An internet domain is the name assigned to a web page so that visitors can access it. All domains are exclusive and unique. This means that each domain can only be granted and used by a single owner.
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You probably already know that being present on the Internet is a mandatory element for every entrepreneur, right? In this sense, your own website can help your business to reach the public more easily.



what is domain



The problem is that, when creating a website, many people turn to web builders such as WordPress that, although they help when creating the page, they do not allow customizing the address. Thus, your website will always end with "" or something like that, and you will agree with us that that does not exactly convey an image of professionalism.


The solution is to register a custom domain and believe it, this is easier and faster than you think.


If you still don't know how to do it, continue reading this article. We are going to present you with a step by step to register a domain and some tips to choose the perfect one.


An internet domain is the name assigned to a web page so that visitors can access it (example: All domains are exclusive and unique. This means that each domain can only be granted and used by a single owner.


As each domain is for exclusive use, domains can be valued and represent a great asset for a company.


What is the domain on the Internet?


A domain on the Internet allows visitors to consult a web page through an easy to remember link (example: In this way, your current and potential customers can remember your website simply and without the need for technical terms.


What is a domain for and why is it important?


Since you know what a domain is on the internet, now you will learn its main use.


When visiting a web page through a browser (example Google Chrome), the domain indicates where that website is hosted and displays the results. 


On the other hand, domains have other uses such as:


Corporate Mail


Each corporate email (example: [email protected]) has an associated domain. This allows each employee of a company to have access to their own email and to represent the company in every message they send.




Domains also allow you to create subdomains and have multiple web pages or online systems. Examples:

  • The domain is used for the official website of the company.

  • The supplier’s subdomain is used to register the company's suppliers.

  • The email subdomain is used by team members to check their email.

  • The payments subdomain is used by the company's customers to make their payments online.


What is the structure of a domain on the internet?


Since you know the basics of what a domain on the internet is, we will continue to deepen this concept with its structure.

First Level: Domain Extensions


Surely you have seen different domains that end in .com, .gov, .edu, .org, among others. These are different domain extensions, the most popular being .com.


Second Level: Domain Name


This is the word or set of words that are used in the domain (example: MyCompany).


What types of domains are there?


There are mainly 3 types of internet domains:


Geographic or territorial domains:


They are the domains that are associated with a country and contain 2 letters at the end. Examples:

  • .co for Colombia.

  • .mx for Mexico.

  • .ve for Venezuela.

  • .ar for Argentina


This does NOT mean that you must acquire a domain from your country, it is just another type of extension that is available if you wish.


Top-level or first-level domain:


In order to sort internet domains by topic, different extensions were created:

  • .com for commercial matters.

  • .org for organizations.

  • .gob for governments.

  • .edu for academic entities.

  • Among others.


However, today most extensions can be used without limitations.


Third level or mixed domains:


These types of domains are not usually common. They are made up of a combination of top-level domains and territorial domains. For example, take Colombian Country Domains:

  • for Colombian commercial companies.

  • for Colombian non-profit organizations.

  • for Colombian educational institutions.

  • for entities of the Government of Colombia


How much does a domain cost on the Internet?


A domain on the internet can cost from a few dollars to millions of dollars. The important thing is to find a domain that is not taken by someone else since it is most likely that its price is much higher.


Domains typically cost between $10 and $20 a year and you can purchase through multiple companies.



what is domain?



How to choose a good domain?


More than knowing what a domain is on the internet, it is important to know how to choose the best ones to avoid confusion on the part of your customers.


Remember that the main objective of a domain is to make it easier for visitors to consult your website. Therefore, these are 3 best recommendations to choose an excellent domain on the internet:

  • Choose a domain with a .com extension to avoid confusion. You cannot imagine the number of people who only search for a web page with these types of extensions. You can lose traffic if you complicate it.

  • Register an easy to spell and pronounce domain. Have you seen those domains that you have to spell to understand them? Today people are busier and have no time. Simplify the remembering of your domain.

  • If the name of your business idea or company already has a domain reserved by someone else, you can add a concept related to your sector. Example: Michelle Cafe .com


What is the difference between a web domain and hosting?


Since you know what a domain is on the internet, it is important that you differentiate it from the concept of hosting.


Hosting is a virtual space where your website is hosted. This virtual space is located on servers that you can rent to host your website. There are free hosting's and paid hosting's. However, it is NOT mandatory to have to host to have a domain. On the other hand, you will need hosting if you need to create your website.


Does my domain name affect SEO? (positioning in search engines - Google)


Inserting keywords in your domain benefits very little your results in search engine rankings like Google. However, if you have the opportunity, you can add a keyword or concept that identifies your business (example: your sector, your market, your service, etc).


We bring to your attention 12 recommendations for choosing a domain

  1. The domain should be as short as possible. But such names are almost all taken, so try to find a short domain name without deviating from the topic of the site or the name of the company.

  1. The domain should be easy to remember.

  1. The domain should, if possible, reflect the theme of the site. For example, a site about landscape design -

  1. The domain should be easy to pronounce. Call your relative, friend, or colleague and ask them to write down the site name that you tell them. Check the spelling. This way you will understand whether potential visitors will type your site name correctly in the browser. 

  1. The domain should reflect the name of the company or its field of activity. 

  1. The domain should be associated with your company (name and/or its activities). 

  1. The domain should not contain, if possible, "complex" letters. 

  1. Remember transliteration. For example, if you are making a website dedicated to books, then you have to use the word "book", but you can also just use the word related to books like library.

  1. Use various dictionaries to figure out the meaning of words. If the required domain in transliteration or translation into English is already taken or difficult to pronounce and write, use dictionaries of other languages ​​(for example, Yandex Dictionaries) to select a simple domain in any of the existing languages.

  1. If the domains you are interested in are occupied, then you can use numbers in addition. 

  1. Choose the right domain and its zone, pay attention to match each other. For example, the hoс domain would not be very good.

  1. If the domain is busy, try to come up with an original and unusual name yourself. 


Pay attention to the list of restrictions on domain writing

  • The domain cannot be longer than 63 characters.

  • The domain can use Latin letters, numbers and a hyphen. 

  • Restrictions on the length of the domain name, inadmissibility of using only one digit can be applied by administrators of national domains.


If you plan to register your domain outside the domain zone, then you need to familiarize yourself with the terms of registration of the zone in which you want to purchase your domain. Sometimes a situation may arise when you have decided on a domain or even registered it for yourself, but others got it. Let's see how this can happen.


Why did the domain go to others?

  • During the time the domain was not registered (by the time the site was opened, the domain had already been purchased by someone else).

  • Were not careful about the terms of the domain registration agreement.

  • We registered a corporate domain not for a legal entity, but for an employee of the company (the employee quit and took the domain with him).

  • When the system administrator was dismissed, the domain control passwords were not changed.

  • Forgot to make a payment for domain re-registration for the next term.


Domain scammers


Cybersquatters are persons who register a domain in bad faith in order to make a profit. 


What to do if a cybersquatter deceived you?

  • Go to court.

  • Agree "in an amicable way."


Hijackers are persons involved in the criminal seizure of domains that legally belong to their rightful owners. What helps hijackers?

  • Domain registration errors.

  • Failure to comply with domain transfer rules.

  • Disregard for domain rules.


Hijacking usually works according to the following scheme, when registration data is found through the whois service, the e-mail indicated in them is hacked and an authorization code is obtained to change the registration data. If you have already selected a domain for yourself, register it immediately, observing all registration rules, as it may be busy tomorrow.


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the internet domains?


Internet domains allow visitors to consult a web page through an easy-to-remember link (example: In this way, visitors can remember a website in a simple way.


Where to buy domains on the internet?


There are hundreds of companies that sell domains. 


Who regulates internet domains?


Created in 1998, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is responsible for managing the domain system.


How to obtain or buy a domain on the internet?


The process is very simple and will take approximately 15 minutes.