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    Nov 2019

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The Fastest VPN

The Fastest VPN 2018 allows you to get blocked or restricted content anywhere on the planet. You can stream and download with total anonymity. Provider of FastestVPN offers high speeds and secure access.

A secure tunnel network is created between your computer and the internet to prevent third-party interference. FastestVPN has advanced protocols, 256-bit AES encryption and clear cookies that protect you from third party interference. This is the most secure and anonymous way to protect your privacy, security, anonymity, and identity.

Online attacks on public or private networks can make you vulnerable. FastestVPN connect offers advanced features such as 256-bit encryption, the best protocols and antimalware.

FastestVPN is committed to serving its customers. Our customers privacy and security are important to us. We also protect our clients' rights to their uniqueness. FastestVPN is here to help you have a safe internet experience. FastestVPN makes surfing the web easy.

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1 Year Plan $2.49 Nov 2019

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Get the Fastest VPN Service that allows you to access blocked & restricted content. Stream & Download with anonymity & security with high speed online access.


Apr 29, 2020 12:03
Used this vpn for a couple of months. There is a problem with disabling the service, but the speed seems to be OK. I hope the guys will improve their service.

Apr 11, 2020 01:23
Bad performance by side, their refund policy is a fake, I quit my subscription the same day of purchase, and after 3 weeks I haven't been refund yet. I probably lost my money.

Nov 12, 2019 09:36
I have been using this VPN for couple of months and the cost I have paid is quite justified for this product. I would definitely recommend this product to buy.

Nov 11, 2019 06:38
They have changed alot, apps issues are now fixed, new servers has been added. I would definitely recommend this VPN. Also they have redesigned the UI, must try it.

Jun 30, 2019 10:19
Program for the VPN network, doesnt work, they don't fix it in hours, maybe fix the program in 3 months or more. Clunky interface. Network had to be rebuilt 3 times do to its installation errors that knocked me off internet. Add/Remove of this program doesnt work at all, had to do it all manually to repair my internet and get back online. DO NOT GO NEAR THIS COMPANY


Jun 08, 2020 01:37
Really fast VPN The servers of this VPN are really fast and I have good ping and very good speed but the issue with this VPN is their apps. The apps crashes a lot and need to be replaced and I hope the company would do that soon. As a solution for now I suggest everyone using tutorials on their website to set up the VPN manually without using the app it will give better speed and stability for the VPN


Jan 18, 2020 09:58
Great service.Works well

Hector Zavala

Jan 19, 2020 01:01
Paid review on this site. All posted a day ago. Fastestvpn has completely stop working for me. It will not connect to any server tried reinstalling to no avail and can't believe that I wasted 30 bucks for a life time copy of it. When it didn't even last months


Jan 20, 2020 07:33
Stop Working after a couple of months


Jan 28, 2020 03:07
Quick response and great support when I had problems connecting to a VPN-server.

A Seidel

Feb 05, 2020 01:00
It drops the line mid file transfer. I won't fully uninstall. Even if I have not activated it it block me from using a different vpn service. It's more of a bother than useful.

Robert C. Maddox

Feb 11, 2020 08:10
I've had FastestVPN for only a month but so far it's very fast and reliable. It doesn't leak. If it stops working, as reported by other reviewers, I'll report it here and lower my rating. I bought a "lifetime" subscription for a paltry $12 so I wonder about the financial viability of the company. Are they desperate for cash or on the verge of collapse? But so far the service is excellent. I would award 5 stars except TorGuard is better, so 4 stars is fair.

Flexi McNoodle

Feb 15, 2020 09:31
Terrible company, any review that is high ignore, the service barely connects after waiting for a long long time, then when it does it disconnects, the Android TV app mostly doesn't even get as far as loading, the support itself is just as slow as the VPN, the name is obviously just irony, avoid this service at all costs, complete waste of money, actually worse than Nord in most instances.

Chirag Patil

Feb 25, 2020 08:18
Haven't been able to connect for a while using Windows 10 client or android client.


Mar 13, 2020 08:27
I just took the lifetime 20$ deal and tested some connections. This really is a fast vpn. I'm still skeptical since I was all the negative reviews of people here. I'll be sure to update my review here if this turns out to be a bad deal :) So far so good !


Feb 27, 2020 04:01
it runs, but I am not sure it is fully safe. After I use it, i find many new trojan horses and spyware that before I didn't find. By the way, the program i use since 2 years to discover this malaware is: SuperAntiSpyware

russell odell

Apr 05, 2020 05:46
This company has been amazing to me. I've contacted customer service twice. Both times, even though it was an error on my part, they walked me through getting it working. I use this service for torrenting and watching media around the globe. It has worked well for both. The speeds are reasonably fast too. I have FastestVPN on all of my devices. I've extensively tested to make sure that I'm not able to be tracked and this VPN is the real deal. I must express again how well their customer support was. Fast response and knowledgeable.

D Swanner

Apr 09, 2020 07:33
This is a REALLY BAD vpn. I will say that their speeds are good when the service is actually running. Other than that, it's horrible. It shuts down regularly. And, by regularly, I mean 3-4-5 times daily. The Kill Switch that's off by default still doesn't work once you switch it on. I download a lot of torrents off the Internet Archive (legal, public domain stuff, I love the old B&W movie and TV Classics) and leave one of my laptops going 24 hours a day. I wake up to their VPN shut down and traffic still running (the Kill Switch should prevent that). It usually takes several attempts over 5-10 minutes to get it connected again. And, then hours later, it does the same thing again. I'm headed back to my old standby (PIA). This one is just horrible. There's a reason why they sell lifetime ...


Apr 11, 2020 10:30
Bad performance by side, their refund policy is a fake. I quit the subscription the same day of purchase, they confirmed the cancellation, but after 3 weeks I haven't been refunded yet. I probably lost my money. HANDS OFF!


Apr 24, 2020 09:07
Kill switch does not work. They are aware and "working on it" They don't bother to let users know they have a problem. You can find out on your own the hard way.... like I did.


May 09, 2020 10:22
Worst VPN. Never works, switch kill won't work either.


May 14, 2020 07:38
FastestVPN is crap. I don't know why i even tried. I thought let's get that cheap lifetime deal, because i only needed to use VPN a few times a year. didn't matter if it was slow. Mostly for testing some websites/payments and compatibility. It was cheap, but i rather had some dinner and beer for that money. VPN just doesn't work. The VPN app is worthless. It doesn't work, it crashes, killswitch pfffffff, connection drops, weird traffic going on and you cannot choose locations (be aware that choosing locations only works during cashback time and then you probably get downgraded i have been told). But even then it didn't work well. I needed locations. The one server in the USA that does work is used so heavily that the ip has been blacklisted a million times on websites and services. B...


May 19, 2020 10:09
The bad. •Slow Connections (most times does not connect) •App Stalls •Disconnects Often •Customer Service Slow •App 1/5 •Speed is ludicrously slow (ironic) Also be warned money back guarantee is non existent so far. I have requested a refund four times now and they are still trying to get me to change settings that I have already tried.

jeff max

May 20, 2020 04:14
I have recently got a FastestVPN subscription to watch Netflix in my isolation days. Well, the first time when I used their services, I'm satisfied but at times I feel they have a limited amount of servers which is quite annoying but overall good to go with their services.

Salih Borucu

Mar 28, 2020 03:52
I have been to some fancy restaurants and places where you pay an arm and a leg to receive some decent customer service and products and so on. But you know what? none of them was able to even remotely come close to how good these guys are ! They are really responsive to your issues, you actually speak to a real person on the chat and they give you clear instructions to solve your issues! Now this is something rare, this is something good. They are consistent with updating their software. Just decent, plain, easy, lovely decent people! Look no further if you are looking for a quality VPN.