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Host Gator
Package Price Disk space RAM Bandwidth Operation System Dedicated IPS Number of CPU
Snappy 8000 $39.95
$ 119.99 after first term
240GB 8GB 3TB linux server plane 2 4
Dedicated Server Packages

Host Gator
Package Price Disk space RAM Bandwidth Operation System Dedicated IPS Number of CPU Panels
Enterprise $148.98
$ 289.00 after first term
SSD 1TB 30GB Unmetered windows server planelinux server plane 3 8 CPanel, Plesk, WHM
Shared Hosting Packages

Host Gator
Package Price Disk space Bandwidth Operation System Number of sites Panels
Business $5.95
$ 16.95 after first term
Unlimited Unmetered linux server plane Unlimited CPanel
Zip Servers
Package Price Disk space Bandwidth Operation System
ZipServers.com Celeron Value Plan $99 80GB 1.2TB linux server plane
Reseller Packages

Host Gator
Package Price Disk space Bandwidth Operation System Number of sites Panels
Silver $24.95
$ 59.95 after first term
140GB 1.4TB linux server plane Unlimited CPanel, WHM
Zip Servers
Package Price Disk space Bandwidth Operation System
ZipServers.com Reseller Xtreme Plan $299 400GB 1.5TB linux server plane
Cloud Hosting Packages

Host Gator
Package Price Disk space RAM Bandwidth Operation System Dedicated IPS Number of CPU Panels
Business Cloud $9.95
$ 19.95 after first term
Unlimited 6GB Unmetered linux server plane 1 6 CPanel
$15 /Yearly
Full Details
  • Panels
$7 /Monthly
Full Details
  • DATA
    1000000TB Bandwidth
  • Panels
$160 /Monthly
Full Details
  • DATA
    2147483.647TB Bandwidth
  • Panels
$2660 /Monthly
Full Details
  • DATA
    2147483.647TB Bandwidth
  • Panels

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DNS (Domain Name System).
ICANN registrar
Your own datacenter• Redirected toDynect.net


Dynamic Network Services, Inc (aka "Dyn" and pronounced dine) is the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) leader, specializing in both DNS and email delivery for the enterprise client, small business and personal user.

Our company was founded in 1998 by two college students at WPI. It started during the dotcom boom. On the way to school, the board room served as a cafeteria.

IaaS will be the root of our tree. It started with DNS, a problem (easy to access), and one we wanted. We were pushed by early adopters and donors. Customer service was an important aspect of our business and we made it a priority.

DynDNS.org was created to solve the problem. This dynamic DNS service allows home users to have remote access to their sites and host them on their own computers. The service grew. It grew. Then, it grew even more. We were able to add more services because of the increase in donations. These grew too.
It's Evolution Baby!

As we evolved into a SaaS (software-as-a-service) model, we added a barrage of IT services geared toward the home/small business market. The presidents have changed and so has the economy. As a result, our daily lives became increasingly dependent on the internet. The world kept growing.

As a response to a large need in our community, we created Dynect Platform (now DynECT managed DNS). Because their stories were similar, we found the perfect spot for start-ups. This was an unknown. It was a risk. We continued to grow.

We acquired several smaller DNS companies in 2010 and looked to another important IaaS requirement: email. Although we offered solutions, they were not robust enough. We bought a focused company that provided email services and grew our offering to compete in the market for email delivery. This was similar to what we did with DNS.
It's a pulsing beat!

All this has been possible by bringing in passionate people who share our vision. Listening to customers is key to our success. We adapt to their needs. Dyn has been there for more than ten years, and is growing.

We're far from done, even though we have over 14,000,000 users and a multitude of amazing clients and partners. A global network with offices in the US, UK, and some of the most talented employees in technology today. Websites need to be up and email needs to be delivered. We have to keep pace with the latest technology.

It's going to be an exciting 10 years. We appreciate your support as a partner or client. Dyn has a place for everyone.

Uptime is the bottom line. That's why we have our mantra. DynDNS Pro offers everything you need, from enterprise DNS to get yourname.dyndns.org for large brands.
Since over 10 years, DNS is a part of our DNA.

Standard Dyn Standard DNS starting at $30/year
Lowest prices on Enterprise Lite DynECT Managed Domain Lite at $30/mo
Get Enterprise DynECT managed DNS starting at $195/mo

It is used for what?
Managed DNS for enterprises with core features and advanced features such as Global Traffic Management, Load Balancencing and Active Failover
High-quality, reliable DNS services for enterprises at an affordable price.
Hosting complete DNS for domains (ex. mycompany.com).

It is used by who?
Brands that are the fastest-growing and most powerful cannot afford any downtime
There are thousands of websites that must scale in a flash
There are hundreds of thousands of websites with low traffic.

It can do what?
IaaS is the leader in website performance and reliability.
You have the ability to upgrade at any time and maximize performance.
For a few sites that have dynamic updates, reliable DNS

SMTP Services

Dyn can deliver your emails, no matter how many. We offer email delivery and backup MX, among other services. We got you covered.

Standard SMTP Dyn StandardSMTP for as Low as $19.95/Yr
To avoid restrictions from the provider, you can alternate outgoing ports
Secure relay authentication over SSL/TLS or SMTPS
You can send mail to any address without the reverse DNS.
Outgoing virus scanning
With detailed usage graphs, track your outgoing relays
150 relays per day

Email Delivery Lite DynECT Email delivery Lite starting at $30/mo
Bulk email sends large numbers of emails (bulk), or a single transactional email
Increased delivery rates with shared IP range
Intelligent queuing & message delivery
Tracking of Sent, Delivered and Bounced Complaints
Upgrading to DynECT email delivery available at any time
Phone and email support that is second to none
SPF/Domain key creation

Email Delivery DynECT: Email Delivery starting at $195 per month

Perfect for bulk (bulk), or transactional (transactional) emails
Connect via SMTP/API
Intelligent queuing & message delivery
RepCheck reputation monitoring software
Tracking: Open, Read and Click
ISP self-adjusted throttle
Available dedicated IPs
Create SPF/Domain key using this tool
Reporting Spam complaints & bounces
Each user's suppression list
24/7 tech support
Management of accounts
Monitoring global deliverability

It is used for what?
Large monthly volume email sends can be either bulk (high-volume) or transactional (single)
This is ideal for those who send 120,000 or less emails each month.
It can also be used to secure SMTP relay servers without worrying about reverse DNS matches or overloading.

It is used by who?
High-quality enterprise-level companies that care about high delivery rates, sender scores, and insights into metrics
Reputable growing companies that need to be able to send multiple levels of emails and have basic insights into how they are delivered.
Small business or personal users that send small amounts of email

It can do what?
Use the most advanced infrastructure and best delivery minds to deliver small or large quantities of email.
Use the most advanced infrastructure and best delivery minds to deliver small or large quantities of email.
Emails can be quickly deployed and users of small businesses/personal email accounts will have a faster way to send their emails

Dyn Pricing

Package Price Panels
.com $15 [In-house]
Package Price Bandwidth Number of sites Panels
Developer $7 1000000TB Unlimited [In-house]
Business $160 2147483.647TB Unlimited [In-house]
Enterprise $2660 2147483.647TB Unlimited [In-house]

Multiple Payment Types

Different customers like to pay in different ways, and Dyn lets you embrace them all

Dyn - credit
Dyn - MasterCard
Dyn - debit
Dyn - prepaid cards
Dyn - paypal
Dyn - check payments

Dyn Few Words

Web applications are the new standard for businesses. Ensure that your business is safe from cyber attacks, malicious bots, and DDoS attacks. Learn how Oracle Dyn can help achieve the highest level of security for your web applications and provide world class DNS for your website.


Apr 10, 2018 01:31
Dyn is the worst DNS service provider we have ever come across in our experience.

They have been displaying hiked QPS for their own benifits to cheat their enterprise level customers.. please beware of them and stop using their services or else you will realise that your credit is automatically being charges 10 times of the charges committed by them.

They have been auto renewing the contracts without taking consent from the customers and want customers to pay monthly payments for the entire year.

Their customer service is even pathetic for enterprise level customers..
Better to go with AWS route 53.


Jan 22, 2015 01:24
A little dissapointing
Service works most of the time. There is NO customer service! Have reported issues more than once...no response. Fortunately problems have been rare.


Dec 05, 2014 09:51
DYN.com has lost their way
I was with dyn.com for several years and I always wondered why they thought $59.99 was the right price for a domain with DNS and whois secrecy. Their pricing is not in line with the rest of the industry.

I recently transferred out to Namecheap and they are under $10 a year for the same service.

I think most of the providers out there: dyn.com, godaddy, etc are just price gouging their customers. DNS is a very simple service to run and should be free (namecheap has it this way!) and whois secrecy should be very cheap (less than $5).

My last dealing with dyn.com was when I was trying to disable the whois secrecy. I raised a support case with them and they took 2-3 ...


Jul 05, 2014 08:16
no support whatsoever
Have been trying to get a problem solved for several weeks. Have sent Dyn several emails about problem over the last few weeks. They have not responded once. Not even an automated response that they are aware of the correspondence. NOTHING. Not a peep. This on a paid service will not work.


May 11, 2014 12:11
Dyn.com has horrible support
Dyn.com wiukld rather loose customers than help. I am leaving them after 12 years. They are too stupid to solve any out of the box issue and dont care at all to loose a customer who has paid them hundreds over 12 years


Mar 23, 2010 11:36
Her har jeg intet købt men til gengæld har jeg brugt deres gratis tjeneste med dynamisk dns. nemt at oprettet og de guider dig igennem. 3 minutter og du har en gratis mulighed for hjemmeserver. Der kan oprettes 5 gratis DNS. Gider du ikke at bruge det mere slettes alt efter 30 dages inaktiv. Nemt