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DNS Made Easy has launched a corporate initiative to reduce their environmental impact.
May 19, 2009 -- DNS Made Easy is the top IP Anycast managed DNS provider and today announced that it will be going green to reduce its environmental impact. DNS Made Easy is most well-known for its 100% uptime. But it is their effort behind the scenes to make the environment a better place that's making the news. DNS Made Easy has been involved in energy-saving efforts since its 2002 founding. However, plans are underway to merge these initiatives into one green initiative to reduce the company's impact on the environment.

DNS Made Easy has data centers around the globe. It is well-known that these facilities use significantly more electricity than traditional buildings. DNS Made Easy's new Green Initiative requires that all new DNS Made Easy facilities use preferred 3-phase, 208-volt power systems. This configuration of power is most efficient for the power distribution network. This configuration also has fewer circuits per box, which reduces the amount of cables that are in the floor. As a result, there is less airflow and cooling. DNS Made Easy works with data centers providers to ensure the best power options and conservation technology are available. DNS Made Easy's Frankfurt data center, powered by Greenpeace, is an example.

DNS Made Easy requires high availability and redundancy. This means that many servers sit idle for long periods. DNS Made Easy has established a green initiative to ensure that servers use minimal power until their needs are met. DNS Made Easy's power consumption can be reduced by up to 45%.

DNS Made Easy takes into account shipping and packaging costs. They have only chosen to partner with environmentally-friendly companies in their quest to be the best DNS provider on the market. DNS Made Easy takes a responsibility for reducing their environmental impact, even down to the smallest things, such as recycling paper, cardboard and cans.

Steven Job, president of DNS Made Easy, stated that DNS Made Easy's "going green" initiative hasn't stopped with its data centers. Steps were also taken to make our offices and employees more Earth-friendly. All offices have energy efficient motion detector lights. This ensures that only the necessary lights are used. DNS Made Easy offers Flex Commuting to all its employees. This allows them to commute to work during non-peak times. It also reduces the time they spend sitting in traffic and cuts down fuel consumption. DNS Made Easy hopes to have other suppliers join us in this energy-saving initiative.

These energy-saving initiatives can also be beneficial for the client and company. DNS Made Easy can keep their prices well under industry standard in many cases by using energy efficient methods. Not only do clients feel better about making a difference in the world, they also reap the economic benefits. DNS Made Easy and their clients can be green. It is also a great initiative.

DNS Made Easy released the results of a study that compared the cost and benefits of using their managed DNS service to replace in-house or competing IP Anycast DNS providers.
July 14, 2009 -- DNS made easy, an industry leader in IP Anycast DNS, today announced the findings of their study into the cost and benefits of using their managed DNS service. Tiggee LLC conducted this study and compared DNS Made Easy with both competing IP Anycast providers as well as in-house solutions. DNS Made Easy is owned by Tiggee LLC. To generate the survey results, DNS Made Easy users were randomly surveyed.

Based on the server's requirements, costs for maintaining servers may vary. The cost to run two DNS servers that are fault-tolerant and on an average network of reliability costs at least $9,000 per year, based upon their specifications. These figures do not include the costs of training and administration as well as any repairs or replacements that may be required during this period. Many of those surveyed said that the annual cost to run their DNS infrastructure was $40,000, after taking all of these costs into consideration.
The DNS Made Easy Enterprise IP Anycast Managed DNS Service hosts client domains using over 200 name servers via their IP Anycast nodes worldwide. These IP Anycast servers offer the DNS Made Easy services on multiple peer networks that are fault-tolerant. This configuration provides a faster response time than the standard in-house DNS configurations, which most businesses can only provide two servers. Most companies, large and small corporations would find it difficult to afford the cost of creating an IP Anycast network like that supporting DNS Made Easy.

This study was conducted with DNS Made Easy users and shows that organizations have a risk-adjusted ROI of over 2,665%, with an almost instant break-even point. It was difficult to quantify many of the advantages associated with DNS Made Easy's IP Anycast services. These numbers were based on labor and hardware costs, as well as lost revenue due to downtime.

Nicole Rennolds (Vice President, Research and Marketing, DNS Made Easy) stated that the DNS Made Easy IP Anycast service allows organizations of all sizes to access world-class DNS services previously available only to large dot-com companies. DNS Made Easy is the best IP Anycast DNS service provider in the world, with premium corporate services starting at $1,499.95 per year and smaller solutions beginning at $14.95 per year.

The study revealed that DNS Made Easy is often more cost-effective than other IP Anycast DNS service providers on the market. It can save companies over 99%. DNS Made Easy's cost-savings are not reflected in its quality service. DNS Made Easy is able to keep its 100% uptime record through many years of rapid growth.

DNS Made Easy employees have put in a lot of effort and dedication to achieve this goal. Rennolds stated that all of our employees are proud to offer the products and services they provide.

Why choose DNS made easy?
Our DNS service has had an industry-leading 99.9999% uptime since February 2001. DNS Made Easy was a free DNS service that provided high-quality DNS services for hobbyists who needed dynamic DNS service. We have changed our focus to offer the best 100% guaranteed DNS service anywhere in the world, as we saw the demand for enterprise DNS services growing.

DNS Made Easy was the first DNS service that is truly inexpensive and reliable. Our sales pitch is not misleading, we don't make false promises or promise uptime. Our services are not outsourced or sold as gimmicks.
DNS Made Easy is a company with over nine years experience in enterprise DNS. Our IP Anycast DNS resolution services are trusted by web 2.0, small and large businesses alike. Over the last 5+ years we have been the fastest-growing enterprise DNS provider, and our ROI is the highest in the industry. Our competitors are outperformed in terms of price, customer service and performance.

Our service and pricing are unmatched by any other provider.

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DNS Made Easy offers affordable DNS management services that are easy to manage and blazingly fast. Get set up in minutes and enjoy the fastest and most reliable managed DNS in the industry.