Maxagency-Ex Documentation

Install Maxagency-Ex Theme

To install Maxagency-Ex Theme, follow the steps given below:
  1. Extract your download package main ZIP file.
  2. Next, look for the folder named maxagency-ex and upload this folder to WordPress via Admin.
  3. OR, you can also upload the maxagency-ex folder to directory using an FTP software like Filezilla, , WinSCP, CuteFTP or others.

Activate theme

Log into your WordPress admin using the following URL:

Next, go to Appearance > Themes. Here, you shall see a thumbnail of Maxagency-Ex theme. Click on ‘Activate’ link to activate the theme.

Import dummy data

You can find the dummy / sample data in Dummy Data folder under theme zip you have downloaded. Please follow the below methods to import the dummy data:

  1. Automatic – Install this plugin and then navigate to Appearance > Import Demo Data. It will import all demo content and change your homepage and blog page to the ones from our demo site.
  2. Manual – Find the dummy data file in downloaded folder, then from your admin area go to Tools > Import > WordPress and select the file you’ve in your theme folder.