issues very quickly.

Honorato Meraz

Oct 21, 2019 03:55
Incredibale support and service.
Their support is top notch.
They have many user friendly video tutorials, a live forum, email contact, and 24/7 phone support. If you're serious about your business, website, blog, etc. then it's vital to have this kind of immediate access to help.
Their phone support is incredible. The staff there is friendly, patient, knowledgeable, and real people who aren't just stuck to some script.

Jakob Vestby

Oct 11, 2019 02:27
Great service as always.
I have been using Planethoster for a fair while and want to say they are worth your money.
I recently had an issue that was due to my setting something up incorrectly. Robert got back to me within an hour and had already fixed the problem. A very quick turn around; great service as always.

Pasi Jokihaara

Nov 13, 2019 02:16
I would definitely choose them.
Full service hosting provider. Great prices, great support, plenty of tools to accomplish almost anything. They make maintaining my site very easy.
The support team responds quickly and gives excellent service. They follow through until the issue has been resolved. Website has been very stable with few problems. I would definitely choose them again. Give them a try with no hesitations.

Jay Gamache

Sep 25, 2019 05:09
I wish I could leave more than just five stars!
Support at Planethoster is amazing. All of their agents are friendly, professional, and super fast to respond. It's like having your own support team in your company, couldn't be happier!
I would recommend their services to anyhow who needs a solid hosting solution. I wish I could leave more than just five stars!

Kristian Wirtz

Sep 17, 2019 05:15
Incredibly helpful and fast support team!
Incredibly helpful and fast support team! Every time I had an issue with the site the support on planethoster was prompt. They really do have professionals and it's very comforting to know that every time I have a problem with our website, I can always count on their help. Thank you planethoster Team!

Elliot Hammond

Aug 29, 2019 07:15
Never I had any problem here.
All perfect. Just he asked me 3 questions and was all. He was fast and all is perfect and working in my site and in my emails.
Very happy with this experience in this site. Thanks again for the help. Sure I´ll use this site for all my ones. Never I had any problem here.

Pier Mevissen

Aug 26, 2019 06:32
Fantastic support.
Technical support is fantastic - unlike previous web hosts I've used. I've contacted them several times for assistance with my WordPress website. They have been very responsive, wait times are short and they fix stuff! Planethoster has been trouble free, excellent value and I'm very glad I made the move from another host.

Wolfgang Moench

Aug 23, 2019 06:56
Will recommend them!
The support representative was very knowledgeable, patient and gave me all the right information I need. He didn't mind answering even stupid questions and explain it very well. Planethoster 24/7 support is very quick and never fail. I don't regret signing up with Planethoster , will recommend it to my friends since I am sure they will be satisfied as well.

Christian Rouleau

Oct 02, 2019 03:58
Really like the help from Planethoster.
I really like the help from Planethoster, they are quick and responsive to the complaints and problems I have experienced so far, easy to difficult problems. Thank you and continue this best service. Note: for the future I suggest for the price is reduced a bit, because for a newbie like me who just learned a little expensive.

John Linihane Hadji

Jun 08, 2020 08:18
good services

Remi Larcebeau

Apr 28, 2020 03:23
PlanetHoster is a great company. For more than 7 years, I've been hosting several websites on their servers and when I need help, they are very reactive and they bring me technical answers to all my worries.

Alec P.

Apr 29, 2020 04:34
Very good service and reliable server, even if it’s a free hosting service !!


Apr 30, 2020 08:06
Very Helpful!


May 02, 2020 12:07
Très bon service client !


May 05, 2020 07:50
Service impeccable


May 07, 2020 02:16
tres excellent


May 11, 2020 12:01
Not flexible


May 12, 2020 07:21
Good service


May 21, 2020 10:25
Great hosting service


May 21, 2020 07:38
Very good technical support.


May 24, 2020 08:40
Super services au top !!!!


May 26, 2020 03:52
Very responsive on email. Site looks easy to use and offer are good. I would recommend them.


May 27, 2020 06:21
site simple parfait


May 28, 2020 04:31
Inscription super simple jusqu'à la validation, le paiement aussi. Merci


May 29, 2020 07:14
Love this one! Best ever had!


Jun 04, 2020 03:02
So far so good


Jun 07, 2020 11:21
Excellent service rapide


Jun 08, 2020 02:31
La configuration du Wordpress est impossible on ne peut mêmepas mettre d'extension.


May 22, 2020 05:41
Excellent and quick service