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    Oct 2019

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Express VPN

No. 1 VPN provider
Online, you can feel safe and anonymous.
Unrestricted worldwide access
Get ExpressVPN onall your devices
Online protection that is powerful
VPN with Supercharged
Internet without borders
30-day money-back guarantee

160 destinations, 94 Countries, Unlimited Speeds

ExpressVPN still has more than 3000 remote servers across 160 countries and 94 regions as of March 2019. The largest number of servers is located in Brazil, Canada and the United States.

VPN for Mac/Windows/Linux
VPN for iPhone and iPad
VPN for Android
VPN Routers
VPN Chrome/ Firefox Extension

Live chat support available 24/7
30-day money-back guarantee
160 VPN servers in 94 Countries
It is simple to use
There are apps for all devices

Network optimized for speed
Unlimitted bandwidth
Best-in-class encryption
An anonymous, private service

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Package Price Connected Devices
ExpressVPN $8.32 Oct 2019

Multiple Payment Types

Different customers like to pay in different ways, and Express VPN lets you embrace them all

Express VPN - credit
Express VPN - MasterCard
Express VPN - debit
Express VPN - prepaid cards
Express VPN - paypal
Express VPN - alipay
Express VPN - wire transfer
Express VPN - bitcoin

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David Rhodes

Jun 10, 2020 01:12
No one likes the idea of people tracking your every move. Whether you have something to hide or not! I don't like the idea of someone spying on me watching T&V on my couch, let alone tracking my every click while on the internet. ExpressVPN gives me the security I need to not worry about criminals, government and big companies tracking every click. Whether it's criminals or government click away without worry.

Dhr. Bakker

Jun 08, 2020 07:06
The best VPN there is out there.. It's speeds are great, they have a lot of servers to choose from, Netflix, Disney+ just works... The only thing is that it is quite expensive, however they deliver what they promise. It might be nice/interesting if ExpressVPN reward their customer's loyalty with some discount when they renew their subscription. I was in doubt whether to renew or not...


Jun 08, 2020 07:18
Simple to use and I don't lose any speed on my internet. I have had the service for just over a year now.

Jean-Jacques Dromard

Jun 08, 2020 08:29
Rapid connexion. Very efficient


Jun 08, 2020 08:40
Great choice, has worked in every country so far.


Jun 08, 2020 01:04
I like very much to use ExpressVPN Thank you very much for your excellent product and excellent service and support.


Jun 08, 2020 04:59
ExpressVpn is the best,the fastest,user friendly,simple UI,unblocks netflix. Just amazing!!

Sean Ryan

Jun 08, 2020 05:19
Very trustworthy and fast and always there to help u with any problems


Jun 08, 2020 06:02
I love knowing that I’m doing what I can to move securely through the internet! And the password creator is very convenient. Thank you!

Keith Robertson

Jun 08, 2020 09:33
A fast VPN that doesn't slow my internet connection. Also very simple to use. Thank you!


Jun 08, 2020 06:33
Enjoy using this VPN...Too bad it's almost expiring and not in a position to Re-new. Subscribe.

Jason Hyrup

Jun 09, 2020 07:40
Works awesome, and easy to use. Would highly recommend. Good value


Jun 09, 2020 08:57
Expressvpn is amazing! I love their service! The only downside is sometimes I cant load a video on youtube and I have to disconnect and reconnect.

paul c

Jun 09, 2020 09:07
Great VPN. Whenever i have had a problem the customer service has been first class. I have not got any negatives to say. Highly recommended!


Jun 09, 2020 10:44
It's now two years that I continue to subscribe to ExpressVPN, its fast, reliable, very easy to use, friendly user interface, available in many languages, and so on. I fully trust ExpressVPN and will continue to use it for years and years.


Jun 09, 2020 01:06
Nice app for phone and PC, I been using it for a year ago on 5 of my devices and i didn't have troubles whit it.

Dennis Tromblay

Jun 09, 2020 02:15
I have tried most VPN services and Express VPN is hands down the best. Easy to use, fast, reliable and great customert service. Don't waste your time with other VPN apps.

TIM Weeks

Jun 09, 2020 03:33
Great protection...easy to use...easy updates

exceedingly curious (Exceedingly Curious)

Jun 09, 2020 10:20
It has been great at stoping my isp from injecting things into my web pages.


Jun 09, 2020 03:41
Super secure and great price!