MySQL is the type of database most chosen by developers of web sites and applications, and the most used by content managers (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, and other apps that can be installed on your hosting account.
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What is MySQL?



What is MySQL?


MySQL is a free database engine, open to anyone who wants to use it. It is open-source and is developed and supported by the Oracle company.


MySQL is the type of database most chosen by developers of web sites and applications, and the most used by content managers (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, and other apps that can be installed on your hosting account, which makes use of dynamic content. to work. This means that it allows you to store pages, posts, user settings and all kinds of information within one centralized place.


The information is stored in tables connected with keys and indexes in a relational way, in such a way that when opening a website that uses this type of database, all its content will be brought to the front from a MySQL database by means of internal consultations.


MySQL works within the client-server model. That is, the service is permanently available to be consulted and to deliver data to the client, both in the form of a web page processed through PHP and directly when making a query from the SQL command line


MySQL is open source. So you might think that looking for MySQL hosting at a good price would not be so complicated. In fact, it is not that simple. In any case, not if you place a lot of importance on the quality of your accommodation. Some MySQL hosting offers very affordable rates, but with poor performance. Don't want to deal with long load times and downtime all the time?


Some hosting services will charge you for a bunch of extra features that aren't really useful, and suddenly “cheap hosting” turns out not to be that “cheap”.


Explained in more detail


Databases were born in computing to allow the efficient organization of lots of information in such a way that it can be easily found later. Remember the old medical records, organized in a file or filing cabinet by letter of the alphabet? Well, databases work the same way.


As you know, the data collection mechanism is not something new or modern. Although you may not believe it, it takes more than half a century and it even became a necessity for organizations to collect digital information about customers, products, suppliers and take advantage of it for the growth of their business.


MySQL was released in 1995 and has been passed from its original developer to the present day. As we told you at the beginning, at this moment it has been owned by Oracle since 2010, and although it belongs to a private company, it continues to be a free, open-source, and open-source database engine.


MySQL makes it possible to query data very easily, through commands to select, update, insert, and find out the location of specific information.


MySQL as a relational database


In a relational database like MySQL, all the stored data is divided into tables, and these allow the relationship to each other.


Let's suppose in an order delivery app: we will have, on the one hand, the "Customers" table, where we will store their name, address, telephone number, email and some details; and another "Orders", where we will save what products you bought, how much you paid for it and who made it.


If you try to group all this data in a single large matrix, instead of relating them, you are likely to have problems such as duplicate, erroneous data, or even information gets mixed up and you cannot manage it properly.


MySQL works in a relational way and allows you to work between different tables by means of keys. WordPress, for example, is a perfect model using relational-type databases with all of your data divided into separate tables.


MySQL as a database on the Internet


Working with MySQL as a database engine on the Internet would not be possible except because its developer adopted the client-server model from the beginning. Without you realizing it, when browsing internet sites thousands and thousands of data will be coming out of a query to a database.


It all starts when you enter a web page from your browser. This makes the web server consult the MySQL database through a script (or software), PHP for example -PHP is the language that most developers and content managers choose to run their projects on the web- which is responsible for assembling the results obtained in a human-readable HTML.


Once PHP receives the extracted data it needs from the MySQL database, it prepares and orders it to be displayed. This is done by means of SQL queries, SQL statements, or SQL queries, including all the necessary specifications to translate the requests sent from the client to a format recognized by the MySQL server. This includes all the information, structures, variables, and function calls, necessary to communicate with the database.


What makes MySQL so special?


MySQL became the most widely used database engine in the world for being so transversal and for its great versatility. Among its characteristics you will find that:

  • It is used for the storage and processing of data.

  • It is compatible with multiple operating systems.

  • It makes use of the tables as a universal organizer.

  • It's secure and has tons of documentation and developer communities.

  • It is capable of handling large records and handling huge numbers of transactions.

  • It can be integrated into web programming languages ​​such as PHP, .NET, or applications of all kinds.

  • It is open source so its development and improvements are collaborative.


Besides that, MySQL is compatible with other relational database management systems like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SAP HANA, SAP Adaptive Server, and more.


What does MySQL work for in web hosting?


MySQL plays a fundamental role when we talk about databases since it is established as a standard language to access it through relational database management systems (RDBMS), under a specific coding and operation, allowing thus make inquiries of all the data that may be stored, or recover them in case of theft or loss of information.


MySQL is currently considered practically as standard and preferred by developers, since it can be integrated with different programming languages ​​such as ASP or PHP, and even combined with other types of databases such as SQL Server, MS Access, etc.


In principle, this language can manage data that works under an open-source operating system such as Linux used in Hosting servers.


When managing MySQL, greater flexibility is evidenced by being operated through open source, in which different engines can be used that have varied tables in terms of speed, reliability, etc.


If we talk about SQL Server that is very similar which is often confused, having its own structure and in principle it is dedicated to working with Microsoft, considered by developers who use .net.


MySQL Features

  • Data storage under a highly reliable security system, by executing a verification depending on the hosting or accommodation, together with encryption of passwords that are managed within the server.

  • Compatible with various platforms and systems.

  • It allows the user to choose different ways of storing data, such as speed, physical support, geographical distribution, etc.

  • Being open-source, it allows the user to modify or adjust it without having to make an additional payment.

  • It is capable of grouping transactions and performing several of them per second.


What we look for in the best affordable hosting services for MySQL databases


MySQL databases come with almost all shared hosting plans, but it doesn't just take one subscription to offer them to earn their place on our list. The MySQL hosts that I recommend aren't just affordable. They offer:


Speed ​​and reliability: database hosting should provide you with near full uptime and reduced loading times, as much as possible. My mission is to find you the host who will give you a lightning connection to your database.


Good storage space: MySQL databases are not made up of files, but all of those columns and rows take up space. All of this can be a problem if the host imposes a space limit, so I look for hosts that offer generous storage space, or even unlimited.


Easy to manage: Unless you are a data scientist or data scientist, you are probably not familiar with SQL language (used to work with MySQL databases). The hosts in my list offer easy to use control panels and phpMyAdmin app. These tools simplify the management of your MySQL so that it is done in just a few clicks.


Automatic installers: If you plan to use your MySQL database to install WordPress or another CMS (content management system), you will need to open a database, define its users and configure permissions, then launch the installer. But not with these hosts. Their one-click installers automate the entire process.


Quality extras: The best database hosts don't skimp on useful features, even for a price that everyone can afford. Whether it's an SSL security certificate, 24/7 customer service, or RDC, all of these hosts have significant additional features.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can MySQL databases be encrypted?


If MySQL databases are not encrypted by default, the data in them may be encrypted. MySQL Enterprise, a paid service, offers encryption capabilities. Free options also exist, by integrating an open-source code or by adding custom encryption functions to your CMS. If you are looking to use encryption for HIPAA compliance, it is important to consult with a data security specialist first - encrypting the database is not enough.


Is there free MySQL hosting?


Yes. Free hosting services exist, and some even offer MySQL hosting. Having said that, I advise you to avoid them. Free MySQL hosting is sorely lacking in resources, resulting in slow and unresponsive sites. Security is almost absent, which makes your site an ideal target. Better not to try free hosting and go for a quality shared hosting subscription that is good value for money.


Which MySQL host is the fastest?


The final speed of your web project depends on many factors, but the best way to ensure good speed is to invest in dedicated resources. While they are a bit more expensive than shared hosting subscriptions, dedicated solutions like VPS provide a much more reliable hosting experience. 


Which MySQL host is the most secure?


Combined with an active approach and multiple layers of security, all of the hosts on this list have proven to be trustworthy: their powerful defense protocols and sophisticated firewall rules are the basis of a secure hosting experience. But the dangers still exist. Shared hosting has its own risks, and all it takes is an unsecured website hosted on your server to compromise your entire project. 


Which MySQL database collation should I use?


Choosing the collation for your database mostly depends on the type of data you want to store. If most of your data is in English, utf8_general_ci is a good choice. It is important to know that it does not fully support Unicode, and some characters like emojis might get lost. For full Unicode support, the utf8mb4_unicode_ci collation is a better choice.


Which MySQL host is best for my needs?


Think about your requirements. Where is your primary audience, and which web host has data centers there? Do you need more than one database? What other features like automatic backup or additional security tools are important to you?