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$44.99 /Monthly
Full Details
  • Operation System
  • RAM
    6GB Memory
  • DISK
    90GB Space
  • DATA
    2TB Bandwidth
  • Dedicated IPS
  • Panels
    CPanel, CentOS Web Panel, KVM
$29.99 /Monthly
Full Details
  • Operation System
  • RAM
    4GB Memory
  • DISK
    60GB Space
  • DATA
    2TB Bandwidth
  • Dedicated IPS
  • Panels
    CPanel, CentOS Web Panel, KVM
$19.99 /Monthly
Full Details
  • Operation System
  • RAM
    2GB Memory
  • DISK
    30GB Space
  • DATA
    1TB Bandwidth
  • Dedicated IPS
  • Panels
    CPanel, CentOS Web Panel, KVM
Cloud Hosting
$119.99 /Monthly
Full Details
  • Operation System
  • CPU
    4 Cores
  • RAM
    16GB Memory
  • DISK
    1TB Space
  • DATA
    15TB Bandwidth
  • Dedicated IPS
  • Panels
    CPanel, KVM
Cloud Hosting
$99.99 /Monthly
Full Details
  • Operation System
  • CPU
    4 Cores
  • RAM
    8GB Memory
  • DISK
    1TB Space
  • DATA
    10TB Bandwidth
  • Dedicated IPS
  • Panels
    CPanel, KVM
Shared Hosting
$14.95 /Monthly
Full Details
  • Operation System
  • DISK
    Unlimited Space
  • DATA
    Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Panels
Shared Hosting
$6.95 /Monthly
Full Details
  • Operation System
  • DISK
    Unlimited Space
  • DATA
    Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Panels
Shared Hosting
$6.95 /Monthly
Full Details
  • Operation System
  • DISK
    150GB Space
  • DATA
    Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Panels
Shared Hosting
$3.95 /Monthly
Full Details
  • Operation System
  • DISK
    50GB Space
  • DATA
    Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Panels
$59.99 /Monthly
Full Details
  • Operation System
  • RAM
    8GB Memory
  • DISK
    120GB Space
  • DATA
    3TB Bandwidth
  • Dedicated IPS
  • Panels
    CPanel, CentOS Web Panel, KVM
Cloud Hosting
$79.99 /Monthly
Full Details
  • Operation System
  • CPU
    4 Cores
  • RAM
    4GB Memory
  • DISK
    500GB Space
  • DATA
    5TB Bandwidth
  • Dedicated IPS
  • Panels
    CPanel, KVM

Just Host Full Review 2022

JustHost Expert Review

Endurance International Group owns JustHost. This parent company is responsible for leading international hosting companies like BlueHost and iPage. To see how the platform compares to other popular hosting platforms, our JustHost expert reviewed it. We found JustHost to be a great platform. The features are plentiful, the support is knowledgeable, and it has an intuitive interface. There are a few things that could improve, such as loading times.

Both the pros and cons

The pros:

  • JustHost's expert staff can help you resolve any issues fast, via phone, chat or ticketing.
  • You can easily customize your site with the drag-and-drop web builder and 1-click app install. There are also thousands of templates.
  • JustHost offers an impressive email bundle that will keep communication open between customers and you.
  • Streaming video and audio support can take your site to new heights.
  • With an extensive toolkit, you can tailor your backend to meet your needs.
  • Hotlink protection and 24/7 network security will protect your site.
  • Get SSL certificates for free to increase customer trust.
  • For a substantial discount, sign up for a 1 year contract.


  • JustHost plans can be affordable but they are not as cost-effective as other plans.
  • Although the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee it can be difficult to get your money back.
  • JustHost could use some improvement to their knowledge base and video tutorial section.
  • Their uptimes may be 99.8% reliable, but it is still lower than what we have come to expect of top-hosting providers at 99.9%.

Prices and payment methods

JustHost provides three types of hosting services: VPS, shared, and dedicated. The shared plans cost $3.95 per month and include 1 site, unlimited bandwidth, and no SSL certificates. The most costly shared plan, GoPro starts at $14.95 per month. It gives you an IP, site backup, and domain privacy.

Standard is the most basic VPS package and costs $19.99 per month. It offers 30GB storage, root access, and 1TB bandwidth per month. Standard is also their starter dedicated plan. It starts at $79.99 per month and offers 4GB RAM, 5TB bandwidth per monthly, root access and mirror storage.

JustHost's initial pricing is comparable to low-cost plans, but the amount of features available makes them a great deal. However, there is a drawback. JustHost clearly points it out. While signup costs are affordable, renewal rates are more expensive than the budget. It is possible to get your money back if the service doesn't suit you after the 30 day grace period JustHost offers.

It's easy to use

JustHost's best feature is its ease of use. It has everything you need, right from the website builder to the 1-click application installation tool and its free SSL certificates. The advanced features can also be used easily.

The platform offers a 1-click script install, various types of SQL databases and a lot of support for complicated functions such as streaming and flash. The ease of use of the service is enhanced by the excellent customer support.

Load times and reliability

Although JustHost's uptimes seem to be good, the company doesn't offer any guarantees about their reliability. To determine the uptimes of JustHost and whether there were frequent outages, we tested them over several months. We were surprised to discover that JustHost had an average uptime of 99.8%. This is well over the industry average at 99.4%.

Our tests revealed page loads times of just 1.9 seconds on average. This is well within Google's recommended page load times. Google places a lot of importance on page loading times when ranking websites in search engines. JustHost's speed will help you keep customers coming back and improve your search engine rankings. JustHost only has one Utah data center, meaning that customers from overseas may have longer loading times.

These are the features

JustHost provides a wide range of tools for web users to use and explore. It was a delight to discover that JustHost is attentive to the needs of new users and offers a variety of simple, but powerful tools. Easy 1-click WordPress installation and various shopping carts are available, as well as an intuitive website builder that makes it easier to manage a website.

The breadth and variety of options available for advanced users impressed us similarly. We were able to easily add additional capabilities via JustHost’s modern cPanel with just one click. You can launch unique websites by combining standard features such as multiple PHP versions, coding languages and streaming audio and video support.

Customer Support

JustHost is known for its outstanding customer service. Their friendly team can be reached via phone, chat or ticketing. Usually, they respond quickly and provide prompt resolutions. Although the company is proud that their agents are based in America, we found it refreshing that they were quick to respond and were knowledgeable.

However, there is still room to improve their knowledge base. Although the articles are straightforward they do not appear to be divided into specific categories. If you need to solve specific problems on your own, you will have to use their search function. The knowledge base only has 16 videos. This should not be an issue, however we are starting to expect top-notch hosting companies to have well-stocked tutorial video libraries.

Review by a User

Our expert reviews, as always, are the result of months spent testing and investigating each hosting service. Check out the JustHost customer reviews to complete this review.


JustHost offers everything you need to get started with hosting. The 1-click installation of apps and the intuitive drag-and drop builder are available to beginners to assist them in setting up their own blog or online store. New web hosts can take advantage of other features like 1-year-free domains and support via blogs. The tools JustHost offers advanced users like ourselves were very satisfying. You have the option to choose from two versions of PHP and can use a variety of coding languages. There are also many scripts that you can download for free in order to create unique, behind-the scenes frameworks.

JustHost may be a minor league star, but they will need to make small adjustments if the company wants to compete in the big leagues. They could, for example, label the various paid add-ons within cPanel to allow users to choose whether they are interested. They could expand their small but impressive video library to increase their uptime and improve their overall performance. JustHost offers affordable packages for small and mid-sized businesses.

Just Host Pricing

Package Price Disk space RAM Bandwidth Operation System Dedicated IPS Panels
Standard $19.99
$ 29.99 after first term
30GB 2GB 1TB linux server plane 1 CPanel, CentOS Web Panel, KVM
Enhanced $29.99
$ 59.99 after first term
60GB 4GB 2TB linux server plane 2 CPanel, CentOS Web Panel, KVM
Premium $44.99
$ 89.99 after first term
90GB 6GB 2TB linux server plane 2 CPanel, CentOS Web Panel, KVM
Ultimate $59.99
$ 119.99 after first term
120GB 8GB 3TB linux server plane 2 CPanel, CentOS Web Panel, KVM
Cloud Hosting
Package Price Disk space RAM Bandwidth Operation System Dedicated IPS Number of CPU Panels
Standard $79.99
$ 109.99 after first term
500GB 4GB 5TB linux server plane 3 4 CPanel, KVM
Enhanced $99.99
$ 159.99 after first term
1TB 8GB 10TB linux server plane 4 4 CPanel, KVM
Premium $119.99
$ 209.99 after first term
1TB 16GB 15TB linux server plane 5 4 CPanel, KVM
Shared Hosting
Package Price Disk space Bandwidth Operation System Number of sites Panels
Basic $3.95
$ 9.49 after first term
50GB Unmetered linux server plane 1 CPanel
Prime $6.95
$ 14.99 after first term
Unlimited Unmetered linux server plane Unlimited CPanel
Plus $6.95
$ 10.99 after first term
150GB Unmetered linux server plane 10 CPanel
Pro $14.95
$ 25.49 after first term
Unlimited Unmetered linux server plane Unlimited CPanel

Multiple Payment Types

Different customers like to pay in different ways, and Just Host lets you embrace them all

Just Host - credit
Just Host - MasterCard
Just Host - debit
Just Host - prepaid cards
Just Host - paypal

Just Host Few Words

Web hosting is done by many companies but Just Host provides technical support of superior quality for the web hosting. It is very secure and reliable.


Judy Sullivan

Aug 11, 2009 01:13
I lost about $20k today because I could not reach my best client in a timely way due to email problems. I checked first to be sure it was not on my end or the clients end. Spoke with their IT Dept. When it was clear it was a justhost problem I created TWO support tickets, called them ( spoke w a call center in India I think) and also chatted in real time to someone named Ana who was not tech support. That began three hours ago and nobody has contacted me yet. I have a small startup and cannot afford to lose a dime let alone 20k. My advice is that no matter how good they are in any other area, if they won't help your business when you need them as guaranteed, and blow you off like they did me, STAY AWAY !!!!! Support/uptime ? Does it even matter when they cost me so much?


Aug 10, 2009 08:10
ABSOLUTELY RUBBISH! Worsthost.com more like. Paid them back in April for webhosting and it doesn't work and they haven't a clue what they are doing. Good luck trying to get advice from someone that has a clue, all technical support people have names like Thomas, Andrew, Stephen, funny that they all have Indian accents when you talk to them. I don't care where they are providing they sort the problem but they don't and using incorrect names is just downright dishonest. I don't respect companies that lie so blatantly.

Support is the worst I have ever came across in my life. They don't read details of the actual problem, send nonsense responses that don't address the problem.

There is no point in 24/7 technical support when the people providing that support haven't got th...

Joseph Williams

Aug 09, 2009 09:15
Just host offer good support, they've had my website online in less than 2 hours using their site builder. The control panel is great and makes building a website seem very easy. I could not think of a better place to host my site.

Gary Taylor

Aug 09, 2009 07:29
just host are a good hosting company, its hard to say why one cpanel host is alot better than another but they have good uptime and support is pretty decent. Benn hosting here for about 18 months now and i have been very pleased and will continue to renew.

Aug 08, 2009 12:47
justhost in my opinion are a good solid host. good server inferstructure as my site has always been up and running fast. Support is very good over ticket , not so good over the phone, but this is always the case.

I just renewed this year and i will definatly stay with justhost next year if prices stay the same.

Keith Franklin

Aug 07, 2009 12:58
I've been with Just Host for a good while now and on the few occassions I've needed to email support their technical knowledge has really impressed me and their billing team are really eager to help when I have had queries about my account. The control panel is a real godsend as it's so easy to use and update your site when you want to make changes.I highly recommend them.


Aug 07, 2009 12:12
This is by far the WORST company you can try to do business with. Customer support consists of being on hold for at least an hour before you can talk to someone that barely speaks or understands English. Then, after not being helped in any way whatsoever, you will be transferred as many times as it takes to get you off the phone. Of course there is the hour waiting time between transfers. Justhost is quick to take your money and even quicker to drop you as an important factor to their business. I'm beginning to think it is not even a legitimate business. BEWARE of justhost!


Aug 06, 2009 11:21
This message is to be read by all and specially by Brooke Bryan and Nick Baker (Co-founders of JustHost)

As a customer of JustHost since December 2008 I've the following to comment:

1 - I've transferred my website registered with register.com to JustHost and bought several add ons, including Priority Support, Domain Privacy and Search Engine Submission by Submission Hub.

2- Since December 2008 I've trying to sort out the services I paid for and they did not comply with. I, even called Chicago from London-UK to speak with the manager. Was put on hold, and ask to call back in one hour or so. By my third attempt, finally I spoke with someone called Rizza, Risa (not sure how to spell), one of the administrative managers that promised the problem would be resolved.

Andy Piddock

Aug 06, 2009 05:56
We use 3 hosting companies for around 300 sites.
JustHosts features and prices just had to be tried and this was going to be used as a testing pre-flight hosting for proofing new sites.
After 6 weeks we are now moving live and new clients sites to JustHosts!
We've had no decernable down time and my last email ticket for tech advice was answered in 15 mins with good info.
Control panel is great.
We have all of our domains with another company and just change the nameservers...how easy can it be?
And the price, our main hosting reseller account (with another company) was/is £770 per annum). We've now got 5 sites inc 3 CMS hosted with Justhosts ... cost for all of this circa £70 per year!

N B 1

Aug 04, 2009 08:14
Just host customer support is a total joke. They DO NOT give you three ways to get a hold of them. They offer two and neither works. Just host billing department is 110% incompetent and will NOT EVER answer questions sent via email WHICH IS THE ONLY WAY TO GET A HOLD OF BILLING!!!!!!! Support is the same way. You go through all the trouble of submitting worthless support or billing tickets and the ONLY response you EVER get are randomized pre-written responses that do not answer any questions or address your concern! Not Happy but Stuck!

David Remer

Aug 04, 2009 09:37
I have three domains hosted with JustHost. I have had a number of service requests to make of their staff in setting up these sites, and found their responses to be timely, and nearly always efficient and on the mark, meaning, they understood my request and acted appropriately to them.

After a horrible experience with MaiaHost, JustHost turned into a real gem of a find for my web hosting needs, which include dedicated IP, SSL, and PHP includes plus they were very cooperative in installing the PERL modules I needed to get Movable Type 4.2 up and operational quickly.

Great service, so far.

Sandy Lyle

Jul 29, 2009 07:29
Been hosting with Justhost for over 20 months now and always been very happy. Unlike hostmonster and fatcow who both charged me nearly DOUBLE at my renewal date these guys had no hidden fees and I carried on paying the £2.95/month.

My site has never been down to my knowledge and I have been really happy with the service received. Fast, reliable and good value. I can see why they are number 1. Good hosts.

J Connor

Aug 12, 2009 07:22
I spent a lot of time reading up on Just Host on sites like this one and I was sure I'd made the right decision with them after reading such positive customer reviews. I am really happy to say that I've definitely made the right choice as they really do provide the best features in their control panel and great value for money thanks to the amount of extras also in there.

Their support team are also really helpful, I purchased priority support and the replies to my emails within 30 minutes are essential when you're setting up your site so I'm so glad I did.

K. Bjarnason

Jul 25, 2009 04:16
Absolutely terrible service. The front page says "Free instant setup" - but they billed $20 and called it non-refundable anyways. Their setup broke completely, their live support were useless, and their recommendation - email support - is little more than a way to send auto-responders asking you for more money.

It took a whole 60 minutes to go from signup to cancellation, with possible legal actions being considered.

Stay away - they are *the worst outfit I've used in 15 years*.

Chris Jackson

Jul 20, 2009 04:20
I can’t believe some of the bad reviews on here. Every situation is because of your own fault. JustHost offer the cheapest hosting plan with unlimited bandwidth and space plus free domain for life. I have had my website hosted with them for 5 months now and I have found them to be awesome. No downtime, my site loads super fast and i paid like $2/month because I had a coupon code. Honestly what more do people want for $2 month, hosting a website is hard enough without having to support thousands of users. I email their support about help i need with my actual website and get responses which help me develop my web building skills that shouldn’t be supported by the hosting company but these guys want to help and have helped me a lot.

I wanted to move from monthly billing to yearly ...

Nick Smith

Jul 20, 2009 12:46
Just wanted to let everyone know how good JustHost are. I have only been hosting their 3 months but just think they are a revelation for the webhosting industry. They take away the techy side and use a clean easy to use website, straight forward emails and help tutorials, and their support speaks on your level instead of making things too complicated. For the money there\'s nobody better around in my opinion.

I will keep you updated on their uptime and speeds over the following months.


Jul 17, 2009 05:14
A horrible experience. My website worked for less than twelve hours after I set it up. Now it doesn't work at all. It has been days since it worked and my emails are being ignored. I called their customer service number and was told that there was nothing that could be done. I would have to wait for several hours and then it might start working. Ha! The next days it is still not working. All of their promises were phony. Their customer service is a joke. The 99.9% uptime guarantee is a lie. I am going to have my bank put a stop on the payment.

Steve Clarke

Jul 16, 2009 07:49
Great web hosting firm with lots to offer small businesses and individual users. I started off by creating a simple site using their free site builder and been learning more and more ever since. Just host have helped me many times over the last year or so and i am a happy customer.

They use cPanel which isn’t used much by other UK hosts but I’m a big fan. It’s easy to use, has lots of features and fast. cPanel makes hosting easy.

So good web host with lots of features and the price is excellent.

Highly Recommended.


Jul 15, 2009 01:40
I used to be a just host customer. I signed for 6 months. It was hell on earth. Not a single day without a downtime. 5 days in a row with over than 3 hours downtime. I used the livechat line to explain the problem and sometimes they were answering me with the same copy-paste message. Other times I had to deal with somebody without even the basic English skills. I am not a native English speaker also, but when we talk about business I DEMAND the person in the line to be able to understand what I am typing and give an answer related to my questions. You don't have to be a language expert to achieve that, even my 80 years old granny talks better English than them.

I transfered my account to hostgator.com and I don't regret it. I send them complaints about their services and they t...


Jul 13, 2009 08:39
I found out quickly that their Pre-Sales team needs to brush up on the services they offer. I was told one thing during chat and then signed up only to find out certain features were not available - Not even at an extra charge. Since some of them (custom name servers for example) were important I canceled after only having my account for 30 minutes. Even though I only had the account for a short period of time and I was only canceling because their pre-sales team gave me incorrect information a full refund was not issued. This is just not right. Terrible business practice. If you are considering JustHost.com please make sure you verify and re-verify the features you require ahead of time.

Mark Gardner

Jul 09, 2009 10:46
When I first signed up with Justhost.com their technical support service would get back to me in a couple of hours. NOW? Where are they? The last two tech support tickets have never been answered. I have been waiting for 5 days and after two emails, still no response.

The price is good... Uptime is excellent. Everything else is fine.

However, it appears, Justhost.com just doesn't want to provide the customer service they promise in their ads.

They are dropping the ball on Customer Service
I hope they realize this will effect their business in the long run?

One other comment... why isn't their anyway to contact them by phone?
the 1-888-899-9518 number does not do anything but play music, then hang up on the caller.


Jul 09, 2009 12:36
I have been with JustHost now for around 4 months and I cannot say a bad word about them. I am a first time website holder and everyone I have spoken to within the comapny has been a great help. The sales team at sign up were incredibly thorough and ran me through everything I needed to know, and have even been able to help with some of my more technical queries...a very welcoming team.

I find the cPanel easy to use and the tech support team sort out any issues for you by simply raising an e-ticket. How could things be easier?! and all for £2.95 a month?! Great value, great team and a great host

Nolan Pike

Jul 08, 2009 05:57
After 7 days as a client I have not received any login information for my purchased site. After contacting support and billing numerous times with little or no response, I attempted to cancel. I have not heard from them yet. They appear unable or unwilling to respond to me for anything.

Sue Gardener

Jul 30, 2009 04:23
I'm new to hosting and have found Justhost very helpful in getting me started. I have been emailing their tech support for 3 days backwards and forwards and they have been emailing back fast and to the point. Just wanted to tell everyone how helpful they have been. Thanks.


Aug 14, 2009 12:45
I got through the site sign-up information but hit the BACK button to change some information and wham - I get an email charging my credit card. I did NOT verify, or submit to be charged this, they just scraped the info from the screen. So now they TELL me I will get partial credit (charged $20 for the domain, non--refundable). And you only can contact billing by email so they can ignore or reply back with non-sense till the cows come home. Got an email that the refund can take 7 days - we'll see, don't know why so long.

Now I am TRYING to get a valid authorization code to transfer the domain. No luck there either. JustHost is JustBad.

Ada Mustop

Aug 19, 2009 05:49
Just host have been hosting my site for over a week and the results are great. My little english makes communicating with support hard but I am fortunate in that support is not that neccessary with Justhost. Things are easy to find, site builder is easy to use and so far nothing has gone wrong for me.

I would like to host with justhost long time from now, 5 star web hosting for sure!


Jul 06, 2009 08:59
I just register with go host. With out any doubt they are the worst hosting provider in term of service and billing.

I register there but they my domain and password is missing. not in there server.

They charge me for six month with out any bill, confirmation and log in id.

It seem that money back guarantee will be out of the question.

if they did it to me they might do it to you to.

Discount offer is to good to be true.

For you people out there do not trust justhost.com, they are cheap and dishonest people, they suck bad.

Sienna Dicons

Oct 16, 2009 01:20
The best free hosting I have found! The web space and bandwidth limit are excellent. For the service they offer, and they do not put banners on your website. Moreover, it is very simple to use, and the help they provide has solved some hosting problems I used to have. I truly recommend this web hosting source.

Georg Raffeal

Oct 14, 2009 12:07
We have been with JustHost for a while now. They have provided extremely professional service, and zero downtime. My website runs extremely fast, and the e-mail setup by these guys far exceeds anything we've used in the past. And all this for next to nothing per month. My company will be using them for years to come! Thanks for the excellent quality service.


Oct 10, 2009 02:25
I signed up for 3 years after reading there sales page everthing was fine for the first few days then all of my sites went down im still waiting after 15 hours, support tell me that there is a server problem and should be fixed soon. Im still wating. After reading all of the bad reports here i dont think my sites will ever be online again. So i am getting in touch with paypal and asking them to look into this fraud of a company.

Cris Ronald

Oct 09, 2009 09:23
Super, this site has served me really well by having amazing upload time, an easy and functional graphical user interface, and superb service. JustHost is simply amazing!

Jincy Paul

Oct 08, 2009 09:25
I've never found any web host as cost effective and helpful as Justhost.com. Totally recommended. Very prompt response from support and sales queries.

A. Skeptic

Oct 05, 2009 01:56
I’ve been a customer for over six months now and have had terrible problems with JustHost's customer service, and their servers can be flaky. But here’s the worst of it. Read the Terms and Conditions… no, not there… no, a little lower… there, there you have it. Under CPU Usage, you see there is a limit of 50,000 files. What is that doing under “CPU Usage”?!?!? Believe it or not, it doesn’t take much at all to spend that 50,000. I migrated one of my sites from another host to JustHost because of the great big ads on the home page touting UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH, UNLIMITED GB OF SPACE! This was my second site with them, and I had the site up for well over a month. Then one day POOF! Content had been deleted, I received an email saying my account was in violation of their Terms of Service, an...

Russel Shaw

Oct 02, 2009 09:28
JustHost.com web hosting is excellent value for money, and they offer good support too.

I am running a non-profit site, and I have been hosting with them for a half of year, and I intend to renew my account with them. Prompt support and stable servers. I am very happy so far.

Brian Nash

Sep 26, 2009 02:06
I've shopped around for good quality hosting over the past couple of years and I can say for certain that Justhost.com are really hard to beat.

Usually immediate response on phone. Respond to email queries in less than 24hrs. I highly recommend them.

Nick Tully

Sep 24, 2009 10:27
I found lots of good reviews on JustHost and signed up with them just over 1.5 years ago and had no regrets. I would highly recommend JustHost as they provide super fast hosting packages and excellent customer support and service, which has helped me immensely.

Rebecca Dixon

Sep 22, 2009 11:00
We had a major server relocation which was communicated well ahead of time, and completed without significant disruption.

Would recommend any day.

Stephan Wessley

Sep 18, 2009 11:41
Very cost effective and user friendly solution. JustHost.com’s control panel makes site design and maintainance simple and enjoyable. No complaints so far.


Sep 17, 2009 08:31
I've been having problems with JustHost. Recently the server keeps going down. When I make it known to them they assure me that it will be rectified within a couple of hours. I've chased them for 2 days to no avail! When I speak to them via live support they just tell me to be patient and wait. I've also noticed that they have removed their toll free number and now I can't contact them via phone. I'm very unimpressed and will most definitely make the switch to a more reliable service provider.

Richard Boyle

Sep 16, 2009 01:53
Having had months of bad service from two other companies, JustHost.com came along and made everything right. Very friendly and professional staff helped us set up the new site without fuss. Top hosting, good server speed and value for money.


Sep 15, 2009 10:55
You may find it surprising because I am one who wouldn’t recommend justhost to anyone. Justhost is very unethical and thief! Justhost suspended my account with no warning and send me email with so little details. I had to email them request information about files back up, transfer domain, and domain dns. I had to bother them to get what I need from justhost. I felt like that justhost held my domains like a hostage. It should have emailed me with all details that I need to get all information to transfer along suspension email. It would save me from stress and calling justhost selfish. Justhost is like other hosting who treat other customers a crap!

The reason justhost suspended me is my website use more than 10% of cpu. It should have contact me and warn me first and resolve it ...

Denise Borders

Sep 14, 2009 11:00
Web hosting with just host has been a good experience since day 1 for me. I signed up 6 months ago when my contract with fatcow expired and im glad i made the switch. They made it very easy to transfer my site and offered me a deal which saves me $100 over 24 months. There support has been better and my site loads fast, these are main differences. Also i now use cPanel again which i much prefer. So good value and good hosting.

Joseph McFreeler

Sep 13, 2009 09:15
I was hosted with JustHost for a few months, but i did not like their service. i kept getting suspended and was just sick of their support.

reinder groote

Sep 04, 2009 06:37
The offer 3.95USD/month is a lie... europeans pay 3.95EURO/month.
Ebglish people have an other price, they do not have the same price for the same product.
I bought everything in USD but my VISA was charged in euroos... 3.95USD/ month > 3.95euro/month... extra domain 14.95USD > 14.95EURO
Still trying to get my money back.
Freeware awstats... not free with JustHost....
Webhostingpad 1.99 USD with free awstats and free domainprivacy.
Remove the justhost price... it is the price for americans only.

Yousuf Ahmed

Sep 01, 2009 02:26
I purchase a hosting from just host. The domain name is: http://bdhotnews.com & they are really provide poor service. Often they suspend my account due to over visitor. But,now I am using hostgator service & I have no problem. I use so many company hosting on my life. But,I think justhost & fasthost is two 3 grade hosting company who rank always top because of affiliates.
If you use justhost, you may know,they server of justhost is really slow. Besides,hosting quality really poor.

Marilyn Martin

Aug 31, 2009 03:03
Just Host is an awesome hosting company that has all the features one could ever think of to have in the cpanel. They offer so many options and their pricing is very reasonable. Since changing to their hosting my site is much faster, uptime is great and it is never slow loading pages. I am so happy with their services and I am glad I made the switch to them. The customer support I receive is excellent, response time is usually withing 30 minutes if I contact them via email, or live chat is very simple, quick and easy.


Aug 30, 2009 09:19
JUST HOST SUCKS!!! Yahoo is a little better, so I transferred back to Yahoo. To be honest, there are no such things as great webhosts. It's all based on opinions, and in my opinion JustHost lures people in with low low prices, but they charge you for customer service, they charge you for EVERYTHING you can think of....while bigger hosts like Yahoo will call you RIGHT BACK if you use the "Phone Call" feature on their "Contact Us" page. Just Host has no contact number and will not call you, they will only email you, and there's no telling when they will email you. When I requested a refund of my monies within their "deadline" time, they took a month to refund me my money when they said the refund would be issued immediately!!!

The cPanel for their...

John Annoni

Aug 29, 2009 09:58
I called justhost.com to have my websites and domains transferred to them. They started the process and kept asking for more money to do what they said they would in the beginning at the prices on their site. After two weeks of them doing nothing and telling me they could not transfer me and continuing to ask for more money, I said enough was enough. And I asked for a full refund, (like it says they would give on their site.) not only didn’t I get a refund, they could do nothing for me and kept our money.

We are a nonprofit organization that helps disadvantaged children. They basically STOLE from these children. I would NEVER Recommend them to ANYONE for anything. I am contacting the BBB and everyone that I can to let them know about their deceitful practices and totally inabilit...

LeRoy Olson

Aug 29, 2009 04:50
I signed with Just Host for a 6 month trial period in January 2009, Paid in full. Around or about the first of July I was notified that payment for another 6 months was due at which time I promptly notified them that I was dropping the account. Around the 8th of July they called me to discuss the reason I was closing my account, After our discussion they said thank you and the account would be closed. I checked my site around the 10 of July at( http://www.custommadekitchens.net ) and it was in fact closed.About a week later I start getting statements from them again. I try to call them and I get a message that all billing must be done by E-Mail. I tried to cancel again by E-Mail and they ask for my credit card number which I did not give. On August 26 I get an E-Mail stating that they h...

Veronique Carriere

Aug 20, 2009 06:39
Just Host have been great to me, I am French and struggle understanding very much about web hosting. Just host support is positive and site builder helps me A LOT!

Ian Abbott

Aug 19, 2009 12:52
I have hosted with Just Host from the beginning of this year and to day have had no problems using their services (asides from user error!). I am very new to web hosting and certainly I am still learning.

I began using Just host's web site builder and just recently I have started building my own site around a template. My site is going to look great once finished and I just know that when it comes to uploading it Just host staff will be as helpful as ever in getting my website live.

Alexis Durham

Jul 06, 2009 06:04
I have been a customer of justhost.com for a little over a month. My site has been down twice and each time for more than 72 hours. This time around it has been down for 4 days now and there is no fix in site. All my calls to the customer rep is futile and they do not pass on the phone to anyone else in the management.

There was a number listed in one of the emails that I called and it directly reaches a mailbox. The name on the email and the voicemail are different. Add to this the fact that every email I get, there is a new name. I am surprised that there are so many people working at justhost.com and I am unable to converse with them directly.

I would suggest you NOT to subscribe to just host at all.

Andrew Miles

Jul 06, 2009 12:42
Well maybe I'm not so lucky with Just Host justhost.com. All the unlimited space etc is worth nothing if the site is always down. During 2 weeks our site has been down 4 maybe 5 days. We have been on two different servers (shared hosting) so we can't be the only ones effected. Dedicated hosting costs maybe 300 euros depending on what you need, I'm paying 10 euros a month. Kind of expensive of the site doesn't work!

Just host sucks! How else could you possibly describe the uptime problems?

Here is the last reply I had

Dear Andrew,

Unfortunately we restored the latest backup we had.
We are very sorry that all your efforts and time spent in building the web site had gone away.

We will do everything possible to prevent such things in the future.

mario voiello

Oct 19, 2009 03:26
In 2 months of web hosting I got loads of issues: ftp troubles, email downtime, 505 and 404 errors, amazing slowness on page loading.
Ticket support will take so long delay that your ticket will pass from a staff to another and every time you need to explain your problem from the beginning (best case) or each of them will give you a different answer that does not help you to sort out the problem (worse case).
A complete failure.
I did wait a reasonable number of issues before asking a refund but billing support did not reply to my email (fortunately I signed for 6 months only so I cannot see the day where I'll leave Justhost.com)
For such a personal bad experience I cannot recommend Justhost.com hosting plans at all.


Apr 26, 2009 03:12
I have to say just host have been a revelation and a pleasure to host with. From the day I switched my hosting to them they have helped me. They assisted me transfer and upload my website and domain and any small problem their tech team have assisted with.

I run my website myself and am not the most technical. So having the just host tech team there to help has been great.

For the money you can’t go wrong, top hosting service.

aleksandr fomin

Apr 25, 2009 10:27
The worst hosting. People run away from this hosting! Blocked for exceeding the 10% CPU. They have a very weak computers, at the earliest opportunity, they try to block the account and varant only one - go to a dedicated server for $ 150 a month. I am very disappointed in this hosting is not advise those who value their time, sites, and calmness((((

Arnie Perez

Apr 22, 2009 09:30
To Whom It May Concern: Looking for someone to host your Website? Look no further. Justhost has made my life so much easier and the customer service I receive form them is amazing. You can't go wrong with this Company. Each and every time I call it's just such a great experience that I'm so happy that I picked them to host my Website. I look forward to many years with them being my host :). They are amazing! Thanks you!


Apr 11, 2009 10:56
GO Just Host, Go!

Great value for hosting package - Got a few additional add-ons.
Really pleasant and helpful support to guide me through to difficults stuff (Novice)

One of the lowest priced on for hosting I have seen - I took the 36 month plan to get
the best price, but the have a month to month plan too. Really pleased I made the leap
from other Rip-Off merchants with no support whatsoever!

Sam Middleton

Apr 07, 2009 12:44
Just host are not only one of the best website hosts around the world but now they are one of the cheapest! Just host has my current and future business hands down.

Michael MacDonald

Apr 07, 2009 12:30
Really impressed with the service provided by Just Host, am quite new to hosting and didn't expect much help from a host thanks to my last one, but they've been really helpful with my queries and support email reponse time was a lot quicker than I'm used to. Found the site builder easy to use and control panel great as cpanel is the only one I've used before so real bonus. Don't think I'll be going anywhere new for a while.


Apr 02, 2009 12:25
Absolute crap!! I am VERY sorry I went with JustHost. Frequent downtime, hours of waiting before tickets are answered, multiple "accidental" charges for the same period of hosting. I'm moving hosts after the latest debacle where they kept taking my sites down for non-payment (yeah, there's a message I want displayed to my users) when I had already been charged by them MULTIPLE TIMES for the month. Awful awful awful, NEVER use them!!


Mar 24, 2009 11:10
I read positive reviews and decided to sign-up. When I called either Sales or Support I had to go on hold FOREVER! Their phone system didn't work correctly so I finally sent an email. The reply came quickly enough (<1 day) but the English was severely fractured to the point of being nearly unintelligible. They apparently have only a very few phone stations so had I stayed it could have literally been FOREVER! After reading all these bad reviews my bad experience seems to have been confirmed, so it looks like I'm better off to go elsewhere. I'm suspect many of the good reviews are "salted", put up on their own specially created "review" sites by their employees and friends. I'll keep looking for a host to trust.

m. o.

Mar 20, 2009 06:29
i am on my 3rd week of service with just host. from day 1, it has been a challenge.

1. i purchased their premium service to get 3 domains for free. every time it tried to register more than one, their control service tried to charge me $14.99.
- i contacted support immediately; they sent me to billing
- billing took *Two Weeks* to respond
- after 2 days, they set me up with three domains - so total of 14 business days
2. i had to pay extra for ssh -- and scp doesn't work
3. i am on week 3 of trying to get ssl set up.
-self-signed certs through their cpanel failed
-i requested an upgrade for static ip and private cert
- after 1 week, i was told that i hadn't paid for ip -- although i had an invoice (i.e., their system forgot to charge me)
- afte...


Mar 19, 2009 09:23
worst possible customer service ever. it took a whole day, 3 hours of live chat with a tard tech-until they told me to put in a ticket at their support-then come to find out that I need youtube to post any sort of movies on my site...pathetic. they are thieves and if i would have read these reviews beforehand I would have never subsribed. the tecgh actually told me to hire a web developer ROFL what a buncha theives!

Vejay Rampur

Mar 16, 2009 07:07
I dont see what all the fuss is about - Just host have given me all that I asked - Cheap Relaible, Hassle Free Hosting with Great Live and Email Support. They even transferred my old site (complete) from "Horrible Go Daddy " for a one off fee. Well worth it.
I read other reviews and think to me self - Boy, oh Boy! Some people need to get our more!
Give them a try, by far the best bang for your buck - and that what we all want - Right?


Mar 08, 2009 11:51
JustHost.com is horriable! They make a lot of promises and never follow through with them. I purchased a SSL cert from them, they told me it would be "A few hours" before it got installed. It is now 3 days later and the support department keeps telling me to submit a ticket, I already have 3 tickets in about it. I dont know how many I am suppose to do??? The customer service is horriable, they lie alot tell you they are certified and never give you the prof. to get to a upper level support personel you have to email [email protected] and they never get back to you in the time they say.

Tashrifa Zaman

Feb 23, 2009 06:47
I read so many review Just host is a super company.After purchase hosting,when,some visitor (99 visitor at a time) open my site,they close my site & inform me,for CPU overloading my site is suspended!What a shame!This site not oepn for everywhere.So many people complain,this hosting not open from everywhere!I am sure just host is a cheater company when some affiliates of JUST HOST(CJ Affiliates) inform me,they never pay their affiliates.They just pay some fixed people who marketing their product.Actually,if you want to take world no 1 3rd class hosting,you can choose Just Host!So,now its up to you.


Feb 18, 2009 12:17
OK so I have been with Justhost for 5 days. Today I go to edit my blog and its down. All justhost is down. My online store website is DOWN. I have not yet spent any money on adwords, thankfully! I will take them up on their 30 day offer and go find someone more reliable. Pity I didn't find this website when I was doing some research on these guys.


Feb 14, 2009 04:12
Well I am a bit surprised at the bad reviews..But what popular web host doesn't have bad reviews? I've been with Bravenet..too expensive, but great host/uptime. Dreamhost..to expensive (but good people), Cirtex - went down almost every other day, though it seems they fixed there downtime, but the staff was not too friendly (or at least there English was a bit off).

I like JustHost because of the support. You send a ticket and 3-5 minutes you receive a response. I've never called them. Downtime has been minimal, maybe once a month for 5-10 minutes. I say go with this host if you have big social networks, lots of wordpress blogs and so forth because its just as good as the more expensive ones.

Ernest Loyer

Feb 13, 2009 03:34
NO WAY JUSTHOST.com is #1! One of the cheapest, yes. JustHost.com is the worst hosting company around. As I write this, all my company (small shop) is down. This is the 4th time in 1 month. When you call them, they only have people answering simplistic questions beyond askig them for you actual IP Address, it will get esulated and they will get back to you (they NEVER do)! I have have space on another hosting company and they were only down 2x in 6 years! I heading back.

Rob Clemes

Feb 07, 2009 08:17
I’ve been with Justhost for only a short while (a matter of weeks) and am finding them to be very unreliable. 3 times in the last week my server has been unavailable; each time I contact support, they say it is due to server maintenance. It’s down now, and has been down for over 1 hour; they cannot say how long it will take to sort out. I have an account with another webhost, and have never experienced such problems in over 4 years with them ! I’m beginning to see why Justhost is so cheap.


Feb 04, 2009 05:38
JustHost.com is terrible! How can they be rated number one? I have called and emailed over 15 times since signing up two days ago and they have been terrible at responding to me and absolutely useless when I actually get someone on the line. They don't speak ANY english and can't answer ANY of my questions. Whether I email billing, support or sales, I get the same automated responses, time and time again. I'm now trying to get my money refunded after only two days and it's like a nightmare. They promise a money-back guarantee, but keep ignoring my requests to cancel!

Teri E. McRae

Jan 30, 2009 02:24
Just Host provided me with HORRIBLE SERVICE and is killing my business. I started with them based on good reviews. I couldn't get basic questions answered on how to set up my web site - VERY BAD HELP AND CUSTOMER SERVICE.

So - I switched to Yahoo where my web developer friend was more comfortable. I had to call and email 5 times to get the cancellation done and now they WON'T REDELEGATE MY DOMAIN NAME. This is stopping me from setting the new one up.

Their customer service and support are the worst - DON'T USE THEM - you deserve better. I know I am sorry I did.


Jan 26, 2009 06:54
I didn't host there,
I just saw a million web pages promoting them and saying that you would not find any bad feedback about them . (Of course those web pages took you to an affiliate link to sign up for JustHost .)

Yet here is some negative feedback. I wonder if, no matter what company you host with, there is a chance that something can go wrong? You know, like going out to eat and getting bad service.

Anywho just thought I would throw my 2 cents in.


Jan 21, 2009 08:07
Justhost keep billing me at the same item for 4th time less in 20 days setup. Their billing system is a mass. Their support is useless.
Noone should do business with them.


Jan 21, 2009 12:58


on this 4 months i had them, mysql server kepts going down, and i had problems almost everyday


Jan 07, 2009 07:40
Just Host is the best hosting site I've encountered in every category, especially in customer service. Their CS dept. has been fast and very informative as well as easy to deal with.

Robert Oliver

Apr 27, 2009 03:52
Just Host have been great to me so far. I have bombarded their support team with questions and they have been really helpful.

My site is nearly ready to go and so placed Just Host have made it so easy for me. Just wanted to recommend them to anyone looking to start a new website.


Apr 28, 2009 06:47
TERRIBLE HOST. Don't be fooled by their supposedly low price. Trouble from day 1 and definitely not worth it. How much is your time worth? Do you want to spend all of your time arguing with the staff? I regret not paying more and choosing another service.

PS. Do the positive reviews seem a bit fake to you?


May 01, 2009 01:04
What can i say JUSTHOST.COM is being brilliant so far. As i have experienced very bad customer service in the past, but with JUSTHOST.COM all goes very smoothly.

I would 100% recommend justhost.com, any question you can email me on the above email address.


May 01, 2009 12:05
You get what you pay for! Nothing but trouble! Check the fine print about CPU usage, run a few blogs and your in trouble. Wanna buy dedicated hosting? What a con!

The positive reviews appear to be salted by employees and friends

Time to look for a more reliable host. Steer clear of Just Host!

T Cliffton

Jul 05, 2009 08:22
I'm very surprised by the comments about outages and support response times. I've never had any downtime with Just Host so it sounds like it must have only been a very small amount of customers if there was a server problem. I also think support's reply times have got much better, especially their billing dept which has really reassured me that I'm with a top host.

Neil Whitford

Jul 05, 2009 02:29
Like Diane below I have suffered three server outages in less than a month. I have lost a whole month's productivity as I have rebuilt my website almost from scratch 3 times. After the second outage I subscribed to the Daily Backup facility, but now when I need the site restored after the 3rd outage it seems that haven't implemented it. I am now faced with starting my site from scratch again for the fourth time. It will be on a different host though.

Diane Franks

Jul 04, 2009 07:21
In around 5 weeks server was down three times. First for couple hours. Second time for over 2 days, third time (today) I noticed it was down at 6.30am and is still down at 17.20pm. This is with three different servers they put me on and each one has gone down. Latest due to outage at DC and the HDD couldnt be restored with RAID. To have one server go down is one thing, but to have three different ones (server 63, 80 and 85) in around a month is just not acceptable. I have asked for refund.


Jul 04, 2009 01:53
The customer service in Technical Support is dropping. They were fast, usually 1 hour or less in the beginning of my service. Now I have not heard from them on a current problem ticket for over 48 hours.

Chris Jackson

Jul 01, 2009 10:08
Just Host is the best hosting company I have ever worked with. I have been setting up websites since 1997 and usually jump from host to host. This is the first time I have found a hosting company that I will use forever. The support is excellent, and servers are outstanding. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a host.

Pissed Off

Jun 26, 2009 07:26
Just Host is absolutely the worst webhosting I have ever witnessed and I’ve had a few. I have been with Just Host for 17 days now with 8 outages that I know of. Over the last 36 hours my sites have been online about 4 to 5 hours.

Apparently MY web server, Web63, has had some problems so they were migrating over to Web80 so… then Web80 starts crashing and… Now, on their website they have the following: - “Just Host's reliability is guaranteed due in part to our unique load balancing technology and super fast backbone connections. With load balancing, your site is available from multiple servers, so if one server becomes unavailable, your site will still be live on the other server, virtually eliminating site downtime. Well THAT’s A LIE! That is a flat out lie. My websites are on O...


Jun 20, 2009 06:12
I signed up a 3 year hosting plan with just host, never received my login info. A week now I have had no response outside their auto-responder. I am going to contact california attorney general's office and file a consumer complaint as well as request an investigation into criminal charges. Then I'm going to contact the US Attorney's office and do the same. I believe they are committing crimes and by the number of complaints here it amounts to quiet a large amount. i have become their victim as well as many of you that have posted horror stories of this company. Give your voice to law enforcement and Dept of Justice, both state and federal.

Ian Champ

Jun 11, 2009 01:26
Decided on JustHost for my new e-business and have regretted it ever since! I had sooo many problems in the early days just getting 2 sub domains up and running - the support sucks big time - they write to you as though you are a complete propeller head like they are. When you get frustrated, suddenly things start working and they send you the user name and password they have failed to explain to you. To add a subscribe page took 2 weeks!
Recently decided to go in and edit one of my sites. Could not change text format, or size, although underline and bold worked. Support said use rvsitebuilder (new feature) and that was even worse. They kept adding text to prove it was working but I could only chnage font once, and then not at all and could not change size.
At one point I receive...

Ryan Matthews

Jun 05, 2009 06:54
I read all of the bad reviews for Just Host web hosting, so decided to steer clear of them. Instead i chose Host Clear...though I had a concern that the website looked a little like Just Host. I contacted the Host Clear helpdesk and asked them and they told me that had no connections whatsoever to Just Host...this is a blatant lie (as I found out later).

Host Clear and Just Host are one and the same company.

I placed an order with Host Clear and they notified me that my order had failed, so I placed a second order. They then took the money from both orders, therefore charging me double.

I have been trying to no avail to get a refund for one of the orders. But there is no one to talk to, just just have to e-mail them. They then give you the run around...so if...


Jun 05, 2009 02:56
all of their yankee techs cant read, they all seem to be brainless wannabee techie morons, when you have a problem they give you very vague suggestions of how to fix their hosting problems rather than attempt to fix them thereselves, they all need to either have their eyes tested or invest in some magnified glasses, then go and get brain transplants from individuals that actually have a brain! so that hopefully they might be able to understand the help tickets that are sent to them, and then actually fix their clients problems.

Signed Disgruntled West Auussie Client..............................but not for long unless they change very soon!!!!

Graham Doughty

Jun 04, 2009 01:09
I'm new to hosting and wasn't quite sure what to expect, but after placing my order with Just Host and then getting a call from them to confirm my order and see if I had any questions I knew straight away I'd picked the right host. I've already upgraded my month plan to their 24 month plan at a great price as I know they're going to provide great customer service.


Jul 06, 2009 04:05
Terrible host. It could not be worse. Downtime more than 5 times per week. Almost once per day. The traffic of my site has dropped dramatically and I work with music promotions. Recession is under way and this is the worst time to trust those crooks called justhost. Disaster... total nightmare.

Why I hate them so much? Because when the downtime came back, all the files of my account have been deleted. The customer service don't know how and why! Three months work and that's all I got, start from zero again. My business has totally collapsed. I will hate them forever.


Jodie Irish

May 31, 2009 03:27
I moved to JustHost a few months back and have found them great so far. Support has been excellent in helping me set up my own website and blog. The justhost site builder is simple to use and my plan is only costing $3.95 a month which i think its worth just for the support to create my website.


May 21, 2009 05:19
In the past i have host my website www.autobamm.com on the justhost.com servers.
After few month one of their's servers was down because technical problems.
My website was down also, the same my business. At that moment i was thought it is about few hours problem... but after 2-3 days i contact them... after 48 hours i was able to acces my website, but...
1. My forum was the first version... no other improved version was found on theirs servers
2. My userlist database was lost (about 400 users)
3. More then 17GB of important files was lost
4. I've contact customer service more than 6 times (Luke, Lindsay, Ana, Kevin, etc) and each time i've told my story.
I was asking the company to pay my guy who has made the forum with 300 euro, ano...

Nathan W Carlson

May 19, 2009 08:40
These guys are terrible...first they had a "hard drive failure" that wiped out my website. Did I get any email from them or any notification saying hey your website may have been affected? NO! I just discovered it the same day we were launching a new advertising campaign that would drive people to our website! TOTAL FAIL...then when I submitted a ticket and asked for them to restore my back up files, they restored a copy that was 2 months old. That was just as bad...I have spent hours and hours dealing with these guys and it's driving me nuts. Now I'm waiting (two days now) to get my Authorization to transfer my website. I've tried emailing...I've called a 1888 number I found they had registered and then it just hangs up on you after 2 minutes.



May 19, 2009 01:34
JustHost are a fantastic web hosting company. Unlike some of the others I have tried over the years, JustHost actually help their customers by offering a fast, reliable service with good tech support. I also found that JustHost are pretty much the cheapest leading host around and this includes there account extras they offer like private SSL certificates and dedicated IPs.

Thank webhostingstuff for recommending me to JustHost.


May 14, 2009 10:26
Schmucks. They advertise the world including $3.95 monthly hosting but they don't tell you that you have to sign a three year commitment and pay $142 up front to qualify. There's no asterisk on their bold homepage promo to inform you that you need to do these things to get the low rate. When I called this to the attention of the rep in the chat, "Henry" hung up on me. Literally said good bye and closed the chat window. Also, I asked them why they weren't listed in ICANN's list of registrars and he told me that they were. Go ahead. Look it up. They're not. He told me that he'd send me their accredidation information via email. That's been three hours ago. No email. Something's fishy with these guys. Very fishy.

Jan Z

May 08, 2009 03:56
I applied for service 45 hours ago and all I got is confirmation from my bank that 45 hours ago money left my account.
I contacted customer service after 24 hours and after 32 hours and they asked me to email billing.so I will get setup instantenuouslly. I did it already twice and ad I am waiting ... waiting.
Tomorrow after about 60 hours I am going to cancel my service.
From other posts I see I will recover only part of my money.
Is it just host or just hoax?

How the service gets positive reviews when it is impossible to sign for it?
It looks the only instanteous thing with this dervice is money withdrawal from custommer account.

-- Jan


May 08, 2009 02:39
It has been a pleasure to host with Justhost so far.


May 08, 2009 02:35
Best hosting site i have ever chosen but not the cheapest. Anyway the important thing is you do get what you pay for with justhost, not like other web hosting sites such as UK2, 123-reg OH do host with them please, becasue you will have to wait two days for a password to be emailed to you if you host with UK2.net??!!!

I would recommend justhost to a friend

karen massengill

May 07, 2009 03:33
I selected JUSTHOST back in Dec.2008.I was new and told them I would need lots of help in setting up my acountstead i got exactly the opposite.I sent in support request, I called; all to no avail!!After they got my money they were gone!! Sothis is just a warning JUSTHOST IS JUST A WASTE OF YOUR MONEY!!!

Simon Fisher

May 07, 2009 03:06
Just Host have been a really impressive host so far, I'm new to web hosting and all my questions have been answered quickly and simply so I can understand and don't then need to ask more. The features are really impressive too as they do provide you with everything you could possibly need to build your site, the site builder in particular was a massive help.


May 04, 2009 01:01
All the positive reviews sound like they are written by the same 2 or 3 people and none of them learned english completely. I am avoiding them just because of that alone


May 01, 2009 12:17
An absolute joke - "specialise in customer satisfaction" - yeah right!

The muppets on the phone can provide no answers, emails are IGNORED and no help provided. I signed up for this service 1 week ago and as yet have received no details on login's passwords or receipts of payment despite the fact the money has left my bank.

AVOID this shower of sh1te


May 22, 2009 01:51
On May 9, I signed up for service with Justhost.Com.

On my first day with Justhost, I started to learn that most of the statements on their site are false. Please look at this link on their site http://www.justhost.com/guarantees. Within that link, they claim, "We guarantee that you will be able to reach us and speak with a real human being, someone who speaks English and can answer your questions, fix your problems and help you resolve your issues." This is a FRAUD. All members of their support team I have talked to do not speak good English and cannot help you resolve any issue. They are only there to advise you to send an email, which is usually answered about 6 hours later.

The money back guarantee is a fraud. For cancellation, you have to send them an email,...


Oct 20, 2009 02:59
Was a complete desaster my relation with just host.All the other webhostings are better than justhost ( even the free ones !!).
The support was terible , I needed to wait more than 24 hrs for a reply,the live support its only for the childs !!!I sow the offer in US Dollars , and I paid in Euros WITHOUT CONVERSION !!!
Stay away from justhost , its the biggest SCAM hosting I ever seen !!!


Oct 15, 2009 11:15
Justhosh.com Sucks and Fraud.

I have been with then for over 3 months and first the issue is the server keeps going down and then the name server has allways issues with domains and keeps not responding. Few weeks back all the domains go hacked and no response from justhost.com and just today I came to my homepage and went to a landing page and when I asked why, they told me that its a hard drive issue. Lost all my emails and now lost all my content. One of the worst hosting company

Archie Lorrens

Oct 23, 2009 11:47
I've really had no issues with JustHost to mention, I have the account which includes just about anything you could need. They provide installers in their control panel for WordPress which has been useful for setting up a blog. I use MySQL and PHP on my site and it all just works out-of-the-box. Good points. Being able to install wordpress with a one click install. Spam filtering works well.


Jan 11, 2011 06:39
very bad service! Can't get support over the phone (endless music). E-mail communication with billing and cancellation is difficult. I didn't use the service, because the domain name given is wrong. Yet they charge big fees to cancel. False guarantees! Be careful with this company!

James Bong

Jan 09, 2011 08:53
PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM JUSTHOST.COM, JustHost.com sucks and thats all I can say, I decided to transfer my site from JustHost and guess what? they did not allow it and instead they give too much excuses. Why I want to transfer? because they always shutdown my site due to what they called 10% CPU usage, yes you got unlimited bandwidth as they advertise but if there is more visitor to your site then the site will consume more CPU and they will shutdown your site immediately and they will going to offer you a bullshit upgrade for $149 and if your don't want to upgrade then your account will be permanently suspended and the next thing you will do is to pray that they will do some refund.

Elijah Woods

Jan 07, 2011 12:00
Wow. The support at justhost is awful. I have had problems with their tutorials having incorrect information and it seems that anytime I tell them that I need help understanding one of their turtorials or a function of their sitebuilder that I'm told that they can't help me with anything that has to do with building my website. Today I was told that I needed a webdeveloper or a programmer to write a 'new code' because their tutorial used a pop-up for adding a link that does not exist on sitebuilder when you follow their instructions. Just...WOW.

John Heckers

Jan 06, 2011 07:11
We have a dedicated server on Just Host. We have had continual problems for 6 months now. We have been down now for 16 hours, and cannot get Just Host to fix the problem, which is an unreliable server. We have called their "tech (lack of) support" and have asked to speak to a supervisor, but were denied as they were "all in a meeting." We were promised a prompt call back, but, two hours later, have not received one. We doubt the incompetent tech, Lisa, delivered the message.

DO NOT use Just Host for ANY mission critical sites. It will cost your business money!

Rein Magazine

Dec 31, 2010 08:57
I am seriously urging anyone who thinks of looking into JustHost to look elsewhere, anywhere.
JustHost dipped into my bank through PayPal although they had no invoice outstanding for Six months.
I asked them repeatedly what was the charge for; for over a week.
After no reply, PayPal suggested that they launch an investigation as perhaps my account was hacked.

I did so.
Suddenly, I get a refund from JustHost and my account was cancelled.
They are vindictive and unprofessional.
I've lost many emails throughout this mess and who know how many clients.
I rue the day I ever signed up.
I am in the process of moving to inmotion who has the best reviews on the web.
Any good reviews of Just'hoax', imo, are posted by parties who are in some way c...


Dec 21, 2010 02:58
First year was like honeymoon. Then there was the renewal. Their price raised like a rocket! I thought it was the same for everyone and it was end of the year, so I let it go. Second to third year renewal things got ugly: Two weeks BEFORE due date I started getting 'threatening' emails like "If you don't pay, your website will be terminated". That upset me so much I sent emails telling them I was NOT going to renew and in fact I transferred my domain to another web host. Then I got an email saying "Thank you for your payment". What payment? I hadn't authorized any!!! Then I got other emails saying they were sorry I wanted to cancel and offered me three months free. Nothing free there! I latter found out they had indeed charged my credit card for renewal despite me sa...


Dec 06, 2010 02:51
I've had the worst experience with JushHost. I bought their service once - the price is really good. After that I spent 2 days on trying to make it work their cPannel. Several people from their support crew could not help me out. Lots of phone calls, hours spent on their chat, many emails - nothing, the cPannel didn't work on my PC. And everytime you speak with a different person. Finally I decided to cancel the service after 2 days of NOT using it. I've got a refund, sure but $30 less then I paid for it. People read the fine print on their agreement! They claim money back guaranteed - well that is BS because you won't get all the money back. Finally ordered service @ iPage. No problems so far and everything works smooth.

Ricardo Owen

Nov 02, 2010 05:24
I only like the price, but the customer support is really worst. You must think twice to start business with them. I have found another provider, called http://www.asphostportal.com. I have hosted with them for about 7 months. Price is higher than justhost, but the support 10 times better than justhost. REALLY RECOMMENDED


Oct 16, 2010 08:14
I was looking around for a good web host where I could place a dating site, Emeeting... on datingscripts.co.uk it says you can use JustHost and links to a page that suggest you only need to pay a reasonable monthly fee for unlimited everything.

After less than 48 hours, they suspended my account saying I was using up system resources and if I upgrade to a better plan they will refund the full amount.

This is a really big joke, JustHost seems to be a scam people, watch the hell out!

David Wiedeman

Oct 16, 2010 03:36
Just Host is absolutely worthless EXCEPT for it's pricing. They are FAR AND ABOVE the cheapest hosting around. I'm on a reseller plan for ~$15/mo, find that anywhere else. BUT and this is a BIG BUT. They have the absolute WORST service imaginable. I filed complaints with the BBB, in-house supervisors, continually disputed charges with my bank. I have wasted enough time dealing with them that the cost of doing business with them is even with the rest of the playing field now...

They first signed me up for a European reseller account (I'm American and my company and I live in the USA) for ~23/mo. EUR. That's over $30/mo. So after talking to customer service, billing, everyone for months and no one would adjust my rate. I just backed up, canceled and signed up for a new plan. Wonder...


Oct 15, 2010 08:22
First of all i would like to rate STREAMLINE.NET 0 ZERO Stars if i may, Thank you !!!

This company is an absolute waste of money and time and i do not recomend it to anyone since you will regret it so much. I have had continuous problems with the websites displaying properly , the email adressess not working properly and once you register a domain YOU WONT BE ABLE TO TRANSFER IT FROM THEM as this is their way to keep customers stuck with them so they can scanvenge on you and drive you mad and insane.

If you do your research you will see that a loot of people agree with this statements and have experienced simmilar issues therefore please learn from other people's mistakes and do not use streamline.net to host your websites.

Sep 25, 2010 07:18
the customer service is bad because it's useless. The epanel system is very poor, no computer remote. bad service.Also, when you want to cancel the plan, no matter what you have to pay $20 for the domain name. NOT 100% full refund. Be carefull.

Sep 19, 2010 05:24

Nick M

Sep 19, 2010 12:23
DO NOT GO with JUST HOST. They have low prices for one reason. They Suck and ripp off people left and right. They never pick up their phone for issues regarding accounting or billing.

Useless. Do not waste you time! Its a bigger headache then its worth.


Sep 03, 2010 07:31
I called and they were helpful....at first. I paid an extra $50.00 to have them transfer the site from the current owners server. I paid a total of $169.47 to them today and received nothing in return but aggravation. They told me that I would receive an email in 3 hours with instructions that I was to forward to the current owner so that he could provide the needed information for a transfer. It is now over 8 hours later and still no email with instructions.

They do not answer their phones, I was on hold for a total of 1 1/2 hours. Strange that when I called using my husbands cell phone (they don't have that number on record) they answered right away, caller ID is so inconvenient, sometimes! Their chat is useless, each person promises to help but tries to sooth you into not can...


Aug 24, 2010 09:38
I have a reseller account with justhost, and lately I've been experiencing a lot of technical issues. I found out today (8/24/2010), one of my eCommerce site has disappeared?? I logged into my Cpanel, and noticed all the files was removed, and the language was in Arabic (What the hell!!). I have been back and forth with justhost, and they have been giving me lame excuses about a trojan virus, or someone hacked into my site. The funny thing is, all my other sites was left except for the one and only site that got hacked. My eCommerce site had a rich audio content, and now all of them have been stolen or removed.

After reading the reviews here, I am very concerned about the rest of my websites, and can't help but to look into cancelling my account with justhost. I have worked so h...

Ihab Sakla

Aug 23, 2010 05:21
I paid $9 for that domain on 04-19-10 charged to my credit card.
I paid also $239.88 for my hosting package on 04-23-10 charged to my credit card.
When I requested to cancel my account, I was told that I'll get my money back refunded in full, that's why I said I don't need the domain.
I got $239.88 refunded back to my credit card on 04-24-10 and never got the $9 back.
When I called by phone, they said the domain will be transferred after the 45 days of registration.
After 45 days the domain never got transferred and never got my money back.


Aug 15, 2010 11:47
I read a couple of good reviews about JustHost.com and decided to try them for two new websites I was putting up. I wish I would have read more reviews. After signing up and having massive problems, I began wasting my time trying to receive support. Their support department is the biggest joke I have ever seen. With my other webhosts, I usually receive great customer support in just a few hours! Not with JustHost.com!

After two days of trying to get support, I emailed their billing department to cancel my service. I was assured I would be refunded within 7 to 10 days. I then went back into their site and formally canceled my account. That was July 26, 2010. Today is August 15 and I am still waiting.

I have emailed JustHost four different times since July 26. Eac...

Aug 06, 2010 07:02
Wouldn't even mention I had to ask them to install WHMCS for me, and that took a whole day. Didn't refund my 1 month payment, Took ages to tell me the info about the servers, and customer services was straight up awful. And when I asked them to refund, they just closed my account, I had still around 25 days of Subscribed time left. Straight up awful company!

Rick Fernandez

Jul 13, 2010 05:44
Recently I had joined justhost.com and I think that they should rename to justhoax.com . First of all, if you have never been a member, you need to understand how their hosting plans offers work.

When you visit their site for pricing information, you are shown the first set of prices. If you choose not to sign up with them, when you try to leave their website, you get a pop up message that offers you 20% discount. If you click no to their offer and you wish to still navigate away from their site, then a second pop up comes up with a 50% discount offer. The reason I am telling you this is because they could had very easily just given you their best price but they want to see if they can get you for the first price. Kind of like a Car Dealership approach. More importantly, it sho...

Lisa Shroff

Oct 21, 2009 02:09
I have several websites hosted with JustHost. They have an easy site builder tool which is brilliant. As a total beginner I was able to create a professional looking site with complete ease.

Using their tools I have now set up my own domain website hosted by JustHost. I highly recommend JustHost to anyone who wants better service and value for money.


Jul 06, 2010 04:06
Beware of FRAUD with this company. I was with them and wanted to cancel at the end of my year. The sent me an invoice in which they had auto billed me. I tried to get a hold of anyone to respond to cancel my account immediately and it was IMPOSSIBLE. Site is SOOO confusing. Now I have to pay for the 2nd year and can't even afford to. These guys are committing fraud! I cannot delete my billing info or turn off auto billing! I guess I have to wait til my credit card finally expires.... THEY SUCK!

Poker knave

Jul 05, 2010 12:55
At first they were great, then things started to happen like recieving an email saying I was chosen for some special treatment because the website really impressed the CEO who I believe to be Brooke Bryan.

I refused their offer and thought it was funny to be chosen as a very good website and then to be charged for 'winning' favoured website of the month/year.

Then they suspended my account because it recieved too many visitors/used too much cpu/wordpress needed optimising! They then offered me another website host who would charge nearly 100 times the cost and just so happen to be owned by - just host.com!

After much argument the unsuspended my account and then suspended it again claiming that I used too much CPU but this time they wanted me away with half my money...


Jan 27, 2011 10:33

I have several websites on multiple host, and I have never had any of my websites hacked until just host. With them a year hacked 7 times, almost once a month.


Website hacked constantly. It got to be so comical I had to wipe and reinstall my website almost every month.
If you are dumb enough to go with them or out for the challenge -


Jan 28, 2011 08:57
Added services that I unselected. the guarantee refund is not what you think. The services that I unselected and was charged for anyway is non refundable. To find that stipulation I had to go to their site map and look up the terms and conditions. 3/4 the way down in tiny writing it says that the add-ons are non refundable. In each screen it show guarantee refund but that fine print which by the way I did not see cost my 160.00. I had multiple problems signing on to my control panel. would have to call for reset because the reset request online never worked. The whole system and the site builder is not user friendly.


Feb 13, 2011 02:09
Where to start? My site went down, for no reason. JH kept telling me it was my fault, when it wasn't. It took a week for them to fix it.

When it came time to auto-renew my domain, they didn't renew my second domain that I had registered with them. They were synonym domains, so almost identical. It took 3 chat sessions, 1 call and 54 emails for them to get that right. I was told I was not being reasonable! Their support is developing nation call centre and English is obviously not a priority. When I called and demanded to speak to a supervisor I was told there aren't any that ever take calls.

I kept getting told by billing it was a technical issue and by the technicians (if you can call them that) that it was a billing issue. I ended up sending every email to both.


sophie burgess

Mar 18, 2011 08:08
Just Host, EXACTLY!!! Thats all they can do! Any questions they cant answer,control panel dont work correctly, refunds are a nightmare process. Just Host, Just Crap!!!

Dec 05, 2018 07:45
They suck you in with the high discounts for new services and domains then gouge you in renewals. When I tried to transfer my domain to another web hosting service they froze the domain for 60 days (and it will expire before that 60 days is up so they're basically saying that I must either let my domain expire or renew with them).

I will never pay another cent to justhost.com

Sep 18, 2018 03:38
Very bad service, hosting is suspended supposedly because malware infected files and when you contact chat support the assistance is so bad that they even give you incorrect instructions about how to delete the "infected" files.
I have contacted and requested to begin from zero, deleting all the files, they affirmed the page will be working again, but even so my page continue suspended.

Jul 10, 2017 05:02
After 12 years JustHost has become a scam
I have been with JustHost for over 12 years. When I started the price was cheap and the services great. What originally cost me under $35 a year now cost me over $100 dollars. This year they started shutting down my site claiming there was malware on it. They would send me a list of files that were infected and not one would be infected. Even though they were not infected they would not put my site back up unless I deleted the files. Each time they told me I could prevent this by spending hundreds on site lock. I finally switched hosting companies 3 months ago. I now get my hosting again for under $35 a year and not have my site down for days at a time because of false...


Oct 05, 2014 11:46
Justhost.Com is a swindler they steal money from peoples
Justhost.Com is a swindler they steal money from peoples,
yes just get payment from you and deactive your account a few hours later,

Do not buy from JustHost.com,


Oct 30, 2012 11:26
JustHost has good service
I like JustHost service. They expanded service and number of servers last year (I think).
I'll pay for another 4 years, for sure.


Oct 11, 2012 12:24
JustHost isn't the best
I used JustHost web hosting service but decided to move my website to another hosting provider because the site went down from time to time and JustHost's support couldn't solve the problem. I assume it could be some routing related issue. Anyway, when I moved my website altaorhotel.ru to myidealhost.com provider the problem disappeared. So now I am totally satisifed and hope they will provide so great service in the future too.


Aug 15, 2012 08:16
Justhost failed to register my domain name
Having paid for justhost.com to transfer my domain name to me - and then renewed the transfer a year later, we have discovered that justhost.com failed to register the domain name and it is now registered to another party who is setting up a website using the same brand name. That means three years' work setting up an ecommerce business is about to go down the drain. Justhost's response is 'oh, sorry, nothing we can do, we'll refund the domain name hosting fee'. That's outrageous.


Jul 17, 2012 05:51
Just Host is unreliable!
This hosting company has a wonderful call centre, very polite people talking to you, very well trained but when you have a real problem, for example, your emails and website have been disconnected, taken off line because THEY made a mistake and have not told you about it, somehow, nobody can help you after hours. Sorry Madam, you're on the other side of the world so frankly, you'll have to wait until our offices in the US come back to work. And forget about trying to speak to a Manager, reponsible person... no can't do... Never mind your business won't be functioning for a day, we don't give a damn! Well, one thing is sure, Just host has just proven to me that they are really unprofess...


Jun 21, 2012 04:28
Terrible, terrible, terrible
I have had this hosting company for years. Unfortunately I hadn't maintained my site and it got hacked (even though I had strong password), they are said to provide referral credit, but don't. Their happy to sell you but quick to shift the blame if something goes wrong. I would NEVER recommend them. When I tried to get my domain "unlocked" their system had a glitch and it wouldn't allow me to unless I paid them the domain referral (they claimed this to be innocent problem with their system). I paid for services never rendered, it goes on-and-on-and-on. Once I indicated that I wanted to move my domain and host, they claim that I had some virus and terminated my hosting pla...


Jun 15, 2012 03:42
Just Problems
Have been with them a few years and had a few problems which are usually fixed quickly. Lately all emails are getting returned with a message that just host has been blocked. I have to take a ticket , wait a few days and then they unblock it. In the last case its been four days, no one responds to your emails and cant get though on live chat. Have gone down the drain.

May 11, 2012 06:05
JustHost, the worst hosting service!
This JustHost hosting service was the worst I ever hired today!
To begin with, they take up more than a day to answer a ticket, and if you want a faster customer service you have to pay for it!
Their system is poorly installed, poorly configured and slow. I even had trouble with the server where my account was installed, it had a hard drive with serious badblocks for almost a week!
5 times suspended my account saying I had used up system resources permitted. IN NO ANY TIMES they made any advance warning that there was a problem. To complicate matters, the weak control panel of them do not have the option to observe the use of server resources (as there is in good h...


Jun 13, 2010 11:23
The "Free Domain" offer carries a hidden charge (buried in T&C) of $20 if you decide to cancel a package. And I would swallow a charge if I used it at all.
I asked for a cancellation within less then an hours since subscribing for a package and I know they can cancel domain registration request - if they want.

Normal and honest hosting company would put something like Free Domain* (with asterisk) and explain how it works. But they put it into T&C which 99% of people don't read.

The hosting company that does everything to get people sign up, but does not show all the possible cost is a treachery company that nobody should deal with.



Mar 25, 2012 01:39
Justhost is dishonest and unreliable
Technical team's ok.
uptime and speed are average at best
Outages happen from time to time.
Billing and Administrative teams are mostly dishonest and liars.
They lost me my domain and i had to use a domain a got from another web hosting company.
I kept sending emails to them.They either ignored them or answered with lies.
When time to renew registration with them comes, they will ask you for more than three times the amount of money you originally paid when you first registered with them.
I 've left them with no hesitation whatsoever.
Do yourself a favour and find a better web host.


Dec 21, 2011 12:00
Just Host, Just don't use them!
Just Host, Just don't use them! My full and frank review of Just Host and the problems and issues i have had with a domain renewal that subsequently removed my site from Google!


Dec 07, 2011 01:43
Worst Hosting Provider!
Made the mistake of signing for a membership approximately a month ago. Almost from the onset, experienced numerous performance related problems. Despite submission of more than half a dozen trouble tickets, never received any tangible resolution. Problems included connectivity to backend database, inability to access WordPress admin panel, etc. Without notification, Just Host suspended my account for utilization of system resources in excess of 10%, which is highly doubtful. Without attempting to determine if a Denial of Service (DoS) or other cause was to blame, they promptly suspended my account and posted a large banner stating such on both of my websites. While the technical su...

M.Daud Khan

Oct 28, 2011 11:17
justhost is fraud !!
Just Host is a fraud company. It is cheater. For one year I had been requesting for Cancellation of my services but they always cheated me. Now I have asked to give my Authorization Code and Registration Key so that I should register my Domain with some other good Company. For the last 6 hours they are totally doing unlawful things. To my astonishment they have sold my web site to other Company ENOM.COM who have placed it onsale.It a fraud case. I will take them to them court of Law.


Aug 11, 2011 10:37
Very poor uptime
I was with justhost.com for 3 years will have to leave them since almost every day i have downtime and i not happy.
cpanel is good but their service is unreliable!!


Aug 09, 2011 12:35
With No Warning They Cancelled My Website
If you want good service do not use this company. Out of no where they have cancelled my account with no way to recover it, they said. I am at a loss. This is my busiest time of year for my business. You can not talk to anyone on the phone. Every time you get an email it is from a different person. This is the craziest thing I ever experienced. I am now looking for a company that cares!


Jul 09, 2011 12:17
bad experienced
use justhost shared hosting about 3month.it's really bad experienced. 50k files limited,told me I have to remove prohibited data within 24 hours or they will suspend my account.
Tickets response time more than 3 hours as usual.
I consider cancel account.


Apr 05, 2011 11:58
JustHost is better than others, but has room to grow.
I would like their online IM customer service given the ability to handle ALL my questions. Every time I have tried to have an IM conversation, they tell me they can't help me and I either need to call in or post a support ticket. Completely useless.

Also, when I have attempted to follow up on a certain support ticket that got put "on hold" for some reason or another, they don't immediately read through the string, often repeating previous instructions, that, if they had read the previous posts they would not have wasted their time and mine.

And as an added note, I am an adept businessman, a proficient programmer and I know my way ar...


Mar 30, 2011 07:36
Just Host just blows
This company should be avoided. It all looks good on the surface, but I have so many red flags....constant battles signing in because my password (which they addmitted many times was correct) kept gett

Mar 25, 2011 10:22
Just host is easily one of the worst hosting companies. my site has been down for 6hrs today, an hour yesterday, 2hrs the day before, in fact in the last 9 months, i have had to contact them directly at least 4 times a month to ask why my server is down. Customer service never directly answers my questions, but always says it will never happen again. And if you re-mention this to them, they never answer and sign off, 'have a nice day!'.

Martin Thomason

Mar 22, 2011 07:01
It was a horrendous experience. My account was twice suspended and I was falsely accused of sending SPAM. They just do not provide a reliable service. My website has now been completely removed but they refuse to answer emails. Please don't even consider using this company.


Mar 22, 2011 03:58
One day they just suspended my account out of the blue, no prior warnings, more than 8 month left of my prepaid account, no response from

I am running 2 sites that just collect info on musical instruments and audio products, so there is nothing even remotely illegal or dishonest, I am not hosting anything, distributing or selling anything or partaking in any on-line jiggery-pokery so the reasons for the suspension are perplexing and since they are not answering my emails I guess I will never find out....

Stay away, anything else is better than a company that throws you out and refuses to tell you why or contact you in any way

Mar 06, 2012 07:04
Jason: [7:57:19 PM] Peter XXXXX welcome to our real-time support chat. My name is Jason...
Peter xxxxx: [7:57:19 PM] xxxxxxx.xxx is still down. Over 24 hours. ETR?
Jason: [7:58:59 PM] May I please have the last 4 characters of your cpanel password for verification purposes?
Peter xxxxxx: [8:01:46 PM] xxxxx
Jason: [8:02:09 PM] Thanks.
[8:03:13 PM] The server that your account is on has had to be restored. This can take several hours and is effecting your account and the others on the equipment. We apologize for the inconvenience and are trying to minimize downtime as much as possible.
Peter xxxxxx: [8:04:32 PM] Several hours? It has already taken over 24. I want you to restore my site from the daily backup that I pay for. Please do not tell me this is unnecessary. It i...

Donna Denton

May 26, 2010 11:34
STAY AWAY,BAD FOR BUSINESS!!!! They trick you on fees and overstate, probably ok for basic but if you are not happy, there is no refund, they did not give me notice my domain was going to expire and let it. They then wanted to charge me A LOT to keep it. They lie and mislead. They are bad news. BEWARE!!! I never would have believed it. I am going to have to get an attorney. Looking like fraud. I wish I had room to include the emails and chats. They are GREAT when you are signing up. Hope this helps someone. I wish I would have looked.

V Abbott

Jul 09, 2010 01:08
Due to a mishap with another web host, I temporarily used this domain name and hosted it with JustHost - TEMPORARILY.

Imagine my shock when without authorization, Mr. Bryan's JustHost deducted €131.75 from my Credit Card. You may not be aware that those folk retain your Credit Card details without your permission. Is there no Data Protection law in UK?

Imagine my even greater shock when i still find,4 months later, that I cannot get these folk to refund this money.

All I can get in response to my requests is machine generated spam, attempts to sell me other JustHost products, encouragement to re-consider my decision to cancel. Their LOGON doesn't work - even though I have repeatedly been sent current logon details.

Is my only choice now to contact the Police...

Zip Dee

May 24, 2010 07:51
Whois lists Justin Small as the registrant and fasthosts.co.uk as the registrar - he, like streamline.net (used to do before selling their customer base to fasthosts.co.uk on behalf of their owner, Ralph Dommermuth's United Internet Ag of '1 & 1' or 'Eins und Eins' fame for 10,000 k (krone? korunna? 000s?)18 months ago) is a seller on of the services of fasthosts.co.uk. And , guess what, Mr Small, the No 1 UK we host, has not paid fasthosts.co.uk his registration costs for this current year: it was due 3rd April according to 'whois' and 'the account is now suspended' by fashosts.co.uk - amazing? or what?


Dec 14, 2009 06:51
We have a website hosted with JustHost and our only complaint is that their phone support is very slow. We have tried to call three different times and on each we hung up after 5+ minutes of holding.


Dec 12, 2009 04:55
I was there and asked about this thing that you here at the Review says they go for 3.45$ but instead they realy is 3.45€ . Then it tryed to bribe me with 20 happy % . and hangs me in the sleev with a talking mashine when i wana go 4 mor info. Ok i start to talk and ask and then after a bitt chatting about the price and their adult and political material policy Its a dumb mashine they have hanged upp on me and my time.
Nogood Start. Also sneeks in you shall now login and fill a ticket bla bla.. Litle desperat. David at .. mamamaa.org/fonden


Dec 01, 2009 12:50
- You can't deploy the forums you want, only the ones included in their package

- Sites hosted at JustHost prevent search engines bots to freely parse them, which prevents optimal ranks in Google

- Their customer service is apparently based on India (based on the written grammar) and their team members are World champions for fucking around, making you wait and finding any ways to avoid refunds

- Their money back guarantee includes a US$ 20 cancellation fee, which is not mentionned anywhere when you sign up

Keith Thom

May 25, 2010 10:54
First 12 months all was well - Control Panel worked well and site was easily built. No down time recorded in the first year. After renewal Control Panel would not allow any editing. To prevent false or out of date information going to clients I had to delete all pages, except out of date home page. Many emails, support tickets and supossed live chats failed to rectify the situation. Even tried to transfer hosting, but this is blocked by JustHost. Expensive marketing and advertising for my site is wasted.

Ranjan Awasthi

Nov 21, 2009 02:12
After using a few other well established hosting companies. I switched to JustHost to get better service. I think they give A+ service and support. I give them 10/10. I have already started recommending them

Justine Holmes

Nov 18, 2009 11:44
I have been with JustHost almost for 3 years and have been very satisfied and happy with their customer support and price. They have a great support team, always cheerful. They give the impression that they are delighted to help you out. Go for their service without a second thought.

Larsen Hadley

Nov 17, 2009 01:59
Awesome!! After switching to JustHost I realized how much was I duped by my previous hosting provider. Just host people are really giving me excellent service without any downtime. Their support team is always willing to help you without any delay and are available 24 hours a day. The service is very reasonably priced so you get full value for your money. Do check them out.


Nov 17, 2009 11:41
I have been hosting my site at Justhost for more than 6 months now. The first 2-3 months they were ok. At a certain point they suspended my site because they said it used more than 10% of cpu. They should have contacted me to warn me first, but they dind't. Only after 2 days and a lot of nerves and exchanged emails, my site was up, on a different server. Since then my site has nerver worked properly again. The server has been offline almost every day. The 99.9% uptime is the biggest lie. They always promise to fix problems, but they actually nerver do. It's a nightmare. Don't buy their services.


Nov 14, 2009 03:28
One of the worst hosting company that exists in the world. Do not waste time buying hosting account at this company. Before to decide, have a look at all reviews at google. They really sucks.

William Federar

Nov 13, 2009 12:34
I feel JustHost price is reasonable for all the value added updated features they are providing and almost no downtime. There servers are really fast. I have now moved almost all my business to JustHost.

Garry Harrison

Nov 09, 2009 12:41
I had a nightmarish experience with my last hosting provider so I decided to give a try to JustHost after googling a bit. Now after almost a year or so I can very well say that I am completely satisfied with their service. They have all upgraded features coupled with excellent and quick customer support. You get a real value for your money. Recommended.

Agatha Jenn

Nov 07, 2009 12:42
I have never experianced any downtime in last 6 months. The service is prompt and to the point. Very knowledgable staff. The servers are also very fast and the price is equally good. Would recommend them to any webmaster looking for that perfect host.

Geoff Marcus

Nov 06, 2009 11:36
Excellent service so far, Reliable, No downtime, prompt and quality customer support. I have over 20 sites running for last 3 years. I switched to JustHost just recently after having bad experiences from my earlier hosts. With JustHost I found peace at last. I would truly recommend JustHost from my experiences so far.

Raju Singh

Nov 05, 2009 10:07
I find JustHost very easy to use, providing all the useful and best features available in a cost-effective way. I think their excellent customer support is worth its weight in gold. Would recommend to a friend anyday.

Gunnar Gustafsson

Nov 03, 2009 04:41
I recently applied for a web hosting service with JustHost and the company demanded that I send a copy of my passport and a copy of my credit card to validate the purchase. I thought it odd but did comply - with the exception of the copy of the credit card itself.
When I found out that they had already charged my credit card I sent an email and asked why...and they refused to explain this rather simple question, they only demanded the copy of my credit card again.
That made me suspicious and I cancelled my purchase. Now, 5 days later, I still have not seen the funds returned.
My first contact was with "Gabe" and there I have no complaints... then a "Nick" took over and it was his arrogant reply that made me cancel the purchase... and all I asked was why they...


Nov 01, 2009 07:33
Transferred my domain to justhost.com. Got kicked out within less than 30 days. Apparently someone got in through a backdoor within two days and inserted php files into my domain. Never had this happened with my previous hosting company.

They didn't listen to any explanation and did not offer a refund.

Hated to communicate over IM or e-mail. No real-time support, no phone number.

Going back to my previous hosting company.

Dolly Nicolas

Oct 31, 2009 09:31
Quick and accurate response from support.
So far I have found your service to be excellent value for money.

I would strongly recommend to all who are looking for this type of webhosting.


Oct 31, 2009 06:00
A bunch of kids run Just Host. I signed with JH on Sept 9th. I transferred my active domain to JustHost on Sept 14th, 2009. Today is Oct 31st (Happy Halloween by the way!) Check yarpool.com or twitterwho.net . JustHost managed to deactivate both my sites in just 2 weeks. How did they do this you ask?
They never transferred the domain yarpool before the expiration date. After a few days contacting enom (the registrar) they "ENom" started getting frustrated with Just Host stating they have no clue why Just Host is not able to transfer the domain. Enom unlocked the domain twice for JH, but JH never did nothing! As of Oct 28th, I canceled my account with Just Host. If i ever see one of those little faggots( the (2) 22 year old owners) I am kickin some ass. Oh yeah, check out B...

Sammy Zee

Oct 30, 2009 03:02
I just want to make easy on every one, please don't waste your time and money, these people liers fakers and theif, however if you read the review you should find the following lots of good reviews, guess what these reviews has been written by them

Mike Dembski

Oct 28, 2009 06:35
Justhost totally screwed up the transfer of the domain to them. First they couldn't get it transferred correctly, and then they never properly registered the name. Support has been very uncooperative (though they respond quickly with non answers). I will never use them or have anything to do with them.

Nelson Pat

Oct 28, 2009 02:13
You usually get what you pay for... JustHost give you much more than that! A fantastic set of packages for such small prices. Their support is amazingly quick. I have two sites hosted, and each took less than 15 minutes to set up.


Oct 28, 2009 01:36
Have been with them for afew months and generally happy. But I joined the affiliates program and introduced my brother who signed up using my link (he was very careful about that) Just Host wouldnt pay and said they gave the $60 to Google instead because it came from them????? - and I have no way of proving otherwise - How convenient for them!

Their affiliates program is a scam - dont get sucked in.

Other issues over time, have found them slow to act and not good at fixing the problem (same thing happens again and again) Lucky their price and features are good because the rest leaves alot to be desired.

Oliver Keiting

Oct 26, 2009 09:27
Would recommend this website, JustHost. 100% the best deals I have found to date coupled with friendly and fast services. When you submit a help request it is answered by a real person (not a bot) and the reply comes within minutes. Absolutely the best hosting site on the net!

Rojjer Kelly

Dec 15, 2009 10:27
I had recently shifted to JustHost hosting service. I am highly impressed by their pricerate, set-up speed, dependability and most of all, the speed and quality of their support. Thumbs up for them.

Volodymyr Frytskyy

Dec 15, 2009 06:37
I'm hosting site www.vladonai.com with JustHost, features are pretty good - unlimited space, databases, domains, traffic, perfect uptime. IMHO JustHost provides best price/features value. I've contacted support couple of times and got pretty fast and comprehensive feedback.

Signup process was kind of strange - had to email them my IDs couple of times (they couldn't notice my name on them;), it took them almost two days to activate my account, but afterall, everything works great so far.

Gian Hopkins

Nov 26, 2009 12:27
I am very impressed at the way they handle their troubled customers. Very quich, professional and knowledeble support team. So far this JustHost has surpassed my expectations. I am truly delighted.


Dec 30, 2009 06:32
After seeing reviews, and going deeper into their site... I realize that these people are idiots.
I had my first site bought from these people and after several months I was suspended cause of a CPU over load and I get told to try upgrading to a dedicated server. After a long day or two of emailing, my site is now online and I had to remove a Wiki page.

Also, their servers are crappy... My site always goes down after awhile may be a few months or so. I didn't feel like contacting them, because they'll just give me an excuse saying we did a server update... When I can see in my cPanel stats that it's not an update.
And their special promo? FAKE!!! Go on their site once in a while, and you still see their offering that crappy promo.
Later on I'll be planning on moving ...

Akshay TU

May 13, 2010 05:27
JustHost is the best web hosting company in the world. I love JustHost. They provide top hosting servers and the quality is excellent. JustHost is the best hosting and their price is outstanding. Their Customer Support is great and they answer all support questions less than 10mins. WoW ! I Recommend JustHost !!!

JustHost.com , THE WORLD NO.1 WEB HOSTING !!!!

wholesale now

May 02, 2010 09:01
STAY away from these scamers. My site was hosted with them and I bought my domain name through them. The service was bad. And very misleading. So I canceled my hosting with them. Well on 4/29/10 My domain needed to be renewed. They said they will NOT give me my EEP or my authorization code so I can renew it or allow me to transfer my domain to someone else. They told me I have to pay for 1yr of THEIR hosting THEN they will allow me to transfer and renew my domain. IF I DO NOT pay them for 1 yr of hosting they said.. "if you are not willing to pay for the fee for the our hosting then you need to wait for 60 days for this to be released onto the market and then register the domain again as we are unable release expired domains for these to be transferred. Before the domain is rel...

Edward Armstrong

Apr 24, 2010 07:00
Beware if you don't want your site to be hijacked.

Just Host servers are not in the UK. They are in Chicago.

My site was hijacked by a dodgy company based where? You guessed it, in Chicago. What are the chances that my site would suffer domain name abuse by a company apparently only two miles from the servers Just Host uses. Out of the entire world and the entire internet community how can it be that a dodgy company based in the same area that Just Hosts servers are based would attack my site?

This suggests either a statistically astronomically unlikely coincidence or some form of collusion with the Just Host server providers Singlehop (who do not answer my emails about the abuse, which is in itself highly dodgy) and the nameserver providers of the dodgy domain - a...


Apr 20, 2010 03:37
can nt log into the, acc. call them, talk to them, no good, no help,, I tried to cancel my acc. and they will not even do that.. very bad place,,


Apr 19, 2010 04:02
I paid for a three year plan with justhost. I thought that meant my domain name would expire in three years as well. All SEO's indicagte domain names expiring in less than 12 months receive low seach engine return results - JustHot will not advance my date, even though I have already paid for three years _ I am moving - check out websitegrader.com to see how low your site rates with a short domain expiry date.

Stephen Bently

Apr 16, 2010 08:59
I am writing this review to say nothing than good words about JustHost. I was surprised about their support and about their reliability. If I had any problems they were always available to help you with pleasure and not unimportant, their speed of support! I have worked closely with several of the JustHost staff and I cannot praise them enough for their willingness to go above and beyond to get any problems or issues rectified in as short a time as possible. Not a single negative point for this service. Above and all JustHost is excellent hosting company to work with.

Aman Mehra

Dec 21, 2009 11:23
Highly recommended. Very easy to upload files and setup databases. Very easy to understand control panel, useful for newbies. Good quality support team always ready to help you out.

Julian R

Apr 10, 2010 01:07
My own experience over last 2 years says that the support provided by JustHost is simply top notch and extremely friendly. These guys respond very quickly and good quality responses as well so no frustration for us. Excellent value for money and very secure. JustHost rocks.


Apr 09, 2010 11:43
deleted database and told me that it got corrupted. wouldn't or couldn't help restoring it

in my 10 years, this is the first time I've heard this. that too on a system in QA and hardly 2MB data

Apr 09, 2010 03:39
Hosted my site with justhost.com one month ago and already got multiple downtimes (more than 5 hours each time) and SMTP problems...
Support just sucks, slow as a hell.

It's cheap but it doesn't worth to buy.
look for better hosting provider.

Krish Anand

Mar 31, 2010 03:26
They offer really good prices, I've had almost no technical problems with JustHost. The customer service staff is really helpful and friendly mo matter if the problem is down to me being stupid or if it's a genuine problem. Unlike other hosting companies their service has been outstanding. Service is second to none. Support is second to none. Highly recommended.

Betrayed customer

Mar 23, 2010 11:06
The “UNLIMITED” stuff is just a lie for marketing purposes.
If you have more than 50000 inodes your account will be suspended.
(Inodes means files, email, whatever. Problem is that the system is creating by himself all this bulk.
You think you have 20-30 of pages and instead your home folder is full of bulk and unnecessary files)

You may not send more than 500 emails per hour (using ,of course, a script)

If you violate this rule then they'll be forced to suspend your account.

So, for a serious hoster I advise you to look elsewhere.

The customer support is OK, but this doesn’t help you in these situations.


Apr 13, 2010 12:44

Dimitri Harrington

Feb 15, 2010 04:55
OK, first in my last reply I stated:

"can I get a confirmation of what is being canceled before proceeding"

I receive back from you:

"Your account is now cancelled" from you!

I wanted a confirmation of what was going to be canceled because I knew you guys would screw this up, this is now the second time you have done this to me. Did you even read the first email where I stated:

Hello, I wish to cancel and get a refund for the remainder of my term, the account details are below:

Standard Plan 20% OFF $ 59.40 0.00
Standard Plan 20% OFF
Period: Annually
Service ID: 44xxxx
Domain Registration $ 0.00 0.00
Period: Annually
Service ID: 44xxxx

Totals $ 59.40 0.00

Richard Ticker

Mar 20, 2010 12:05
I did many hours of research before choosing my web hosting company and I'm glad I did! I am extremely happy with JustHost. Reasonable price and great hosting features for the webmaster just starting out and for the more advanced site owners. Superb site. Check them out, it'll be the best thing your company ever did.

Rachel Austin

Jan 08, 2010 01:18
Last month we had placed an enquiry regarding server allocation and we were surprised with their instant reply with all the details. Their support people even helped us setting up our account and answering all our queries without any hesitation. They treat every customer on high priority. I am one of their happy customers.

Camilo vega

Jan 18, 2010 07:32
I have bouth a reseller plan a few days ago, but today the servers has been down for 5 hours and dont tell us anything.


Jan 18, 2010 11:06
JustHosts.com Most Terrible Web Hosting Service Defines Scandalous

Absolutely the worst web host I've experienced in 15 years of web design... They do NOT deserve to be in business !!!

I do NOT ever take on something so personal (and go public), as the recent incredibly bad experience I had with a UK web host.But, I'm not sure if it is the current state of the George W. Bush (GOP) great recessionary economy or a sign of the times for future prosperity,but never-the-less this web hosting service could NOT have gotten any worse. Everything that could go wrong - did!

Steer away from justhost.com. You'll be glad you did... read my tech blog review to see exactly how I arrived at such a very low opinion of justhost.com - http://thejunction.net/ complete with justhost....


Jan 25, 2010 04:33
I just moved to JUSTHOST about a few months ago because I needed a better performance for some of my dynamic applications that I was putting up. Now I'm proud to say I'm hosted by JUSTHOST, and so far, I'm loving their service!
Most of my problems are answered very quickly. There was only one time I can remember in which the site was down. It was up and running again in a day, and never happened again.
All in all, I have to give JUSTHOST a perfect five-stars rating for their surpassed reliability, stability, performance, and excellent customer support. The prices are just right too.

Ibrahim Abu-Isbeih

Jan 03, 2010 08:57
JustHost is very very good web hosting company. Excellent support. They answer any question in 15 min

Derek Paul

Feb 03, 2010 01:03
JustHost hosting service, Amazing!. Their winning quality is the speed and quality of their support. Their support team is informative, helpful and does exactly what it says. They have always fulfilled my expectations and saved my precious time. Highly recommended for all these reasons.


Feb 04, 2010 04:20
Further to my previous post below, I received a reply from [email protected] which is the address of Brooke Bryan, the Whois contact for JustHost.
JustHost writes: ‘We are very sorry for the inconveniences you had. We'll try to avoid such situations in future. It was a mistake from our side, but I can confirm such thing won't happen again. Please take our apologies. Thank you Kind regards, Alex Cooper Just Host’.
Putting aside my curiosity about the poor syntax, word choice, and punctuation in the message above, which doesn’t inspire a great deal of confidence in the company, I decided to see if JustHost was as good as its word. After a subsequent telephone call, waiting 18 minutes and still not answered, I hung up; such things will obviously happen again with JustHost.


Feb 10, 2010 11:43
Horrible Customer Service, suspended me for more CPU Bullshit, when i had about 50 visits to my site a day with very little content.

No one answers phone, emails either.

Horrible experience

Bob C

Feb 14, 2010 10:58
Domain name dns hosting done in background with no customer access. My two domain names expired, no notice from justhost. Now they will not release the domain names so I can register them myself. Must pay for a new registration just to release the name. looking into whois.net both domain names show that they were renewed another year laready. Justhost apparently registered the domains in my name, and now wants the moeny for their unauthorized doamin renewals.
If you have domains hosted through justhost, move them now!


Feb 02, 2010 09:38
I was thinking about changing from Powweb to JustHost as Powweb don't do cheap deals for existing customers. The first call made to JustHost had me waiting for 20 minutes before answer. When eventually I was answered by someone who didn't understand even basic English, I was cut off within 5 seconds. After another twenty minutes paying yet again to get through on the phone I gave up. Note this... this was SALES! which we know is always the most efficient department in any company. God knows how long it would have been if it had been technical support or billing. Needless to say I'm not changing to JustHost and have emailed its CEO Brooke Bryan on b.bryan-AT-justhost.com - I recommend all those who have been time-and-financially abused by JustHost to do the same.
I think I'll try Blue...