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DNS Made Easy is a reliable, cost-effective hosting company that specializes in providing Domain Name System (DNS) services to businesses, organizations, and individuals. Founded in 2002, DNS Made Easy has become the world's largest and most reliable managed DNS provider, helping more than 1.5 million customers increase website performance and reliability. With their extensive global network of data centers, DNS Made Easy offers industry-leading services such as domain name registration, DNS hosting, domain forwarding, and email forwarding. DNS Made Easy is an ideal choice for businesses looking to secure the highest possible performance and reliability for their web presence.

Pros and Cons


-Excellent uptime and reliability
-Fast and easy setup
-Detailed analytics
-Excellent customer service and support
-Secure and reliable DNS hosting
-Offers a wide range of features
-Affordable pricing


-Limited scalability
-No free tier
-No API to automate the domain management process
-No support for dynamic DNS

Prices and Items

DNS Made Easy offers a range of hosting services for businesses of all sizes. Their hosting packages range from basic shared hosting to enterprise-level VPS and dedicated plans. Prices vary depending on the type of hosting, the number of domains, and the size of the hosting package.

For basic shared hosting plans, DNS Made Easy offers plans starting at $5.95/month for one domain. For larger businesses, they offer VPS plans starting at $14.95/month and dedicated plans starting at $99.95/month. All plans include DNS hosting, domain registration, and email hosting.

In addition to hosting services, DNS Made Easy also offers monitoring and analytics, domain name registration, and API services. Monitoring and analytics allow users to monitor their website performance and analyze website data. Domain name registration includes domain privacy protection and domain forwarding. API services provide access to the DNS Made Easy API for integration with other services.

Overall, DNS Made Easy offers competitive prices and features for businesses of all sizes. Their hosting packages offer fast, reliable hosting for websites and their monitoring and analytics services provide users with valuable insights into website performance.

Social Media Feedback

People on social media generally have positive things to say about DNS Made Easy, a hosting company. Many people praise the company for its reliable and fast services, as well as its customer service. Some people have shared their experiences of using the service for their websites and other projects, saying that it was easy to set up and configure. Others have mentioned the company's competitive prices and the convenience of their various features, such as their web-based DNS management portal. They also appreciate the company's ability to keep their websites running at peak performance, with minimal downtime. Additionally, many people have commented on the company's helpful and knowledgeable customer support team. Overall, people seem to be very satisfied with DNS Made Easy's services and would recommend it to others.

Integration Details

DNS Made Easy provides an integrated solution for hosting companies to quickly and easily manage their client’s domain names. The integration process is simple and straightforward and allows the hosting company to easily manage their client’s domains without having to manually enter the information into the DNS Made Easy system.

The first step in integrating with DNS Made Easy is to sign up for an account. Once the account is created, the hosting company can then create a new user in the DNS Made Easy system. This user will be responsible for managing the domain names and all of the DNS settings associated with them.

Once the user is created, the hosting company will need to configure their system to work with DNS Made Easy. This includes setting up the DNS servers, creating a domain name and setting up the DNS records. The hosting company will also need to configure their nameservers and DNS records to point to DNS Made Easy.

Once the integration is complete, the hosting company can then start adding domains and configuring the DNS settings for each domain. This includes setting up MX records, A records, CNAME records, and more. The hosting company can also use DNS Made Easy’s automation features to automatically keep their client’s DNS settings up to date.

With DNS Made Easy, hosting companies can easily manage and configure their client’s domain names and DNS settings. The integration process is quick and easy and provides a reliable and secure solution for managing domain names.

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Package Price Bandwidth Number of sites
Small Business $29.95 5000TB 10

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