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website builder
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    Unlimited Space
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Email Essentials
$1.99 /Monthly
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website builder
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website builder
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Shared Hosting
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Package Price Operation System
Email Essentials $1.99 linux server plane
Business Plus $4.99 linux server plane
Business Pro $9.99 linux server plane
website builder
Package Price Disk space Bandwidth
Starter $1.99 Unlimited Unmetered
Business $6.99 Unlimited Unmetered
eCommerce $12.99 Unlimited Unmetered
Web Design
Package Price
on request
Shared Hosting
Package Price Disk space Bandwidth Operation System Number of sites Panels
Basic $3.75 Unlimited Unmetered linux server plane 1 [In-house]
Deluxe $6.75 Unlimited Unmetered linux server plane Unlimited [In-house]
Ultra $13.75 Unlimited Unmetered linux server plane Unlimited [In-house]
Package Price Number of sites
Domain Validated SSL $3 1
Wildcard SSL $9 Unlimited
E-commerce SSL $22.5 1
Package Price Panels
.com $9.99 [In-house]

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Jun 13, 2012 01:10 fell off a cliff since may 2012. Absolutely HORRIBLE now!!
As of May 2012 is pure garbage! They attempted to migrate everything to a new system and are failing miserably. Do NOT get hosting from unless you want long wait times for dns propagation (8 days and running in my case) and 25+ min wait times to get ahold of a customer service rep (who is clueless and doesn't even have the authority to actually help you). I have been fighting them for 8 days trying to get a few DNS entries correct in their new (and MUCH less reliable) system. It is literally as simple as migrating a zone file to a different server and they can't get it right. On top of that, as I type this their entire ...

Jun 12, 2012 01:37 is WORST!!!
shittiest service, support
i hate them.
never works.
worse than cancer.
i would die instead of choose them again.


Jun 09, 2012 04:55
Their Customer Service and support moved to Mars... I think!!!
Where the hell are their customer service people? Where do you email them for any issues? My email service from them have not able to receive emails for almost a month. I can't get hold of them, and I am losing potential business over this! Any body have any ideas or suggestions?...what a *%&^ nightmare!


Apr 24, 2012 05:31 is the worst
unbelievably slow... terrible. I have to go to somebody else, any advice? First loading of my page takes often more tha 2-3 minutes. Several times tried to make my case - their response is it works fine.... When anybody outside of wants to load my page, they say the same. loads standartly within secconds. Our page does take several minutes. I have never seen anything like that....

Deirdre M

Mar 23, 2012 07:45
Epic, costly disaster
Transferred several domains yesterday to take advantage of's low rates. Forwarding email proved to be an impossibilit (seemed simple enough once i actually located the correct page, "orded" the service for $0, then returned to the domain control page to enter the address where i wanted mail forwarded to, but emails simply bounce back), and as of this afternoon my website isn't working either (something to do with name servers? Every hour or so my site seems to come up ok, but two minutes later goes into 404 land again). Dozens of emails (through their hopelessly confusing "case" system - no email address available for them) and no response at all, not even t...


Feb 26, 2012 02:30
Horrible Service, and DO NOT CARE their email servers are all blocked by [...]
Their hosting plan used to be a decent deal; not the cheapest but not the most expensive.

I would not have even thought about changing domains, except within the last two months my shared hosted plan (which shares email servers) has had a problem where 90% of all my email gets returned as being blocked for spam.

I contacted to see what we could do. They explained they understand that their email servers are being blocked and said its the 'chance' you take opting for a shared hosting account.

I asked if they were monitoring the email server to see who the offenders were, so they could remove them or...


Feb 16, 2012 04:42
Worst registrar I've ever dealt with.
I was foolish to fall in to their advertising. They advertised everywhere and I thought it would be a good idea to give them a shot but I was sadly mistaken. The initial domain registration went pretty smoothly, however it was all downhill after that. Their control panel is very buggy, even something as simple as a nameserver change wasn't possible. After you set your nameserver, there's no way to update/change it later on. Their DNS management is a joke and never goes through. I tried contacting support, after waiting five days they just closed my ticket without even replying. Now I'm switching to Namecheap and **still** hasn't transfered my domain, it's been o...

Jan 26, 2012 09:32 has the worst technical support I have ever experienced in 13 years of web development. They don't understand their own products and services, they give bad advice and they don't follow through on commitments.

With all the good hosting companies out there, there is absolutely no reason to use Avoid at all costs.


Jan 07, 2012 04:21 ... worst in everything is awful... of all the registrars and hosting companies I have dealt with. is by far the worse. Unfortunately a client registered their domain through Their control panel blows, their support ticket system blows and they close cases without responding. They were charging my client $49/mo for site maintenance on a site that was never built as they agreed. Didn't even bother asking for a refund. Everything about them is frustrating. Tired of dealing with them the last few days. Wanna be far away from them as possible. We transfered the domain to godaddy and still has not sent us the info we need to finalize the transfer. Do...

Elliott Benzle

Oct 06, 2011 04:51
Don't use them for hosting
The worst hosting I've used. It took me over 4 hours to install Joomla through their system. Their FTP service is crap and I had to manually recheck files on multiple occasions. Also load time was extremely slow. A very poor service. I recommend you use someone else.


May 15, 2011 08:06
Difficult to navigate options. Always tries to force you to buy more 'features' and hides useful tools.
Puts crap on website until you upload data, and even then it constantly 'loses' data and puts crap back up.

hate it.


Mar 04, 2011 07:28
The customer service reps have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. I bought a domain which went smoothly but then when I went open e-mail accounts, they charged me twice at first. Then they signed me up for the wrong type of e-mail and then another rep signed me up for the wrong e-mail again.

After deciding not to use their e-mail service I unfortunately had to have the domain servers transferred which took 4 days for to get right.

The whole company has no idea what they are talking about.


Dec 30, 2010 11:36
Terrible. Site down now. Been down 15x between 10/1 and 12/30/2010. It's the worst and I'm outta there. They indeed suck. Hard.


Jun 16, 2012 12:28
THEY SUCK will NOT release my epp codes, their support is non existent. This has to be the worst host and registrar. Oh and even their own panel is slower than dial-up back in the early 90's.
You get what you pay for.

Robert Gonzalez

Dec 30, 2010 07:07


Dec 15, 2010 03:46
They are horrible. Customer service is not service at all. They said they would get back to me in 24 hours via email and it's three days later and still no word! They're not user friendly and I suggest you not waste your time.


Sep 25, 2010 08:46
Hi -

I just thought I'd add another negative review for the statistics. When reading the other negative posts, I had a strong case of deja vu, because everything mentioned below is exactly what I went through. I am changing hosts and hope to live a life where I don't stress about whether or not my website will be operational today. Life's much too short to be worrying about such things.

Oh, I guess I'm supposed to comment on the following things:
PRICE: fine, but with all the stress involved, it's much too high.
CUSTOMER SUPPORT: I had to call 6 times before I actually talked to someone who actually knew what was happening.
UPTIME: I don't know what this means.


Brett Reasor

Jul 29, 2010 05:33
I've been using's VPS services for 7 months now. Up until last week, I haven't had many issues. Last Friday, I decided to patch my server and reboot it to the new kernel. Big Mistake! My server never came back up. I log into my control panel and try to start my server up. No luck, it fails. I try restarting in repair mode, no luck. Searching google for the error returned, I found the fix to be a simple restart of a service on the host. I open a ticket on Friday afternoon via email. I get a response 24 hrs later saying it would be resolved within 24 hrs later. Tuesday afternoon, no response. I call technical support, they say issue will be resolved shortly. Weds morning, still no server up. Call support, engineer will be in office in 3 hrs and will look at ticket...

Jul 26, 2010 04:04
We recently migrated our website to a hosting package, and I have to say we are unbelievably disappointed. Their control panel, while it does have a lot of features, is unbearably buggy and slow. There will be times when I will have to reload a page 5 or 10 times for it to appear, and sometimes wait upwards of 5 minutes for an action to be performed. When time matters it can be very frustrating to have to deal with this control panel.

But the biggest problem I've had so far has been support. To say it's been non-existent would be too generous. When I've called them directly, I'm given very vague answers with no concrete solution. I typically end up Googling the problem and trying to figure it out for myself. When I've emailed support, I receive one or two senten...

John Tyler

May 03, 2010 06:28
I signed up based on the offerings presented on the website as a great deal. I wanted to use the osCommerce that they state is provided with the hosting. After signing up I was unable to install it and waited 2 weeks for an email reply back stating it is DISABLED in the control panel and I have to upload it myself. Fine, I did and ran into all sorts of problems getting it configured. After waiting more WEEKS on an email from support I called and waited for 45 minutes before I talked to a tech that had NO technical knowledge. They wont address development issues, they wont address page load speed issues, they wouldn't even tell me the correct paths to connect to THEIR server (the tech did not know, and the tier 2 relayed through him that they cant tell me that). The page load times...

Frank Hayden

Sep 20, 2009 05:26
My first time setting up a domain and website on my own and has turned out to be a very bad choice it seems.

I worked 3 long days to set up the website content (Sitebuilder is cumbersome and difficult to space and layout well)...initially they published a sheet that wasnt even the one I set up...after many attempts with Techs we were able to re-access the actual site I had set up...but only through Account Users process....

I nor anyone else can access the Website through a typical web search so what am I paying for I'm faced with transferring my website to someone and risk losing much of what I worked so hard and long on...or worse yet perhaps, I transfer in a less that satisfactory site from Sitebuilder and I'm not able to edit it int...


Jun 10, 2009 07:28
Everything about their website looks great and gives you great confidence that you're selecting a great hosting service. They have what seems to me to be a good selection of software that can be added to your website - one of these is moodle (

But after installing moodle on my website, I kept getting internal server errors (500). They would come and go. I contacted their customer service, and one of their reps got back to me saying that I was forwarding to another hosting service. I was not. So the rep tried again saying that I was putting all my files in the wrong folder. I was not. So the rep tried again and got to a part of the website that was working and copy-pasted some info into a response saying that everything was working. My problem was with a di...

Kim Kreiser

Mar 25, 2009 09:59
Their customer service is awful-I've sent several emails over the past three months and never got any response. I've called multiple twice, and only twice have I actually made it through the extremely long wait times. Their Sitebuilder tool is terrible, leaving way too much empty space at the top, with no way to adjust it. I would NEVER recommend to anyone!


Mar 03, 2009 10:24
SUPPORT is NOT very good...very difficult to contact them!!!


Dec 29, 2008 02:38
I bought Domains from their website.

Someone tried to login using my account but he couldn't.

They blocked my access, and told by a message that I have to contact them there.

I tried to contact them hundred times, but with no response.

By the way, I am getting my message back from both emails and Help Requests I am sending them throughout their website form.

Their support is too bad, I think there is no support at all!!!


Jan 05, 2011 02:22
I moved to for domain registration and dns services. They provide no notice whatsoever that a domain needs to be renewed. Today I found that my primary domain had just been terminated with no notice or grace period. I immediately renewed it, which I generally do. However, at the end of the day it still does not work. It did not take long to stop working but their website message says it may take 72 hours to get back. Meanwhile a parked domain page with ads (which they probably profit from) is displayed.

Because this is the primary domain for my server I cannot use ssh, telnet or ftp the way I normally do. Both verio and I wasted quite a bit of time trying to figure out what was wrong. The sendmail server is addressed as so I cannot send mail, still.


Jun 29, 2012 07:22 is terrible
Hosting was terrible, site would stop resolving frequently. So I switched to another hosting provider, but left my domains here. Now they have messed up the site dns more than once, so my site keeps crashing. Customer service is impossible to get on the phone.


May 30, 2012 12:17
Reliable, good email customer support
I've gradually increased service uses and all has thus far worked impeccably, from domain registration (>15) to site hosting/management (>10). Interfaces are not the most recent and vary among services; gets the job done efficiently once you know your way around.

Can only highly recommend.


Jul 27, 2012 12:07
Bad Business, Overcharges & Rude Support Staff
I made the mistake of trying to register a simple domain with these guys which should have cost me less than $15. I never got the domain and their support folks couldn't figure out why--blamed it on a system transfer that they were going through. But they DID manage to charge my bank account for over $100. I tried to get support to help me a second time and they responded by hanging up on me.
Do yourself a favor and go with anyone else except!

Nov 20, 2019 08:50
This company is terrible. Their service is atrocious at best. I have 1 email address that I can access via webmail portal. I have tried numerous times to get it setup on a mobile device so I can be notified immediately when I receive email. It will not work, their chat "support" is awful. Making me change my pw and everything, yet I am following their instructions and the instructions posted on their support site for setting up 3rd party email clients.


Jul 08, 2019 11:19
Same experience as some other reviewers. You buy the domain, go through the verification process, get charged, and then they inform you that the domain has been already bought, curiously the exact same day at the exact same time we bought it. Customer support is terrible and get ready to wait for a long time before getting an answer to your problems.

Avoid like the plague.

Jan 06, 2019 07:48
DOMAIN.COM is a nightmare !!!!! some one stole my password and I cant access my account for over 20 days, spend hours in the phone send a copy of driver license and spoke to 10 different people and no one can be able to solve my problem. my stress in level 1000 with those people

Dec 15, 2018 06:16
worst domain ever. everything about them is terrible. I have hosted dozens of domains for years and they never fail to disappoint: terrible support, terrible UX. They genuinely don't care about you and will just hope to take your money for as long as you procrastinate the transfer ... do not touch this disaster!

Dec 04, 2018 01:55
their basic domain purchase only gives 1 free email, and does not support mobile responsiveness to my hosted website,

support is only via chat and theres no ticket number to keep track of the problem

very amaturish company and customer service is horrible

Aug 22, 2018 05:33
I absolutely HATE Please, let me save you the frustration... go with ANYONE else. I've had nothing but problems with them. I would change in a heartbeat if it wouldn't absolutely disrupt my business.

Jul 06, 2012 07:29
I purchased my domain and hosting services from in April. My site has gone down multiple times due to something is doing on their end. I keep calling customer service and every time they say it will be fixed in 72 hours and that doesn't happen. I spend 10-30 minutes on hold every single time I try to call customer service. I just called customer service and waited on hold for 25 minutes then the call dropped, I am currently still on hold waiting for customer service, it's absolutely ridiculous. What is the point of paying hosting service if they don't host the site, seems simple.

Apr 19, 2018 08:48
Very unprofessional,not recommending. I've paid an available domain on their page,got an confirmation email regarding successful purchase, started building my website and than got an email saying that my domain has a problem. I tried to follow their instructions to fix it but then got informed that they have to cancel it because it was already taken on some other page... how about that thanks for nothing.


Jan 11, 2018 04:29 is a nightmare
Absolute nightmare working with My organization renewed our domain and they proceeded to put it on hold, which meant the site is down. They gave no notice nor did they attempt to notify us in advance. Our non-profit has no physical address and the web contact changes every couple years. The physical address on the credit card we used to renew was different than in their records so we paid and they pulled our site!
The offshore call center employs people with limited English skills who have no authority to do what is needed.
We've sent the requested information 6 times now and they are still saying they don't have it. They refuse to issue a support ticket so we have...


Aug 21, 2017 07:33
Don't trust!
This operation is designed to take as much money from you as they can. It was difficult to try to cancel my service and they somehow were able to get hold of a new charge card to bill me automatically. When I explained that their system didn't accept my cancellation, they just said they don't give refunds. Terrible service - you will regret using them.

Aug 26, 2016 05:29
BE AWARE: runs VERY SNEAKY BUSINESS. Simple example - I was extending my domains for another 4 years. Advertised prices did not match actual charges at the end.
I tried to get explanation, but they prefer to keep real prices hidden. All you see is "promotional prices".
Here we go:
Chat ID: xxxxxxxx
Initial Question: I am seeing a charge of 10.99 instead of 8.99 for domain privacy for the next year. Why is it sold as "8.99 per year" and later charged 10.99?
10:25:09 PM Deeksha C: Hi, my name is Deeksha, how are you today?
10:25:29 PM Ted: Hi, I'm not happy with the fact that one price is advertised and anther charged
10:26:27 PM Ted: Why my account is showing Domain privacy as 10.99 as opposed to 8.99?
10:27:57 PM Ted: Are you with...

Feb 23, 2016 09:03
First off... I am reviewing and am merely in this position for a client of mine I have recently began work for. I had to do a simple task such as change the nameservers to point to their new servers.

Let's start with the 30 minute wait time just to have my Live Chat acknowledged. I am certain that puts people in a good mood... didn't work for me however.

Next is reviewing their client area. It is incredibly archaic and every element of their system seems to be out-dated. The words User Interface DO NOT exist in their arena. The dashboard is incredibly hard to navigate as there is no direction... just looks for various promotion and incredibly out-dated FAQs.

The domain wasn't listed in the clients dashboard whom just renewed the domain around 3 weeks befo...


Nov 06, 2015 06:09
Worst support out there
I've used their services for three years and been happy with it. This is the first time I've seen that something is out of order on their website, and here's were everything goes wrong. Several services have not worked for me the last month and when I contact them, the only answer I get is: "There is nothing wrong at our end, check your end."
There is obiously something wrong and they refuse to fix it.
I've now for the fifth time received a "There is nothing wrong at our end, check your end"-message and we're now about to change hosting client. What ever you do, don't use!!

May 15, 2018 11:12
I had one really bad experience with them, they billed us for domain renewal, failed to renew domain, and our domain was down for more than week because of their error. Worst of all, they support was almost completely unresponsive .

I wrote a blog post about the incident, with full details and full ticket text here:


Feb 14, 2013 12:39 is the worst, Avoid at all costs!
I have been with for a couple of years and I am going to try and put this into appropriate words!

Do not ever use for anything - they are the worst hosting company I have ever encountered in 15 years of hosting. They are completely useless when you need support to such an extent that you will not believe me if I go into details.

Basically, on the last incident, they crashed and deleted all my 15 sites, 2 months later recovered some of them and my main site is lost forever, after 3-4 months of downtime I eventually managed to do a domain transfer thank goodness. We will have to do a complete re-development at our own expense. In...


May 31, 2013 10:35
Total none-logical service
Since more than 3.0 years I have subscribed to and, yes there were various goof-ups including non-knowledegable technical staff ever since 2009

The latest dis-service, however, slams out the bottom of the jar.

In recognition of the latest and absolutely worst mismanagement of technology and software application and planning is the fact that my web-site building software with which I worked for more than 3.0 years was simply discontinued by and I can just start from scratch.

Thank you



Aug 01, 2012 01:58
This is the most useless and frustrating expeience i have ever had with a hosting company. On average, it takes about 20 minutes to get a live person, when they come on they are either rude or very indifferent. My website and email service were down several times and they kept making several changes to my web data, the sites was even down for over 2 weeks. I don't know what impact their migration had, but this company is a nightmare that should be avoided at all costs. I am moving my websites elsewhere as I am totally frustrated and not getting a reasonable response from

[email protected]

Aug 15, 2012 04:55
They randomly upgrade your services and destroy all your DNS records. Your down for days, no email, no site, nothing.

Michael Power

Aug 17, 2012 05:44
Apalling support reply time
I have been with for years and have stayed with them as I find it very easy to set up domains and used to love their live chat. Now the customer support is apalling. You are waiting for days for any questions to be replied to and there is a lot of bugs (in my opnion) that make smooth operation difficult. The email set is always a problem for me and there is never anyone to sort it out for days when you set up a case.

Really annoyed at the moment. I now can't access my email through the website as they have changed the log in????????


Nov 18, 2012 04:35
Bit of a learning curve, but great service!
I just signed up with last week to transfer my six domains to save money, to keep all my domain names and domains in one place, and also because is known for not having any appreciable down time.

At first I had a lot of problems with the transfer process, but the rep and tech support walked me through everything over the phone. All the problems I encountered were due to my lack of knowledge about some parts of the process, but once I caught on everything transferred and all sites are now running smoothly, including email. It took about 36 hours to complete the entire process (there is a certain amount of wait time for the domain hosts and...

John Abate

Aug 21, 2012 08:54
They host our Domain. --- that's it.

Recent changes to the cpanel on August 11-12 have resulted in e-mail issues. More than 5 staff over the course of 7 working days can't get this fixed.


Dec 28, 2012 09:14
They suspended my account without notification.

I have called on 5 separate occasions to resolve the issue and they assured me it will be within 24-48hrs, almost 2 months later... still suspended!

I wait a minimum of 15 min on hold each time I call.

advice: Don't pay in advance, just month to month... that way when you find out how bad their service is, you can cancel.


Dec 28, 2012 10:11
There is basically zero customer service, you will wait a minumum 30minutes to get someone on the phone who is usually not helpful at all. Their platform change has been in progress for the entire year I have had their hosting services. They have repeatedly screwed up my mail settings, and have had over 2 weeks total down time for my COMPANY WEBSITE during the last year.

After fixing the mail settings numerous times, (each person I spoke to told me the previous person did it wrong) the mail settings would be lost again within a week and I had many many lost emails. I HAVE LOST BUSINESS because of this company, and then they have the balls to call me and ask if I want to renew at the sa...

martin vasil

Jan 13, 2013 09:42
worst service
If you want to see the problems you get from go look at the side links on the left hand side of and you will see for the past 5 day's all the links are broken. That will cause lower standings with search engines and persons will stop to visit that social network, Persons with links to me will remove them because they are now seen as broken. I hope a group of persons launch a class action against them for the problems they caused. All because of The Incompetent staff at Domain rune your hard After they fix the problem they caused i will be migrating to Host Papa or Host Apoun or 1 of the 3 European service providers i use.

Jan 19, 2013 08:49
Absolute waste!
I used solely for registering my domain. I had it so my domain would then "point to" the URL of my host site - Square Space. Everything was fine for the first year. However, it seemed that once they "updated" their system and Control Panel, everything that had been working, no longer does. I've tried everything I could think of to get my domain to point to my host again, but it no longer works, and of course, customer service does not respond. Don't bother with Save your time and money and use another, more trustworthy, domain service.


Jan 30, 2013 06:44
Worst hosting company in the world ever
Since purchasing hosting with this company in 2011 we have had so many problems. The main issue is that their customer support is appalling, which means that any problem takes ages to be dealt with and in our case, only after several incredibly stupid responses from which even with our limited knowledge reek of ignorance about web hosting. Our business has now been 6 weeks without emails. Apparently they changed servers last year without telling customers, changed online platforms, changed nameservers, all resulting in products not working. Did they inform their customers? No. Instead we are left with nothing working and no help from their customer support wha...

Louis Mathews

Dec 20, 2012 12:29
Worst, dont use them, stay away, you were warned!
Not much to say here, if you use them and get NO support whatsoever, ever, dont say you were not warned. I have never experienced such bad service, it's awfull, rediculous, they must be subsidised by someone because surely they cannot make a proffit this way!

I am quite ready to slit my wrists right now, i would have send them a pic of my dead body but then again, I don't think they would care! Can I be any clearer?